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  1. Hexx

    Edge 178

    When's this out in the shops?
  2. I wonder if it needs nun-chunks? If not I'm totally duel weilding
  3. Hexx

    Don't be mean!

  4. Hexx

    Don't bitch me.

    You're just grumpy cus no one's touching your one eyed snake.

  5. The Face Of Bo has popped up three times in the whole series so far. He's a big face in a jar, the oldest being in the universe. No one knows where he came from. It is said when the Face of Bo dies he will reveal his greatest secret to a traveler, to a man without a home. In his last apperence the Face Died, telling the Doctor "You are not alone"...(which led into this mess )
  6. I laughed at that... Jack: "I'm going back to my team...Responsibility right?" Me: "You mean orgies right?"
  7. Not one use of the Sonic Screwdriver! Massive reset button! Face of Jack! (BRILLIANT!) Didn't like the Humanity Thinks of the doctor bit, but symbolically it was cool. Martha's quest was ace. Freema's coming back, right?
  8. Hey. I do that. It's the only way to get all the treasure. Plus there's a shed load of ammo down the right path (Several sheds infact )
  9. Knees make them "knell", but they can get up quite quickly. You can kick them like this though (I think). Headshots stagger them for longer I think....you can kick. "Footshots" might make them fall flat on the ground. No kicky, but you can knifey.
  10. Meh. It gets very tricky quiet quickly on Pro, unless you've got mad skillz
  11. Righto. Shoot in the head (once), run over, press A to KICK! This should be a round house it'll hit other enemies near by too. Knife any feckers on the ground. Head shot another, repeat. If the head shots go wrong and you get Las Plagas, SHOTGUN or Flash Grenade. If you're feeling risky you can "head shot" a Las Plagas and kick it!
  12. I occasionaly have the pointed aiming someone where odd when I've running around etc and then suddenly have to fight. I do occasionally forget that it doesn't look around when I move the pointer to the edge...
  13. So....which of these to get? You say City of Death...? http://www.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/specialOffers....&code=07WVA
  14. It's finally here! The best final fantasy ever is re-released! For those that don't know VI (released as III in the West on the SNES) was the last "2d" Final Fantasy. It's also the clear best in the series. I can't found out if the version has been editted (Celes' beating and sucide bid?) I'm getting this a RE4(Wii) on Friday (which I am super excited about)... But now I don't know what to play first... The Opera... Click for beauty...
  15. I was answering Oli's question really, but I was only 90% certain.
  16. Can one of you lovely/technical chaps do me a huge favour? I'm looking for a high quality pic of the Valiant/Rip opening (just as the drum song starts). It's awesome and I want it as my desktop... Please? Edit - And the Tardis travels through time vortex and has it inside it?
  17. The time "vortex" is what the TARDIS travels through (e.g. in the credits). The void is the dead space between universes.
  18. The reason that is so evil is that as the guy falls over, you can see Saxon lowering himself with him so the guy definatly sees the thumbs up.
  19. I didn't like it... Until I realised Saxon had put it on the Aircraft carrier (wifey was bopping to it, and then he flicked a switch and it was off...)
  20. That's nothing... If you've read the BBC's listing for the finale episode...
  21. That was bollocks though. That wasn't inspiring, it was just crass and stupid. If we win I'll take you on a trip. How nice. (I liked Tre's summation of it). Jadine was the only star of that team, closely followed by Tre.
  22. This. That stupid Owen character. Rapist. Meant to be brilliant looking (looked stupid). Then had the stupid Fight Club rip off ep, and then at the end got obsessed with some girl and so opened the rift AND killed Jack. Owen ruined most of TW to me.
  23. I'm assuming it goes like this... Saxon in the TARDIS goes back to BEFORE Martha heads off with the Doctor. He schemes in motions (for how long we don't know). Assuming Martha/Doctor/Jack come back to her home, then Master/Saxon will have been in power for a while...
  24. Yes. I did. He was in politics, at least, when she left. As seen in Smith and JOnes. Cassandra was the last "pure" human (i.e. not even slightly contaminated by alien DNA). Then the Doctor helped make a load more at the begining of Season 2 (who were originally diseased clones made by cats).
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