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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo /vadar
  2. Even better are the reports she turned down lost to do it Guess Kristen likes plots that go somewhere too
  3. Why do I have Virgin Media and not Sky Brilliant film, I never get through the end without crying
  4. The danger of writing the entire book from the first person point of view. If you don't like the person, or identify with them, you'll never like the book. You haven't missed much in that case by reading the rest, although I think the first book is one of the weakest (mainly as it "throws you in" and doesn't really explain Harry's world too much).
  5. According to this Annoying enough I think I'd agree with both of those. Anyone got any alternatives?
  6. I blame that on the general state of the buffyverse in Season 6/7, Angel: After the Fall could be very good
  7. I still remember the advert doing the round before the final. "Their final stand, will be their finest hour" Going into that unspoiled, the episode HURT. Still official comic continuation coming soon!
  8. The Dresden Files. All the UK published books (8?) in preparation for book 9 (White Knight), now I've caved and ordered the hardback US version. The UK version wouldn't be here until Feb
  9. It's what the chap saw Rose/Ten chasing/being chased by at the very begining. Where they were doing the "Scooby Doo" running through doors with buckets etc.
  10. Yeah. Once she got past the shouting/screaming (Which admittidly was understandable on her wedding day) I thought she was very good. Some of her quiet moments with Ten where brilliant. Plus she seems to have absolutly no romantic feelings for him at all! Yey! Besides, remeber the reaction when Billie was cast? This could be just as good (Still doesn't mean Martha wasn't SHAFTED though )
  11. Some of the ST books he "wrote" aren't half bad.
  12. Which one was last weeks?
  13. I already have: Descent Dog Soldeir Host Relic Mimic Mimic 2 (Eugh) Shark Attack (1-3) Crocodile 2 Death Roll Spiders Bats Deep Rising Lake Placide
  14. Some suggestions please I really like creautre/monster movies (even if they're often quite bad, e.g. Peter Benchley's Creature, Relic etc). Recomendations please
  15. I quite liked Hellboy but felt like I was missing things (that I'd know if I had read the comics). Got a bit sad when loads of people started dying There's absolutly nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all (especially not it's awesome incidental music!)
  16. If anyone finds the slow-mo bombing scene from the end let me know... I love it
  17. Watch all the series in 3 days. Loved it. I thought it was obvious who the Killer was (well the other killer), but still liked the entire thing.
  18. Agreed, just back from seeing it. General rating: Not good. Luna Lovegood Spoilers! General feelings about characters/events, nothing too major. Not spoilers if read the book! Specific Plot point spoilers! Finally, the "new" Dumbledore since PoA is RUBBISH. I didn't like in PoA, thought he was Awful in GOF, but he cements my opinion this time. He spends half his time looking afriad (especially in battle), doesn't radiate warmth/kindness. Most of all the character doesn't come across as "nice".
  19. Is the BB better when leveled up though? I think the Killer7 wins on Firing Speed/Reload Speed, but that's not to important for a Magnum.
  20. Hexx

    Edge 178

    When's this out in the shops?
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