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  1. Nicked from another website...
  2. Coolio Given the short turn around time for the episodes.... Who thinks the next/last one will be about the strike?
  3. Bob mentioned Adam Monroe had "escaped" last week. He brought the original generation (Peter/Nathans Mum and Dad, Bob, Linderman etc) together, and taught them to use their powers to save the world. (They turned a Tsunami that could have hit Miami into snowfall). Linderman was Adam's "disciple" - showing how Adam thought they'd save the world. For some reason the company (and maybe original generation) have kept him imprisoned for many years...
  4. Wow. That certainly kicked things up a notch.
  6. I predict something along the lines of people thinking their good at GH, and then trying to play music "for real". I'm almost certain to be wrong though
  7. Is this the film were they use the Earth Quake machine to make an air quake and blow up a stealth plane?
  8. Imagine the complaints when they make a black actor put on white face paint to play a role. I'm not saying I'd complain. Just that there's some f**king stupid people out there (See: RE5 "racist" issues)
  9. It basically spelled out, yes. "Somone who makes you happy"..."I thought we were being so discrete" etc. The terms Lesbian, Lesbo, Lezzers, carpet muncher etc are never mention, nor is there any on screen nookie.
  10. Tracia Heffer (sp? The woman playing Six) is amazing. Far better than the dumb bimbo blonde you first expect
  11. I own the season 1 and 2 DVD boxsets of B:TAS....HMV exclusives in this country
  12. Some good Hamil Return of the Joker Hard to believe it's Luke Skywalker
  13. This!. THIS! A thousand times this...anyone who's seen the "uncut" return of the Joker knows how brilliant/sadistic Hamil's Joker is. I had one teeny tiny hope they'd get him to play in the Dark Night...
  14. Personally I expect Ledger to knock it out the park...
  15. It definatly suffered from NOT being BSG. Mainly it didn't seem able to make an "real" impact on the main series (as it would be unfair on viewers who didn't see it). Good, but not as brilliant as it could have been. I'm not 100% what the purpose was. There seemed to be 2 stories they wanted to tell (Pegasus post war) and this first hybrid...I'm not sure why they mashed them together. (I felt it was jarring to go back to how the main characters were nearly 2 years in our time, 6 or 7 in theirs...) The effects also seemed pretty, but quick and sometimes disjointed. I thought the webisodes showed a better battle More I think about it...more I'm coming up "meh". Was that out first showing of BSG homosexuality? My Helo/Apollo ship might happen!
  16. The "debate" in the gate room was brilliant...
  17. No. It's entirely it's own series. And it's awesome. Start with the 4 hours miniseries
  18. No. It's entirely it's own series. And it's awesome. Start with the 4 hours miniseries
  19. Nooooo What's this site then sofasurfer ? Not watching Razor makes me
  20. Speed doesn't normally matter to me tbh. I know whats on and I start in the morning, go to work, and watch when I'm home. Just I didn't start it this morning
  21. Is it only on pay sites atm? I was just gonna mininova when I got home
  22. Oh god...it's going to go on...
  23. Did he die? I'm fed up of seeing character/action all over the papers. He's shit at acting and it's a shit story line...god I hate soaps...
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