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  1. I agree with all these points. It's really not very good. I thought it was very dark, but maybe that was my cam version (although the "day" sections looked normal).
  2. Doesn't that mean at the end of the 3 weeks they'll still be 6 or 5 people lest? :S
  3. Does each Celeb only have one night then? If it's only 3 weeks, how are people voted off (and when?) E4 only right?
  4. Just get the Essentials....(Black and White Reprints, about 25 issues per book for a tenner each RRP). Marvel do them for all their major lines. From memory Spidey's "Essentials" have just gotten up to the point OMD seems to have reset too...
  5. I was looking for a Zelda:TP for Wii over Christmas (hard to find except at £40) Mario Sonic SMG Links Cross Bow (Except I saw 2 when in Oxford, but didn't get cus I assumed that meant "Back in Stock") With big sold out signs everywhere....I did back a Wii Remote/Wii Play (which is shite and getting Cex'd for £18)
  6. Second from the right. hee. He looks so ugly. Which is funny cus he's a shit character and a nob end
  7. I quite enjoyed it over Christmas.... Peado-geddon (I missed the explanation...where'd the wife come from? Why were they're kiddy picks etc?) I thought Jack (that's the chap right?) had a heart attack because he couldn't believe his son would do that, regardless of if it was legally binding etc? This show is all about the totty isn't it?
  8. UKTV Drama is freeview (Virgin?) right? Might have to sort out how to video from my box.
  9. Hee Look at Owen....he looks like someones hit him with a spade...
  10. I've heard good things about Eternals (but a few things have had similar names...I might be confused). My comic Xmas gift was OMD But Messiah Complex is going well!
  11. No idea. I've heard from a couple of USA mates that the "gay" content of the show shocked some people (or got others tuning in due to hype). But given they've only just finished Season 1 about 6 weeks ago, there must be some reason why they're showing Season 2 so soon after the UK (2 weeks at a guesstimate)
  12. "Mid January 2008" on the BBC website. BBC American is showing it from the 27th or 29th (from Memory)
  13. I'm actually tempted to watch the 2 parter finale tomorrow (with a couple of bottles of wine). Can anyone give an over view of the important bits of season 2 so far?
  14. Y and Earth X are both excellent choices One More Day just finished. Appalingly awful.
  15. In my house we call them love handles Oddly enough I watch Imposs Planet/Satan pit recenlty. There ability to make 3d "minor" characters in seconds was amazing there. Can anyone explain to me when, having been lost for about 10 minutes, they decided to sit down and have some food? It was obviously just done so Old Man could have a heart to heart.
  16. I think watching DW:C on BBC3 made it worse. They all seemed so...happy and certain they were making something amazing. Almost...Smug...
  17. Todays a bit crap for films isn't it. Finding Nemo and Shrek 2 alone look good.
  18. If someone showed my Human Nature/Family of Blood then this... I'd think they were different shows. This was so...tacky and trawdy compared to Who at it's best. And this was meant to be a special. A lot of people will have watched this that wouldn't have watched the normal series (e.g. my parents watched it with me) and I was embarassed, considering how highly I rate the show (and looked forward to this)
  19. I liked the new theme tune, but overly I thought the episode was pretty dire. Astrid - Tardis? Nothing came of? The midhsip man's miraculous recovery wound! The awful "Doctor Ascends Carried by Angels" The queen! (And Dialogue) There were good bits (people fleeing London etc), but the bad far outweighed it.
  20. I can't watch that Film since Eddie Izzard showed me how Anti-British it is.
  21. Fliiping between Catwoman and Sky Captain is fun. Catwoman is almost so bad it's good. Sky Captains a good romp. They're both turned off soon for Muppets though
  22. There's more pages on www.newsarama.com. I haven't put all 5 or 6 on this page. The bet is to find the perfect milkshake. I have some issues with that writing...too kiddie
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