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  1. Swwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeet!!!
  2. Just finished Andrew Marrs 'A History of Modern Britain'...... A very nicely written book and very interesting indeed! Focuses on the period 45-55, if you're into that kind of thing.
  3. Balls! It was designed with intent to keep us all off the radar on battlegrounds (maybe on the gaydar unfortunately but...) by looking weak and ineffectual. BUNNEH POWAH etc as i recall
  4. Sirloin is about bang on. Dante was very satirical about the then political landscape and well known folks and unless you have some idea of the 'Florence scene' back then alot of the references can pass over you. I enjoyed the books which i only really read as my missus was studying Italian literature at the time (she had the nutt guides (or whatever) and they really helped fill in the historical aspects for me). Voltaires Candide is a similarly satirical masterpiece and is alot more accessible to my mind. Swifts Gullivers Travels is another one that is in the same vein and the easiest to
  5. I do quite fancy it, but what with being coupled up properly now and being away most of the time, it might be a bad move! There must be enough prima donnas on ER without me turning up again Sir: you're buying! ALSO!!!! ensure that lazy oaf spud gets his enchanting up past 300!!!! SOOOOOOO Lazy
  6. BUSTED! No chance, although i miss you all dearly (except for Sirloin, who may or may not want to go to the pub tonight)
  7. I'm on Aquilonia as Shogi, the Stygian Tempest of Set (she's hot). Currently in a guild called the 'Bearded Clam Regulars'. I'll get my friends list out the next time i'm on
  8. ^^ awesome! Angus & Julia Stone - A Book Like This.... Amazing song, Joe Satrianiesque 'always with me, always with you' start and an amazing Joanna Newsome/Bjork female vocal about love'n'suff. love it
  9. Jeff Lewis - Taxi Cab Punks disease ridden, gangrenous, puss-filled gash
  10. Can't believe i've missed this thread. Agree with P2 in that transatlanticism and we have the facts are better albums; but the fact is i'll follow you.... is one of the best songs ever written! If you've never heard Syrofoam plates though, you're missing out on death cab... In other news...... Ben Gibbards done some amazing solo stuff...... the joga cover is sublime.... girls just want to have fun amusing, st swithans day beautiful, and avrils complicated genious!....
  11. The Burning Leaves are pretty awesome.
  12. A Hop at the Farm For all those Neil Young fans out there.... Beware the website if you have speakers, it's heart of gold intensive.
  13. Just seen this; just loved it. Great film, left me feeling particularly sentimental Loved the soundtrack too, Kimya Dawson has some great lyrics
  14. This again strangely. Genius tune though, thoroughly recommended.
  15. Hoffman was amazing, it's worth watching this just for the smartarse cutting remarks his character makes throughout the film. I liked the sleazy atmosphere around wilson and his 'angels' Well worth watching
  16. This.. Another two that spring instantly to mind are: Lamb - Gorecki Lamb - Gabriel EDIT: now with added links
  17. Biggest mistake ever leaving Muk, but reloading all the WoW shit would murderise me to bits. Keep on trucking you guys, your continuing exploits amuse me when i venture in this otherwise scary folder
  18. I`ve just watched Ep 1 and loved it. It`s got a great touch of Tim Burton, and a whimsical narrative that i love as much as Jim Miles hates Also, the bright colours.... Also, Anna Friel Also, pie shop !
  19. i put in a special request at the local fodder-wagon after seeing this thread and lo and behold today i collected chips and corn-beef hash, with onions and cheese. Bloody lovely! Thankyou
  20. Exciting race. Great for Kimi to get the title. wish i could be there for the drinks later. Thank god Alonso didn`t win, miserable b@sta@rd. I love Interlagos, a truly great circuit Oh...... ITV LOL!
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