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  1. "Swim faster!" Just move the boat you pillock! Anyone seen Peter Benchleys "Creature" (or read the book..."White Tiger"?). I forsee something similar monster wise
  2. Webber plants Hollyoaks actress
  3. Y-The Last Man 60. I didn't want it to end, but it ended so well.
  4. I'm always tempted by Cineworlds 11.99 a month one... Not sure if there's a minimum length though
  5. Hexx

    House M.d.

    From tv.com 81. Frozen First aired: 2/3/2008 82. Don't Ever Change First aired: 2/5/2008
  6. Is it wrong that my last thought of the episode was that on his "last" night with tosh he had 2 hours from getting in the flat to being asleep? Way to show a fella a good time Tosh
  7. Ah but those 4 have the specialist knowledge, see... That poor girl from Steps(?) must have hoped she could do a Billie Piper with this
  8. Doesn't the massive Omnibus heavily cut some bits though (mainly large sections of World Without a Superman/Funeral for a Friend?) If you can I'd look for the older TPB Death of Superman World Without Superman Return of Superman ...Superman/Doomsday:Hunter/Prey is a okish follow up, but not required.
  9. I always forget the order, but Dark Victory is the follow up (or maybe comes before?) Long Halloween and is of a similar style. UniverseX/ParadiseX really aren't as good. I'd stop and leave your memory of EarthX intact
  10. No idea. It's fucking shite.
  11. Nope. It's far more fun and actiony. I'm entitled to my opinion
  12. That's not a bad retention rate at all!
  13. 1) Jack's Joker was a very good role, but it wasn't The Joker. 2) Can we count films are parts of trilogies (i.e. it was known they would be a third film?) 3) Robocop 2.
  14. Anyone got info on ratings? It was being fairly heavily pushed I thought. I can't see this format lasting that long though, it's hard to see what they'll do everyweek unless the format changes.
  15. Sorry but the phone bit has that line beaten hands down.
  16. Apart from Dodgy fake arms I quite like that. Not brilliant but Ok. If that's season average I'll be happy I was sad with Mike died
  17. Anyone watch both and spot and significant changes?
  18. Problem is the show can be good (They Keep Killing Suzie, Out of Time, and Captain JackHarkness last season were really good - brilliant IMO)...it's just a struggle through the rubbish in between. I think tonight could be important. Last week did suffer with "re-introduction", so let's see how the first "proper" episode feels.
  19. It was quite good, I liked the voice overs I still have a few issues with it though: I did like Sarah's worry about being told she will die of Cancer (as per T3) The main problem I can see is what they're going to do on a weekly basis, and how the same formula isn't going to repeat itself.
  20. I think their saying "Jack+Ianto = Janto". It's hip and trendy. Like "Benifer".
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