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  1. Just downloaded and watched the first 6. This series is great, although the tits get tedious after a bit (not something i thought i`d hear myself saying). Glad it`s got the second series
  2. Will get hold of this ASAP. oh, Such Great Heights is a genious cover; Ben Gibbard is a fantastic songwriter
  3. WHAT!!!! GAY??!?! King monkey? Fuck, i`ll have to get hold of it now after i swore i`d never buy another one after 'spheres' :S Alpha - Back
  4. Ocean Beach [Cybophonia Cinematic Remix] The Black Mighty Orchestra C'est tres chic
  5. Just watched this off the BBC iPlayer. Utterly excellent documentary It did indeed tread the same ground as all the other Factory/Joy Division/Madchester documentaries have, but it was ace all the same.
  6. Lou Rhodes - Fortress She`s the bird that was in Lamb..... She`s gone all acoustic now, very nice indeed
  7. Is it 7 months, not bad There should be a few of my old chars in there i think. If you fancy giving preist/hunter a go, you`re welcome to use the account Enjoy ER, some cool folks on there
  8. Great bit of quoting there Moosey! 10/10
  9. I rethought too. I will not be re-installing WoW as i`m lazy and couldn`t be bothered to decide which server to restart on.
  10. John Wyndham - The Seeds of Time Many short stories, some of which are infuriatingly good
  11. 13th Floor Elevators - Slip inside this house Genious! Best cult inspired song eva!
  12. From a few weeks ago we have...... Snow Patrol/Martha Wainright - Set fire to the third bar Essex Green - Our Lady in Havana Trespassers William - Vapour Trail The Bravery - Unconditional Cat Power - The Greatest The Black Mighty Orchestra - Ocean Beach (cybophonic Cinematic remix) Dope on Plastic - Wave Dub Joy Zipper - Christmas Song Lamb - Gabriel Bjork - Joga
  13. So, in summary BBC1 - ITV alternative, but better BBC2 - C4 alternative, but better BBC3 - Random shite not good enough to be on 1 or 2 (in the main) BBC4 - heaven sent (sometimes)
  14. I hear that. Coupled with the mutuawank in the ITV crew it makes it almost unwatchable Thank god for brundle & blundell
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