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  1. New US comic. Looks fucking hideous. WTF is wrong with Martha in that last page. To compare here's the CBBC stylised version for the special recently.
  2. Villians Aneak Peak From the 2 episodes filled before strike started. Feck me some of that looks good.
  3. It's so bad that JMS has said he wanted his name taken off the last two issues!
  4. I want to find JoeQ and smash his nads with a sledgehammer.
  5. Just asking Anyone reading "One More Day" then?
  6. Isn't it Red, White and Black (The one were it shows the original test subjects for the Super Soldier drug were Africans?)...or am I thinking of something different?
  7. I like the way it swtiches around. He can be grim and sinister, but then switches to mocking ("To them you're just a freak.....Like Me!").
  8. A million fan-boys just cried out....
  9. Note to self : Watch out for BigLime
  10. Note to self : Watch out for BigLime
  11. I see Batman hiding in the shadows, watching. The Joker in the light...with weapons. I also see a vagina...wonder what that means?
  12. Brilliant Posters. I'm not too sure about the Batman one (Gotham looks too bright), but the effect is good.
  13. Anyone have a release date for this yet?
  14. From reading about it pretty much, and even the one's named the same are very different.
  15. They don't write any new stuff, so don't get paid for that. I believe they do still get Royalties for any repeats/DVD sales etc... The people that are really loosing out are Set/Wardrobe/Make-Up etc who can do nothing to make money.
  16. In Season 2 there's a flashback to this (So this isn't a spoiler about who/if anyone survives) where Peter confirms he can't do anything. "It's taking all of [his] power not to explode..." He was so concentrated on not going boom, that flying himself out of there wasn't an option... It's badly explained in the ep though.
  17. They went back and changed some/all of the ending of episode 11...I just wandered if people knew what the before/after change differences was
  18. Indefinatly delayed due to writers strike. I have seen one news story that suggested that they might leave Season 3 until it's "proper" start date in 2008, but do a couple of "specials" early/mid next year if the WGA goes on much longer. Does anyone know what was reshot/shot/changed at the end of episode 11?
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