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  1. I found myself skimming the Mandy sections - really don't like them or their story arcs. I expect it doesn't help I don't know most of their background. I also didn't enjoy Caedus' machinations as much as previously. It was too messy, too many double crosses etc. After the elegant battles of Inferno/Fury, it was a let down. Too focused on Jaine/Mandys/Ben/Caedus' this time. Luke/Leia/Han barley appeared, nor did any other Jedi. After Fury (which seemingly featured dozens of characters each witht thier own piece of the story) this felt very narrow My other complaint is about the LotF series as a whole. It doesn't work with 3 different writers taking turns. It's too disjointed. Has anyone else mentioned the Mandys? Shevu? Lekuf? (I love the last 2 btw, but it felt odd after them not being mentioned for 2 books to suddenly have Ben go back to that bit of the story). NJO seemed to work with the variety of authors because they each told a specific bit of the story in turn. This alternating in LotF means that bits of the storyline seemingly vanish for a couple of books and come back when the author does. Oddly enough I didn't really like that. It felt too much like Stakepole thrusting one of his favs into a story that he wasn't originally in. Corran's developed into one of my favorite Jedi though (Dark Tide really helped) Children of the Jedi, Darksabre, Planet of Twilight, Crystal Star & New Rebellion are all very very weak IMO
  2. Total sidebar. Just picked up the new book: Legacy of the Force 8/9: Revelation. I hope it's good!
  3. Thrawn is a brilliant character, but Wes Janson is the bestest
  4. Right. You should really consider reading them in "chronological" order (Nothing like printed order), as the story's ongoing. However some of them really are utter cack. Recommended Reading for getting the "big" storylines 3-4 years after ROTJ X-wing series (1-7): The story of Wedge Fighter pilot story's. Not many of the "big" characters turn up (changes a bit later), but fairly important to the structure of the universe and unstanding the world. Features the Rebellion seizing (Books 8 and 9 come later chronologically but are still pretty good) 5 years after ROTJ: The Thrawn Trilogy All brilliant. One of the first published, but very very good. Classic Rebellion vs Empire stuff (At this point the war could still go either way ) 7 years after ROTF: The Jedi Academy Trilogy: Luke rebuilds the Jedi Order (and other tied in stories). I Jedi is also set at this time (and covers some of the same events) from Coran's perspective (from the X-wing books). A lot of the books between these 2 are complete gash. About 18 years after ROTJ (from memory...might be wrong)The Hand of Thrawn Duology Follow up to Thrawn Trilogy. Same author. Brilliant. Originally I saw this as the "end" of the 2main" Star Wars story. 25-30 Years after ROTJish: The New Jedi Order 25 book "epic" storyline about a new war sweeping the galaxy with an invasion by extra galactic forces. Some very very good books in the series, and some very very bad books. But worth it in the end There's also the next 9 books series - Legacy of the force, which is ok. If you were just "testing" the waters I'd suggest Thrawn Trilogy and X-Wing books 1-4...if you like those....PM me for other ideas
  5. Hundreds. The Official books are now up to about 40 years after Return of the Jedi See here I've owned/read pretty much everything after ROTJ (bar the kiddie books). A lot of it is pretty damn good
  6. I did like how they handled Owen's zombie status. Making him fragile prevents him from being another "Can't be hurt" character like Jack. I did like the cover the rest of his body functions well. I forget who said it, but one of the writers of Buffy said that it they played it accurately and vampires didn't get erections that's the entire love story out the window
  7. BB3 episode...Interesting.. Not sure how I feel about it. Good moments with a bad overall episode I think
  8. Oh... We all thought that!
  9. I love the way that his battle to deal with death, actually ENDED with him wrestling death. Subtle Not a bad episode though. Not brilliant, but ok. Season 2 definatly has a consistant "Good or better" level so far
  10. You're all right. Except for Gervias. My hatred for him knows no bounds. this film. (Anyone know anything similar?)
  11. I love this film, but I'm afraid if I watch it again it'll be ruined.
  12. The Germans "Are we the baddies?" sticks in recent memory. Some of the Dead Ringers Star Wars/LOTR spoofs were brilliant. As was the recent Torchwood one (it's just the way "Jack" kisses the copper holding the barrier up for him that makes me giggle.
