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  1. This is Jack post-Torchwood Season 1 (according to RTD). They couldn't tie it directly into TW as the little kiddies shouldn't be watching it. So when Jack "heard" the TARDIS and the winds blew he acctually ran back for his coat/bag/hand, ran upstairs too it, without anyone seeing. A wizard did it Andsom - That's what we're meant to assume. You win a hug! Edit 2 - The episodewas full of lots of stuff for perceptive fans to notice. Anyone note the reference to the 'Silver Devastation'? IIRC that was last mentioned in The End Of The World as the home of... The Face of Boe. Nice how it all fits together.
  2. Having been spoiled on Jack/the Masters return, for me perhaps the biggest reveal of all was the fobwatch. My god, what a clever way to bring back a timelord, after first establishing that the timelord inside the watch is undetectable. There's a guy who's been hearing weird sounds all his life, with a watch he's had just as long. I also loved the scene with Jack and the Doctor, and some awesome acting from Tennant there. Can't wait to see more of Simm. My only nag is that futurekind, the rocket, Utopia, were used as such throwaway plot devices. I'd love it if we got to see more of what happens to them next week, but I have a feeling the Doctor will simply fix Jack's time/spacehopper with the sonic next week, and they'll be off to the year of our lord 2007.
  3. Radio Times summed it up perfectly. Bit of a clunker (Futurekind? Utopia? The "plot" of the episode was weak) with some nice moments ("Can't I say hello to anyone") with a really good climax. I like the doctor's reason for leaving Jack. Derek Jacobi was ok, John Simm was hard to gauge, but he seemed to be hamming it up nicely and have a grand time chewing the scenery. Should be interesting....
  4. Simon shouldn't have won. Not looking at the whole thing. Kristina really got let down by her team alot on this. I watched the begining of Your Hired, and really think she should have won. Simon's presentation was better? Are you high? Naff dancers and he looked aweful during the questions.
  5. This is the worst finale so far. So it's a bit of design (then get the archetechs to fix it), a bit of market research and then a presentation? Why does Rory keep opening his mouth, I like looking at him but his ideas...
  6. You were a stupid child.
  7. DIVORCE HER. She doesn't understand, and she never will. It's a battle of the sexes.
  8. They do apperently record both endings (acted) to keep the surprise. For tonight: Simon's team seemed to be - Tre, Jadine and Rory. Kristina's team - I think I saw Gahzel. Unless Kristina gets Katie, I think they're setting up Simon to fail
  9. I think we're on a roll for best of the 3 new series (in general). I'm still not sure the "bad wolf" arc and the return of the daleks will be better as an arc
  10. That was really good, cus at the time it was still up for renewal. If better is the one where the go through every "trick" failing shows use (3D eps, characters dying, "live" segments)
  11. Please do, via PM if needed.
  12. Being fair it appeared Kristina was single with an 18 year old son (off to University soon). Katie appeared to be single with 2 young'uns (but near her parents). It was a bit of a different move. It reeks of sexism though that Tre wasn't asked about moving/focus on kids etc. Edit - Great minds Bushmeister! o/
  13. I thought bra women was an over the top bitch as well, but Katie did get some good hits back in. I did like Nick/T'other woman's take on Katie though...
  14. I watched it in a mirror (I'm dead clever me )
  15. I tried not blinking (when watching the tv screen) and couldn't do it for more than about 6 seconds... So I'm dead...
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/ Even the website scared me. According the "Fear Factor" warnings they do for parents before the show, it's "one of the scariest yet" - 5.5 out of 5 (The Impossible Planet was 6!) Looking good!
  17. Glad to find someone else who hated Bra women. She was playing to a crowd to score points. Katie's a bitch, but respect for quiting like that. And massive Kudos to SirA (or his editting team) as said above it appears he handled that situation brilliantly I hate that interviewer Paul though. What a dick. I don't like Tre, but the guy just took a dislike and the was a cock through the entire interview. Just like the last 2 years..(Poor James... )
  18. Yep. She lead them for face painting (on a school day) and then prostitution. She also did nothing leaderlike (it was week 3) and let Kristina lead by proxy.
  19. I never thought Eccleston was that dark. intense yes, dark...?
  20. No...it's the Hexx Effect, He was good, but he'd need the whole crew (otherwise how would they get the "of mine" lark). Also...I don't think he'd be as good against the Doctor. He was brilliant because he was against poor, weak, stupid, humans
  21. My reading was that as the Family had encountered the Doctor at the begining of HN, they were now in the same timeline. It was 3 months relatively from that date (in both their personal timestreams) when the family would die. So the family could have traveled all over time looking for the Doctor, but they'd only age (say 2 months) in they're relative timeline. (Think how Martha was gone for 1 night, but she'd been on 4 adventures. Her and the Doctor's personal time lines were together and aged, say 2 weeks). Now once the family landed in 1914, they rejoined up with the Doctor's timeline (notice they don't ask how long he's been there). They now can't go back 2 weeks earlier, as it would change their own personal timelines and create a paradox* (Think...the Doctor/Rose saved many peoples lifes with no affect. When they affected Rose's personal time line by saving her dad, problems arrose)
  22. The other one was "Creature"... Do you get the impression they don't name things as well anymore? Edit! Creature DVD More DVD's I want!
  23. What about some good scary monster films (low budget the better). I remember Peter Benchly (Jaws man) had 2 movies on five once. One about a huge Octopus thing and one about a Shark/Super Soldier combo thing. I loved em both. Five show rubbish movies now..
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