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  1. Don't think so in Serenity...(particularly last battle)
  2. Just once I'd like to see a TV/Film show space as it "should be". Nearly soundless. Little to no Engine/battle sounds, pure music.
  3. I like all those on your list...(The kidding gasping "No Hope....No Hope" at the end and dying slays me everytime ) As long as it's not Million Little Fibres or More Crap bad I don't care
  4. Why am I not in the US! Do they ship to the UK
  5. This does "found camera footage" WAY better than Cloverfield
  6. They've fairly convincingly destroyed the replicators....
  7. Atlantis has had some good bad guys develop. Micheal (Conner Trinner is made of AWESOME though), Todd, some of the Replicators. The Geni's politcal double crossing is also interesting. Season 3 was poor in general, but it's first and last episode were pretty cool (Lots of shiny ship battles and effects) The Siege Part 2 (The first battle of Atlantis) is still beautiful 4 years later
  8. Hmm...2 onwards is where it gets good, lots of arc based episodes. You need to know the ongoing storyline to really appreciate. 7 and 8 were best I think. Atlantis - Pretty much a re-hash (some of the individual episodes are near straight re-runs!). The "arc" episodes are pretty good too though. Both watchable, but never amazing.
  9. Well that's clearly bollocks. There was a special movie sytlised title credit and everything...
  10. It wasn't looking likely to be picked up while the strike was still ongoing, I think it's looking slightly more likely now though.
  11. It deals with the trial of Ba'al (which leads into Time Traveling mess)
  12. The Arc of Truth and Continum are two TV movies to wrap up SG1
  13. He should read Issard's Revenge (X-Wing Book before I, Jedi (I think) to keep it "in order"
  14. What do we get if you like them? Thing is the first 4 books are one arc, and the next 3 the next (books 8 follows up the first arc, and book 9 stands alone). You shouldn't have been stingy and instead bought the first 4 books
  15. Roque Squadron Wedge's Gamble Both good books (IMO). If you're shit you can blame me, but I'll just call you a tight bastard for moaning about the £4 you wasted
  16. Ah... 6pm is already taken up with a fight between Crystal Maze and Frasier Midnight though....I need to work out how to attach my video to my Virgin box
  17. in his later books, vision of the future) is an absolute genius whos military plans are incomparable and unbeatable. In all his books the good guys end up winning only by a vast series of luck and deus ex machina. Nah. Thrawn's a tactical brilliance, but he fails when looking at people/personalities.
  18. plots? That would get absolutely trashed on here! Comics (Dark Empire, Dark Empire 2 and Empire's End each have a new clone emporer) the books never cover it
  19. The New Jedi Order is good (although the books do very in consistancy) However they are set 30ish years after Endor and you wont have a clue who alot of people are, the relationships or the state of the universe. I'd recommend reading it eventually, but as a starting point it's not the best. Start with http://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Heir-Emp...srch_res_rpli_4 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Dark-For...srch_res_rpli_4 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Last-Command-Book-...d_sim_b_title_1 Although you'll be lucky to find "new. Alternatively you could start with the NJO, but accept you might have to ask or look up some details.
  20. I get Bill Paxton, Bill Pullman and Jeff Danials horribly confused.
  21. It doesn't matter. Their sections felt completely tacked on in the first two books, no matter how much "sense" they make. This book is worse. What was Janina's point of visiting? What did we see her learn? She was already part of a task force hunting dark jedi, and learning "new" methods from Jag etc Her entire purpose of being on that planet was to be constantly impressed by the Mandy's. The Mandy's now have the best ships, best weapons and best amour. It just reeks of a writer who likes her favorite characters too much, and "over-writes" them as much better than anyone else.
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