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  1. See. I disagree (slightly) when you get to "finishing" mode (or whatever it's called). It doesn't seem to matter which direction you move the remote, it always kills regardless of the arrow on screen* (*This could just be a dodgy remote at my end though )
  2. That seems like a sort of fair comparison actually. Bioshock (IMO) seemed over egged by reviewers who were totally in love with the style, but forgetting the substance is possibly more important. The thing is, the "style" of Bioshock is very different from NMH, so don't assume just cus you thought the style made up for short comings in one case, means you'll think it now
  3. Reading lots of review sites/magazine's I get they impression they'd all love all the things Travis does(Anime, Funny T-Shirts all that shizzle). I can see them loving it, and loving the style rather than remembering their meant to be reviewing the game. Put up for sale. This game has moments of brilliance - but generally all down to it's style. The bosses are all brilliant characters, but the battles are fairly dull. The good moments of game style, are not enough (for me) to overcome long drawn out areas of game substance.
  4. I've restarted on easy. Easy does have tutorials, but you can skip if you want. It's too easy (for now hopefully), but it's far less annoying than normal (kept my normal save to go back to later)
  5. I got dozens of Game Overs on chapter 1 (not prologue) and 3...it doesn't help that I'm trying to ignore my high level units (that will get crap xp) and instead focus on leveling up my lowbies. Might just restart on easy
  6. Where? I'm only a few missions in (like...2) on Normal... I didn't get one? It's not really an RPG. It's more of a tactical battle game. (Think Final Fantasy Tactic on the GBA or Advance Wars). The main difference from AW is that you keep the same unit/characters for every battle (leveling them up etc) - if your one of your characters gets defeated in a mission/battle. They're dead. Gone. No "rez" or "phoenix down".
  7. Just a bit hard (even by FE standards then!) There's not even a tutorial! I'd be lost if I hadn't played all the UK FE games
  8. I thought they topped it when he said "Jesus Kyle. I'm just trying to be HIV positive, don't be so HIV negative". But then... "Are you Sure?"......"Are you HIV positive?" *smack* It's just Cartman's face at the time
  9. Going by last year...fairly soon after Torchwood. 29th March or 5 April have been rumored.
  10. Is the chap playing the Ghostaker...the one rumored to be in season 4?
  11. I was really happy when it appeared to an episode focusing on all the kids/school etc, as alot of the recent ones had tended to focus on one kid and deal with one issue satirically (e.g. Stanly's Cup).
  12. Pretty good. Not amazing but fairly entertaining. Loved the focus on Aids not being "the" disease of the 00s. Adored Cartman dressing like Tom Hanks in Phillie. Laughed stupidly hard at the "pay off" at the end of the section where Kyle told Eric off for making light of the situation.
  13. BBC3 episode was awful Some good moments let down some truely awful ones. Huge leaps and in some cases complete gaps of justification, motiviation and continuation (why did the victems "appear" in that shed?) There was a good idea there, but completly butchered.
  14. Ratings Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 4.22 Sleeper" 3.78 To the Last Man 3.51 Meat" 3.28 "Adam" 3.79 Reset" 0.85 / 3.22 Dead Man Walking 1.00 / tb Rest/DMW are ratings on BBC3 and BBC2 (I think with BBC3 first. but I'm not sure)
  15. I hadn't realised we were 10 episodes in (after tonight) Tonight's BBC3 is written by the chap who did the fairy one last year though... (Also after this they all seem to be written by the same chap - multi part story?)
  16. Wasn't he the DJ? I assumed he was "just hired help" rather than knowing anyone there.
  17. BBC3 episode (which pretty Ok, being nice mix of good moments and complete hilarity)
  18. **Phew** Rogue Squadron Wedge's Gamble The Krytos Trap The Bacta War **Sweats until the weekend. Hold me mdn2**
  19. She burns the toast so her husband beats her to death
  20. though. Ouch. Did they tell you who/how/why? Starwars.com spoiled the general theme of the books but running a vote on . The spoiler you got can be read from the back cover of the later books though.
  21. Aww. You'd worry about me Anyone know when the last LotF is due?
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