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  1. She's a celebrity for being on the Apprentice - and being a tool when on it! "Ow my head. I have a concussion. Let's stop the task and have a sit down lunch"
  2. It's the very definition of car crash tv - while I'm sure loads of it is edited, there's somethings/choices they can't "edit" (e.g. trying to cook sausages on show polish) that just make watching the "best and brightest" fail so spectacularly...very entertaining. The US version hasn't been very good since about since 5 (when it became too much "reality tv" like). Seasons 1,2 and 3 were all pretty darned good though. Celebrity Apprentice (US) was boring. It relied far too much on them using their celebrity for sales/attracting people.
  3. Sunts? Besides - this is the reality TV show that snobs about reality tv seem to think it's ok to watch.
  4. And? It's a highly entertaining story.
  5. You're shit. That's right. I went there.
  6. Offtopic really - What's "Magicians" like?
  7. The reality TV show that even snobs can watch is back! YEY! Contestants Revealed...
  8. I liked the BBC3 episode, but it did feel a bit out of place especially with the "OMG WTF! To be continued" ending.
  9. And ALSO don't forget Episode 12 on BBC3 at 10.30! Episode 12 is on BBC2 a week today, and Episode 13 in two weeks.
  10. The first two have been quite good satirically, but pretty light on laughs (a couple of big ones in both though)
  11. That was so so dark and creepy... Poor Butters
  12. I've been out. Can someone post (no spoilers) if the BBC one was very good or not? Ta
  13. Was I the only one who had a minor "cardiac event" the first time the Freeloader loads and the screen goes "Wosh" and the sound goes funny? I thought it broke my Wii
  14. Just rent it. It's not cerebral. It's not a thinker. It's just an "experience" to sit and enjoy shoot outs
  15. Well now I want to know what that said before the edit >_>
  16. See. I was feeling exactly the same. But then I got Fire Emblem and SSBB (import). But then that's only on a proper controller (or Remote held as "normal").
  17. According to Radio Times only Episode 12 next week (BBC2 Friday). But...Apprentice is back!
  18. Next Week's listing around yet? Is 13 been shown?
  19. Cartman was dressed as Tom Hanks from Phillidelphia. 19/03/08 - 1202 - Britney's New Look When the boys help Britney Spears get to the North Pole, they discover the shocking secret behind her popularity. Trailer
  20. The Fire Emblem Wii thread is on page 1 or 2 of discusssion It's still the same FE game. Unit tactics battle, where you keep the units and level up each map. If a unit is defeated it is "gone forever" from your army. Requires some pretty good tactical thinking. This pretty continues the story of the GC version (3 years later...). But it's a new story, you wont need to play the GC to understand. Laquz (shapechanges) are still there, but not quite as useless as last time. It's very hard. I've done the 2 GBA and the GC version (Normal on all) and Normal on this had my failing on Chapter 1. I got to chapter 3 before it got too annoying. Far too much "1 hitting" by enemies. Restarted on Easy - it's a bit too easy tbh (up to chapter 6). Hopefully it gets bit harder later on.
  21. It's a "sylistic" choice. Also it seems to be worse on some HDTVs.
  22. Whatever it is, better be in the EU too!
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