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  1. Hmmmm... What class do you lot need at the mo? Am contemplating something of a return, but still just contemplating Wow takes up so much time and compulsive masturbation is just so..... compulsive
  2. oh i don`t know about that Cham.... Shog and Cham used to have some 'interesting' discussions if i recall rightly
  3. when i look at these i think i almost have the inclination to sit through 17161511541hours of installing patches and addons deleted from my PC :S
  4. Joy Division - Transmission....
  5. Just watched episode 7.... Very good indeed. Bit of a slow burner this, but drags you in. Shame it`s been dropped :S
  6. Thought it was alright. Mainly cos of the little dirty looking one though i think.
  7. Thank fuck. The mutual ITV group wankfest is grateing heavily Hamilton will be fine I`ll be listening to 5live too, Welcome back murray
  8. Camera Obscura - Country Mile ... just ending, comign up next........ Delays - Nearer to Heaven
  9. It is, it is. I lol'd when i quit, especially when The 'best' druid and the 'best' shaman quit in protest! Much drama ensued silly people!
  10. i`d eat horse.. i eat cow, chicken, pig etc. So why not horse. Especially a baby horse, covered in baby cow and sheep.. YUM!
  11. Just visited the wow thread again and seen the news... Fucking ACE job lads! Grats
  12. Just in case this is of interest. I`ve got a decently kitted out priest on my account. If anyone fancies paying the sub, the account is theirs. She`s raid healer specced and has some nice gear (although i quit months ago so it`s probably been surpassed now) Also on the account is an epix 60/61 hunter (BWL geared) and a few randoms. I have no idea what money/mats are on the account as it got largely raped by people after i`d gone. Just PM me if you`re interested
  13. Knew a russian lass at uni, she wouldn`t drink anything other than stoli or finlandia over here... Say Smirnov to here and she`d explode in apoplectic rage. I only really drink Stoli myself, straight from the freezer, with ice... Best mixer is Elderflower. Pay more for less hangover, smirnov hurts me, stoli makes me fuzzy at worst.
  14. Thought the editors were amazing, one of the best gigs of the fesitval Revelation of the weekend..... Silent Dance Tent! Biggest bummer top 3 :- Pear cider only coming in pints zero volume for the killers Mud in my lungs They were good. Amazing visuals and a HUGE sound. We left before the crush to watch it from our tent and we could here it as clear as a whistle
  15. I`ve been looking at some of the graphics and have to agree with that. However, from what i`ve seen in the community the specs of peoples machines seem to be a fair bit higher than those that played WoW
  16. The Stone Roses - Elephant Stone This song will never get old
  17. WAR Age Of Conan = WoW death (oh, shog btw)
  18. Wow refugees, and indeed WoW participants...... http://www.ageofconan.com/en/index.html It`s in Beta at the moment... What do people think? Guild?
  19. I don`t agree with this at all. Ron Denis may be the boss of the team. Taking him away as a spearhead and the team may miss a vital entity. Agree, they are a great team, but everything revolves around an axis, with that gone , they may end up being the next Williams Edit: cack
  20. Just catching it on ITV4. SATO FTFW Massive shunt for Kubica, it`s truly amazing that these cars and absorb so much damage, truly a hats off moment to the engineers. I hope to god they don`t neuter one of the last fast and exciting circuits left like they did to Imola and silverstone amongst others oh, and, WIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!
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