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  1. drama student... hahahahahhaa *packs bag, finds sniping post.... awaits*
  2. Aaaah, put it back in the typing pool.... Then chuck a hairdryer in
  3. Here`s hoping for a bird flu outbreak with swarms of infected and US soldiers with incendiary bombs and flam throwers...
  4. Good lord..... It`s said 'Gravy' Must kill..... *finally found Sticked thread in belated manner induced by fine wine
  5. Well spotted.... i missed it obviously oh well moderate this less than 1min SeanR.... slacking?
  6. It`s started again. Davina, i still would. So far i`ve decided, if i manage to stick it out for the entire run, i will most likely destroy a sizeable part of Nottingham. Contestants..... Pink mutant things - make my brain hurt, but offer the obvious 'would' factor Old thing - Ex-Stand up comic, could be source of cut-to-the-bone wittisisms Flouncy London Tart - Will die, possibly by my hand we shall see.......
  7. thought this was really bad. Some very nice shots, but overall terrible, i was waiting for it to end. Prefered the first one, well, the first 30minutes or so. This one really didn`t capture me at all
  8. i`e did many, many 8 hour stints on WoW and ended up getting ostracised for not being grindy enough. Automaton lesbian bastards. Normally, i can play big stints, only stopping for piss breaks.... depends on how much i`m drinking really
  9. I`m in pleases You scared me into it Eva
  10. The amazing counterpoint in many of palestrinas works is a joy to behold, truly beautiful. I tend to get lost in reverie when listening to this kind of thing. Goreki also as a (more) contemporary choice, his work ranges from very sparse vocal arrangements to very complex ditties I found Sasha & Digweed 'Northern Exposure I' was fantastic to revise to, it`s ambient techno i guess, but very very relaxing with some fantasic mixes
  11. Aye, Thing to remember is on Boss 2, keep the tank shielded as much as possible, the healing debuff can`t get through so it`s dead easy then. Getting people to stand in the right places helps. If you can get everyone in healing range (i.e tank things away from the portals) then you don`t lose much time running around. You`re also in range of the DPS if you get bogies. DPS is key, if you`ve got that i`ts dead easy Anyhow, what do i know, i don`t even play the silly game anymore! *insert escape to victory theme here*
  12. How do you mean Cham? BMs not so bad if people know what they`re doing
  13. I did quit. And cheers for the offer, but i`m best off out of it i think
  14. You really need an non EMO pope with decent gear, that likes to get pissed and thinks portsmouth sucks balls... Hmmmmmmm EDIT: oh.... it`s shogient btw.. this is my non-wow name
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