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  1. Wasn't it Claire/Mr Bennet that were doing it off screen?
  2. Hiro is brilliant. He and Claire are the best heroes, becuases they want to help people. None of the others use they're powers just for that reason. Nathan is selfish, Niki insance, etc etc. Even Peter is odd. He wants to be special (IMO), he's not bad. Hiro and Claire are just awesome though. Claire and Peter have awesome on-screen chemistry though
  3. Just been reading next week's Radio Times (gotta plan my week) and they give Noahs name in the character list, the BBC are only up to episode 10
  4. I liked Weir as she went on. And she does have a couple of kick ass moments (her negioating in The Seige for bombs) Um..my copy doesn't play for that 7 min. Although there are versions out there that do (it's the daily motion scene I've posted). 402 is also out somewhere.
  5. It's very good at it's highs and very bad at it's lows. The problem is that a lot of the "lows" do usually mention the overall arc in important ways.
  6. Well read the title numpties! Pre-Air of Atlantis Season 4 - Adrift is out at the usual sources. (No sound effects in it). It's not bad, unfortunatly doesn't feel "big" enough for a season opener in my eyes, but a nice little episode. Good action scene here (minor-ish spoilers) http://www.dailymotion.com/search/stargate...ep-1-adr_events Weir's developments are interesting, but I'm more pissed she's been demoted to regular than anything. Ronon show's his acting chops. 7 Gates out 10 (Sorry about the 3 posts. Computer spazzed )
  7. And as far as the elf goes.. No. Just No. She looks like when you take a picture of a face out of a magazine and fold it so all the features are really close together for comedy effect.
  8. Dead Famous by Ben Elton. Mainly to remind me why I used to like Big Brother.
  9. Disagree. If it's one episode it can be done on same sets, less traveling etc. Maybe with more support characters. I don't think a double length episode necessarily means double time for DT.
  10. I think that means Tennent and or RTD wont be back for fifth. If this was done for them it would say they'd be in the fifth. I'm also extremely worried about the "specials". RTD has shown himself to be very good at arcs, but his standalones have been a bit hit and miss. Now if it was Moffat (I think that's him...) I'd be all over them. It's a bit of shame that the best a UK series can do is 13 episodes a year for 4 years. I mean compared to the USA our "series" are generally short
  11. Whatever you do, don't go back and watch the "Evil must be opposed" last 2 seasons trailer I posted, you'll I'm already starting with season 2 when I get home. Babylon 5 is like that. It's a huge chore, but by the time you get to seasons 3 and 4 you'll be glad you know the backstory.
  12. After this thread I'm thinking of watching it through again, and I can't decide where to start from. I'm thinking begining of season 3? Awesome Trailer for final 2 seasons - MASSIVE SPOILERS! We should make a trek thread
  13. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=W2KjWNVMtKc 1) Shark ROARS 2) Jake Survives for no reason 3) The awful effects during shark death (seriously pause it and look at model!) 4) Why does shark explode? 5) Flash backs to scenes where the character wasn't there.
  14. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=W2KjWNVMtKc 1) Shark ROARS 2) Jake Survives for no reason 3) The awful effects during shark death (seriously pause it and look at model!) 4) Why does shark explode? 5) Flash backs to scenes where the character wasn't there.
  15. Firefly you can keep stupidly cheap now. DS9 3-7 is brilliantm it sounds like it fits your requirements. If you...um...can find it on the need. Look for Far Beyond the Stars or "In the Pale Moonlight". Both are brilliant character episodes.ain Edit - In the Pale Moonlight. Captain Sisko attempts to get the Romulans into the war, by using a forged recording of the dominion plotting against the romulans. MASSIVE SPOILERS, but the last 10minutes of the episode were BRILLIANT. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qf6yQxM4ngs Babylon 5 would do to, but I think the weaker season 1 and 2 would slow you down. But they're very important for the arc. Again, Stargate gets REALLY good as it matures. It's hard to pick a spot, but season 3/4 might be good.
  16. If you like space battles then there's (unfortunatly) not too much good Scifi Babylon 5 Season 1-4. Brilliant battles. Good arc. Good "Scifi" stories. Unfortunatly some really duff episodes inbetwee. DS9 Season 3-7. Star Trek at WAR. Again like DS9, good arcs, some epic battles. But there's lots of quite episodes. Lots of "station bound" episodes. The end of season 5, beginging of season 6 should satisy your space battle craving though...This also has some brililant dramatic episodes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGVBfVpejI8...ted&search= Farscape. Wierd. Wackey. Comic. Tragic. Dark. Again not too much battles (until The Peacekeeper Wars wrap up film), but the whole arc is character driven at it's best. Stargate. Odd. Not many spaceship battles (until later). Some very good scifi, some very bad episodes. It gets much better as it gets more arc driven. Later seasons are very good. Stargate Atlantis. Extremly mixed. So awful episodes and charactisation. Some good bit. The Siege of Atlantis is spectacular. The problem with all scifi shows (if you're looking for pretty space battles), is that it's so exspensive. Shows only have big battles in Season enders/openers, sweeps episodes etc. If you don't like quieter Scifi you'll hate the middle episodes that drive along alot of the arcs.
  17. See the end here! Awful. Pure Awful. 1) Jake lives! WTF 2) Shark's don't roar 3) Special effects (post ramming are brilliant) 4) WTF does the head explode!
  18. What's E.T. short for? He's got little legs!
  19. R's a 15ish isn't it? Coolio. God bless my little geekboy heart, but that looks quite good....
  20. As OJC has said Sexie is pretty bad (IMO). There's some good bits, but so much of it isn't refined. The DVD's all seem to vary as when they're recorded in a shows run. From things he says of Dressed to Kill he's done it several times, so it's getting better and better. There's another on the boxset I don't like, but I can't for the life of me remember which one.
  21. "We know all the best element of attack is SURPRISE! And what could be more suprising to the enemy than the 29th Battalion Transvest Brigade! Parachuting in behind enemy lines in FANTASTIC make up"
  22. The flag bit kills me...and the encore where he does the show in French. "Je suis le President de le Burundee". "The chat est dons le...."
  23. To be fair the "Sexie" cover does look a bit pornish (Also it's one of the worse shows in the boxset)
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