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  1. I'd suggest ignoring Strikes Back (but then I didn't even like Returns). Year One is ok, I didn't like it. The Man Who Laughs (Joker/Batman's first metting) Long Halloween Dark Victory (These a 2 miniseries connected to each other. I think LH is first, but I'm not sure) Batman and the Monster Men is another good "early" story. Batman: Hush - Very good, but not great. It's what got me into Batman, but then I realised there's much better stories. Cataclysm/No Mans Land is pretty good - But at about 6 TPB it's HUGE. The Killing Joke (Jokers origin, and "definitive story")
  2. I always found the single episodes (when they were good) more entertaining than the arc episodes. Tooms (the two parter) chilled me to the bone. The one where they're also after a monster on the boat also scared me. Basically any decent creature episode
  3. I hate you. But spreading of the wonderous TV show can only be a good thing. Be happy Eighty, it only gets better.
  4. Ooo...Y's good. I fell out of love with it around issue 35-40, but it's regained momentum. :'(
  5. Have you read Madrox? It's the mini that preceded this run. It's a good book, I'm not as keen on the most recent arc (and it appears about to get caught up in Messiah Complex, the X-man cross over). It ties in nicely with Son of M
  6. It was a complete abortion of a storyline/characterisation and generally highlights the problem at Marvel these days in most of they're titles (it's not just Marvel) They decide the story they want to write and then change established characters to fit it, rather then letting the storyline stem from the already defined characters. Bendis is the worst. He can tell good storyline, but he can't work with pre-established characters. When he's got free reign over new creations (e.g. Ultimate Spidey Verse, Alias etc) he's brilliant. He doesn't work well with pre-established characters though. Edit - Please tell me you read Annihilation? It was the smaller even at the same time that was 100million times better than Civil War. It also led to Nova (Marvels best ongoing right now) and Annihilation: Conquest (which is gearing up to be a good event. It's better than "Endangered Species" ). I'd recommend X-Factor too.
  7. Hexx

    House M.d.

    I liked bits of the last episode and not others I liking the different characters
  8. I don't think any of the heroes are hot, but Parkman. I certainly don't see the Claire attraction.
  9. I assume your asking about the "Superboy" issues...if not...sorry It's why "Superboy" has pretty much been only refer to as "Conner" since his death.
  10. "Officially" it's to show he's matured. Unofficially - copyright issues.
  11. Wrong Seth. Seth Green is the chap from Buffy who voices Chris. Seth MacFarlene is the chap behind it (but having watched an interview with him I can see him do what you said ) Edit - Darn, Beertiger
  12. Maybe she was looking for some "Oi-Pods" I think she has cus Peter has her Power! It's the others saying he's using the radiation power, not hers!
  13. Yes I get that, but upwards and across the crate (like in episode 1)? Seems a bit fantastical. Oh well. I'm sure we'll find out in the future it Peter's met her before or not
  14. "It's a happy talking squirrel!" "Oh it's got some friends..a whole bunch of woodland critters" "Critters?" "They seem...Christmasy" "GET THEM OUT OF THERE NOW!" "Hey there....oh...OH GOD NO....THEY'RE RAPING ME.....THEY'RE RAPING US ALL.....THEY'RE RAPING ME AND IT HURTS...."
  15. Imagination Land Episode 2..... It's really funny "Oh god they're raping me....they're raping all of us" "It's some sort of pig man bear!"
  16. Yeah but I meant when lightening balls hit people they seem to fly backwards, unless you think he gives them a tk shove at the same time?
  17. This episode was shocking Tee hee hee.
  18. Season 1 mirrors book 1 quite heavily. I think they deviate in season 2 quite a bit from book 2.
  19. I've only ever really liked Marvel/DC/"Mainstream" comics. Although, having said that most of them are pretty rubish. Currently loving: Anhilation Conquest, Sinistro Corps and Nova. Super-BoyMan Prime special this wednesday![
  20. I've only ever really liked Marvel/DC/"Mainstream" comics. Although, having said that most of them are pretty rubish. Currently loving: Anhilation Conquest, Sinistro Corps and Nova. Super-BoyMan Prime special this wednesday![
  21. I saw the first halloween one (where they're all zombied due to worcester sauce) at a friends sleep over. It slayed me.
  22. True.. I was...oh god...I was barely in my early teens when it started.
  23. Yeah but they didn't make such a radical change did they? Early south park seemed to be situational comedy, now it's fair more satirical.
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