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  1. I never thought Eccleston was that dark. intense yes, dark...?
  2. No...it's the Hexx Effect, He was good, but he'd need the whole crew (otherwise how would they get the "of mine" lark). Also...I don't think he'd be as good against the Doctor. He was brilliant because he was against poor, weak, stupid, humans
  3. My reading was that as the Family had encountered the Doctor at the begining of HN, they were now in the same timeline. It was 3 months relatively from that date (in both their personal timestreams) when the family would die. So the family could have traveled all over time looking for the Doctor, but they'd only age (say 2 months) in they're relative timeline. (Think how Martha was gone for 1 night, but she'd been on 4 adventures. Her and the Doctor's personal time lines were together and aged, say 2 weeks). Now once the family landed in 1914, they rejoined up with the Doctor's timeline (notice they don't ask how long he's been there). They now can't go back 2 weeks earlier, as it would change their own personal timelines and create a paradox* (Think...the Doctor/Rose saved many peoples lifes with no affect. When they affected Rose's personal time line by saving her dad, problems arrose)
  4. The other one was "Creature"... Do you get the impression they don't name things as well anymore? Edit! Creature DVD More DVD's I want!
  5. What about some good scary monster films (low budget the better). I remember Peter Benchly (Jaws man) had 2 movies on five once. One about a huge Octopus thing and one about a Shark/Super Soldier combo thing. I loved em both. Five show rubbish movies now..
  6. Assuming the 2 part ender is good (which it's bound to be), there's only 2 chances left to screw it up It's so far looking better than Season 2 (Fear Her makes it the worst season of new who, with the TAOC/AoC following closely). I didn't like the first Slytheen 2 parter in Season 1, so it 3 only manages 1 bad episode it's the best series yet
  7. You missed the best part though! If the doctor hadn't picked here on a whim, would those people have died
  8. It wrapped up a bit quick (what happened to the scarecrows? or they Family's guns? How did the Doctor capture all of them? Why did he need to imprison them when they were to die soon?), but it was still awesome. Stunning, is indeed the word. (Did anyone catch why the Family smelled The Doctor as human on the ship?)
  9. It's not quite "I don't agree with what you do, but I'll fight to the death to defend your right to do it", but it's close.
  10. Yep. We've agreed. Simon/N/Tre were pretty much as bad as each other on this task, except product selection (where Simon was better) and presenting (where Naomi was better). Given the track records and which one of those two above SirA values, it was a forgone conclusion. If you liked the radio times links try this blog LInk
  11. I didn't say it was more Niche, I said it was more niche and not the high end Simon's was. Simon's sold 2 and made £450 quid ish I'd also imagine assistants were allowed
  12. I agreed with him though. I think that the presenters (in training) went N (by far), Simon, Tre (best to worse). I'd have put the best/worst together to try and even it out.
  13. She could have defended herself a bit as opposed to just slatting Simon. Didn't anyone else think SirA was testing Tre? When he clearly stated I don't want interuptions and then moved onto his "closing" on Tre. He got quite hard hitting there, and I think, was trying to see if Tre would rise to the bait. If Tre said something there he'd be fired.
  14. They couldn't change the products (after they'd all met up in the evening). He didn't really not have control as in they didn't listen. He's sold well before (as, being fair, have the other two). Neither had N/Tre when they were leaders. If we were lookingly solely at this task? He probably should have gone. Over the last 10 weeks, probably not.
  15. Niamo and Tre's selection: A Trampoline - How was a man in a suit meant to sell that? Decoupage - Too specialist/niche. AND niether of them met the "high end" product description from the Team leader Simon's were niche market, but they were high end niche. They made alot of money on one sale. The final lot this year seem poor, and they're seemed to be so promising at the start...
  16. "I was a analyst and an therapist . I combined two disciplines. The worlds first Analrapist"
  17. You could have. But Tre/Nia didn't. They didn't seem to defend/rationilise themselves very well at all (in the BR we saw). N didn't do that in "You're Fired", continuing to slag of Simon, as opposed to defend herself.
  18. I wasn't too much. The Key issue in the task was product selection (selliing in this style wasn't important and never will be in SirA's job). Simon's product selections, while poor, were better than Tre/Nia choices. SirA didn't say she was the only who worked, he said she was the "least bad" at presenting. You lot are all thinking with your dicks
  19. If it had been early in the series, Simon would have been gone. But it's at late stage. I was really glad that Simon stayed, as my main complaint is that the Apprentice is usually too focused on just the one task, rather than candidates full ability demonstrated so far. Katie expressed it poorly, but at least she considered the target market.
  20. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2001320...7250185,00.html Doctor Who to be Exterminated after 4th series?
  21. To be fair I don't think Simon should have gone here. He wasn't brilliant by any means, but no one was. N and Tre's products brought in £32 total according to SirA. Doing some quick maths from what we saw of the other team simon's picks match/over proved both selection. It wasn't very good, but he wasn't the worse. Then you look at N's record (compared to Simon and Tre's). She and Tre were being negative about the chair constantly (even the next morning). He also rationalised his choices in the BR, N couldn't (remember her team leaders instructions were to go for "high end products" that would only sell a couple, and she brought back sticky card). Over the last 10 weeks Simon deserved to stay.
  22. No, that was my favorite moment of the trailer, and the film lacked any of the power. Infact the score in this film was weak in general...
  23. [post=Journal! ]http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h101/DoomsdayZone/WHOWHO.gif gif of the journal page showing which Doctors it showed...
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