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  1. Did I imagine the line "The Tape measure never lies" between Ianto and Jack?
  2. They spent a stupidly large amount of money on their rebranding though...
  3. As far as I'm concerned they're 6 for 6 so far. While some have only been "good", others have been really good. I think 6 good+ is better than season 1 managed
  4. Shall we shall that BBC3 episodes must be spoilered? Episode 5 - Simple, but very good. Poor Ianto...Good enemy of the week. Good exposition/background to losts of characters. (Owen's bit at the table was good). Rhys continues to steal me heart. Episode 6
  5. That was really really really good. One fault - wont Rhys remember Adam? They meant in the flat. Onto Episode 6.
  6. Yeah but next weeks BBC3 is new. So there's no reason why it wont continue until the end when BBC2 will show 12, and BBC3 will show 13 (with BBC2 showing 13 the week after). From memory didn't they show the final 2 episodes together last year?
  7. Just so you know there's 2 next too. I think this is the new format, so you wont end up with a two week wait.
  8. Also I'm calling it now (total spec, not spoilers). Cameron chose to switch sides/come back. She's not a reprogrmmed Terminator.
  9. in it again... Next week is 6, and there are 7 in this run.
  10. Nah. I just like pointing out the stupidy of the show. I think I've given up all hope Lets shout about being quiet! So these creatures (who were hunting in a pack earlier!), come above ground and fight when the llittle girl (who can't walk but can jump/stamp) and fight? And where did that sand sled come from? (Was it really faster/quieter) OTH next weeks looks quite interesting (did they spoil someones death?), but the voice over said "next year?"
  11. WTF. Their massive important detector has spy ware! And it was so easily found! Gah. Right. So it's a super dooper ARC agency, but he has to make prototypes from hair dryers? WHY does it have a "sat dish" thing...where it's going it wont need it. Where is her rock? It's been "insight" (at night) of where those men died. It's also been seen by the little bot thing that just went through the portal....and now it's further away again.
  12. Hexx

    House M.d.

    See I loved that. Mainly because while House was being an ass, I think it helped to break the tension with the patient. He's not so uncaring. Considering those 2 were never in the same room, their "on-screen" chemistry was awesome. Favorite Patient this season
  13. Um. Anyone else read that from next week the "next episode" will be on BBC3 straight after (on Wednesday)
  14. Ianto and Rhys are my new dream threesome.
  15. "This is really homo-erotic"
  16. Sorry it was the "Next Time" on Torchwood which pretty much spoiled it...
  17. How could I forget "Have you eaten Alien meat" "Yes" "How was it?" "He seemed to enjoy it"
  18. Hexx

    House M.d.

    4x11 is all kinds of awesome. 4x12 was only ok.
  19. Well that's who Gray is then. Way to build suspense trailer-monkeys. Okish ep. Some nice moments (totally bad ass Ianto!) Seemed to suffer from being very disjointed (comparing Tosh in this with last week). This was a major failing of Season 1...I hope Season 2 doesn't go the same. Rhys is awesome and cute.
  20. Just watching the American version. It's completly awesome cheese in a TV Show. Hulk HOGAN presents!
  21. I did that 3 days ago! It really is quite awesome.
  22. This was just crap. I especially like how he swam all the way from the middle of the canal with a gun, in the "Dark", in the tunnel too small for the "mini sub" and got their not even out of breathe Man from Green Wing...if you didn't want that chappy recognised...WHY have him work inside the ark (when Conner saw him!) Conner is the most annoying TV character ever. Has it ever been explained why Stephen is so good with weapons?
  23. "Swim faster!" Just move the boat you pillock! Anyone seen Peter Benchleys "Creature" (or read the book..."White Tiger"?). I forsee something similar monster wise
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