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  1. Jo Whiley compared them to the Roses. I can`t really see it tbh. I got very excited, then was deeply unhappy at the very first chords Much more like U2 and Simple Minds to my ears
  2. The demo versions of formed a band and good weekend? (got myself a brand new girlfriend) were much better than those that made the album for sure. I can`t tell much difference between the first and second albums really. One of the best live bands out though. Awesome
  3. No more popworld soon either Art Brut - iTunes donwload of the month, Art Brut - iTunes donwload of the month
  4. New album is more riffy than teh last one, but has all of the same 'essential art brut' to make it awesome. St Pauli (or whatever it`s called is the weakest track) Seen em livfe a few times and they`ve been absolutely brilliant every time. Argos' wit comes through really well in the songs, and even better live. AT Beniscassim a few years back they had an hours set. The album is only 45minutes long so they ad lib'd a whole lot, even going through the festival line-up like so... Depeche Mode - TOP OF THE POPS ART BRUT - TOP OF THE POPS ART BRUT - TOP OF THE POPS ....amazingly they pulled it o
  5. http://www.soundtrackinfo.com/ost.asp?soun...=4492&t=yes "Motorcycle Ride with Sam" by Chad Fisher ?
  6. Well you`ve got me intruiged now. Sounds like something i`d like too. Furthr investigation...
  7. This has totally gone under my radar/over my head. I shall endeavour to serach it out as it sounds tops. Hope to god it`s on stage6
  8. When are people heading down/up/across for this? I`m heading down on the wedndesday to set-up camp on the hill by the farm as usual
  9. Aye, most programs are sent out at about with a mean volume of 70%ish (of an defined max) so as to allow scope for loud bits i.e shoot out, screamy domestic etc... The ads go straight for the higher volume so are percieved to be louder than the programme preceeding. The bane of a young masturbators life (i`d imagine ) waking your parents at 3 in the morning when the porn runs out with an ULTRA LOUD advert for a fucking orange mobile EDIT: for clarity and inevitable typos
  10. Yes! Also, when Brian is knocking on the door and Mike opens it to see him witha clenched fist raised and salutes him likewise. And Where Tim goes to sir down and throws a cusion accross the room and Dwane Benzie... 'I`m going to set fire to him'
  11. I`d vote for that. Most Scottish whiskies are too harsh for my tastes Dalwhinnie is nice though
  12. Levellers - Julie Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life Decembersists - Red Right Ankle Jeff Lewis - Don`t be Upset Velvet Underground - I`ll be your mirror Salttank - Angels Landing Chicane - Autumn Tatctics Palestrina.... Lots of Slowdive/swirlies/sigur ros
  13. went last year for depeche mode/gold frap and some other things i can`t remember. Was a good laugh. Slightly full of flouncy london types, but survivable. Toilets were fine. Drinks queues were non-existant as far as i remember great day festival all in all
  14. Dub beautiful collective on iTunes radio V good indeed
  15. Aye, signed up here too shogi/shogient or something, i can`t remember... Here`s hoping it matters
  16. killing the sound on trying to pronounce the 'foriegn sounding' ones name... Lawyers FTW
  17. Quote of the season 'They smell of fish' Get used to it love Edit: LOL at Goat Keeper
  18. 'There`s an aura' Yes, of utter cuntage please please please please please please please...... Tactical nukes
  19. Jesus, just had to turn the treble down on my TV I`m glad i don`t have a dog
  20. her to win, slightly spolit by the COCKING kaeser chiefs
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