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  1. There`s spelling mistakes, but nothing that causes any problems. The maps and things are all there aswell as the house/character lists
  2. 4 for the Sunday Gig...... He might still be able to sing* by then Hope it's a light winter so we don't lose one to cold/broken hip etc... *If the noises he generally produces live can be called singing
  3. The Sixteen/Harry Christophers – Suscipe quaeso from The Flowering of Genius
  4. Awesome awesome awesome live
  5. Bright Eyes - Lua The Decemberists - REd Right Ankle Stone Roses - Ten Story Lovesong + many many more
  6. I really like this. In fact most of your stuff is aces. Nice one keety.
  7. The little chinese guy is amazing. Toodlepip motherfuckeeeeeeeers
  8. That album still gives me shivers when it starts. Awesome.
  9. The Genevieves – Forgive Me (lastFm - The Sundays Radio)
  10. Half way through this at the moment. IT's no 'First Law' but it's a great read all the same, very dry wit comes through every now and then.
  11. ^^ This to the MAXX! and the sequel Sweet Thursday..... In fact most Steinbeck; it all takes me back to lazy summer days drinking wine and reading on the park when i should have been in tedious dynamics lectures. Also Willard Price's 'Adventure' series; especially South Sea and Volcano.
  12. That`s amazing. Some random ones, old and new. Just the straight untouched images on these. Loads of improvements to make, crops straightening etc... but hassle!
  13. 1. Afterbirth - Creeper --- This could easily be on FSOL Lifeforms -- Awesome 2. Jonny rat - Stairfires --- Purely for the first 2minutes, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing i used to do on my guitar and two tape decks. 3. Napole0n - Haunted --- Very Orbital, quality Really good stuff, props.
  14. This! or elderflower cordial, water, ice (better with vodka also, but .....)
  15. Pungent Effulgent, Strangeitude, Jurassic Shift are all awesome. There was an excellent article on these in 'Guitarist' back in the nineties. Apparently the 'hippy shit' was all just a sham and certainly the guitarist never touched drugs. He wa also a very technically minded fellow very at ease discussing the niceties of Mixolydians and Phyrgians etc...
  16. an unrivaled lyricist he was, an excerpt from Vampire Bat below... After the vampire bird sucked blood out of me, He started stabbing me in my ass Then three more vampire birds stabbed me in my ass too They sucked the blood out of me, killing me
  17. Glendora - Rilo Kiley .... In fact most things by Rilo Kiley
  18. 405 - Death Cab For Cutie (acoustic)
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