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  1. Btw if you’re spending time underground use R3 to change map so you can warp up/down Don’t do what I did and keeping using lifts to go between maps
  2. Doing clean up before pushing forward in Mt of G. I think I might have partnered with a serial killer in my attempts to do every NPC quest. Whoops. The various "Hero's Grave" tombs can chuffin do one! You can parry/counter magic!
  3. Now down into DrD. There's so many huge areas in this game it feels like you could easily miss/ignore.
  4. Lord R of Volcano manor down! Woot woo
  5. The Catalyst booster in the season pass - is that just to unlock the catalyst or to activate it? I've got the Grand Overture's catalyst but no idea if I should do all the kills now with a benefit or not.
  6. 163! im 122 in the mountaintop and no idea what to level. At 80 int so anything else is feeling like incremental padding.
  7. I'd imagine it's the "causes bleed build up" in bottom right of new one. So you do less damage but build up a status effect that causes damage when triggered
  8. Runes and Rune Arc Consumables. Nope
  9. Down past the Lake of Rot! Then up to majestic glorious heights! The last place you get to on that quest line is so pretty
  10. Who’s talking shit about my Jellyboy?
  11. How does the end work in this? Is it straight into NG+ like previous games or do you have chance to mop up world etc?
  12. Capital done. That was excellent - top tier location.
  13. The Capital continues to amaze. Just beat G.
  14. That seems related to the festival - try going back after
  15. Just seen my first blood stain with a group circle round - near a beast in the Capital The capital is lovely - so many routes/dead ends, I expect the "main path" is actually quite short, but you can get lost for ages exploring. It absolutely rains Rune items on you though - I assume this is because you could be a variety of levels by time you get here and there's an absolute beast of a boss coming up. Eeek.
  16. I don't think I could raid I'd see things like this and fall apart giggling (spoilers for final encounter in case people care)
  17. From the while the fix is tomorrow, won't be able to buy until Tuesday
  18. Does anyone know if you respec you go back to your starting class split, or back to level 1 across of the board?
  19. In terms of basic main game route yes - but you can go anywhere. As far as I know where you're talking about is an optional area - but also an important one
  20. There's a few of them throughout the game - nearly always in tiny tiny rooms where it's huge (often clipping into walls) and a) hard to see it's tells and b) nearly impossible to move out of range. you need to block/use iframes.
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