  13. Nah. It does work (See:T2). It just didn't work in that case (T1) due to...dumb luck or whatever. Let's say "Magic of Love?"
  14. I disagree.... I think Kyle was always John's father, and Arnie (1) was always the route of Skynet. Causality loop or something. There was never a "beginning". There never was "another" birth of Skynet or John. Skynet sent Arnie back to change the future, without realising it was making the future happen as it did. John sent Kyle back "knowing" the Kyle would turn out to be his father. The FutureJohn at the beginning of T1 and the FutureJohn at the end of T1 are the same As Kyle came back, saved Sarah and basted her goose (while leaving Arnie could be found) made sure the timeline stayed the same So when Skynet (in the future) didn't see any changes it tried again (T2). It gets Muddy here, but I think this time the past was changed (Miles's death and the explosion of the Skynet devs), so the future changed. But I think we should stop and admit it's an massive mess which we're always gonna disagree on, for no reason other than it's a massive mess and we're thinking about it far more than any of the writers (or you could concede? )
  15. I thought the Skynet in T1 and T2 was the same (Kyle came back and saved John, but it didn't alter the future in any way...just stopped it from being altered). I.e. they sent Arnie back....realised "Hey...we're still here. He must of failed". Let's make a better one and try that. I thought T2 made it so Skynet was made in a different way (due to Miles' sacrifice)..
  16. I lol'd when it panned to A Charles. The Numberwang code was also good. So far same as before - mixture of bad and good, with the good making it worthwild
  17. Gah. I fell alseep reading a book at 9.10 and missed the BBC episode (watching Reset before). It's not on again until next week Without spoiling...good or bad? (Still i get to watch 2 next week now!)
  18. Phoo Action got picked up? Atheists everywhere rejoice at the new they were right!
  19. This is one of the BBC3 "pilots" right. So this Phoo Action or Lilly Allen are getting a full series?
  20. Aztec Zone was best. Future, Ocean, Industrial....(what was the other one? Didn't they chance it at some point?) Medival (Too cool!)
  21. Ah so the journey is it's own reward. Not the "big prize". I'd enjoy a day playing Crystal maze more than some Adventure weekend
  22. Was watching this on Challenge TV yesterday.... Absolutely stupid contestants (they ended up with 5 seconds in the Crystal). What was "The grand prize" btw?
  23. Well that was bad. It felt like 3 episodes mushed together, but there still wasn't enough plot for one. Stupid Woman at the begining making as much noise as humanly possible. Conner - takes the kid with him rather than (say) send him to safety (like Cutter did with annoyingwoman). Stephen the EX special forces man gets taken out by Nick's 5 minute long telegraphed punch! Churchstake out - Let's be really stealthy and have a sing along! (with our heads popping out above pews!) Didn't PR woman find it odd that now she's told to go with troops when normally she gets sent with buffoons? I guess it was convient that the mamouth was able to sneaky up and implae the future predator for no apparent ryhme or reason, rather than say...it there and do nothing. "You've done enough. It's time for the military to take charge"....unlike when people were dying due to Raptors/Sabertooths/Shark monsters etc? So the radio interference detector can now be used to find the source of a radio signal (ok)....and a mobile fun....by it's number alone? How did Leek even expect anyone to find him? Gosh. I wonder who's going to go through the door and be met by Leeks guards? The fact it's two entirely different building styles and types of door do nothing to ruin the suspense. We're in our big warehouse full of creatures, but lets turn all the lights off and put the x-rated red light on. Bam chica wa wa! (Where did they get some of those creatures from? Everyone died when they went to sandworld....?) Dire. Just dire.
  24. School Reunion - Like a lot of "new who" some very very good moments let down by an awful story...Chips that make you smarter! Some brilliant scenes though
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