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  1. DeadRussian when you free to play our games this thursday/friday anytime would suit me.
  2. Palmero Put Faith In New Manager Kazit After a poor start to the season, Palmero have parted ways with manager FuntimeDave only to be replaced by inexperienced manager Kazit. Little is known about the quality of this new manager and it remains to be seen if fans concerns will be realized and if this manager will be able to produce the results expected!!!
  3. Cant really do tonight as i watch nfl unless you fancy a late one at around 12:30, otherwise any time tuesday night will probably suit me best.
  4. Jesus Karzee you really do need an upgrade!
  5. It is possible we could make more the mayor problem is that we are in N. Ireland so postage to the mainland could be a killer as its a bit heavy. Although i think if we made another we would change that!
  6. No worries Meerman, my brother in law has his own fabrications business so you could say it was commercial!
  7. Just thought i would finally get around to posting some pics of the stand me and my brother in-law made for my driving force gt wheel we based it on the wheel stand pro and works really well, saved myself 100 quid. Tell me what you lot think! Sorry about pic best i could do at the min.
  8. Split times are great glad they put that in the patch!
  9. Kazit

    FIFA 11

    I read on another forum that they expect a patch to be released around mid november, but i would have though getting the patch out would be higher piroity than UT.
  10. Honda is a good shout and i think Young would be more likely come the summer and Alonso are you serious?
  11. Who is the player, you would most like the club to sign in the January transfer window? Mine are as follows: 1) Lisandro Lopez 2) Ibrahim Afellay 3) Royston Drenthe I also believe bastian schweinsteiger's contract is due to expire in the summer so maybe take a look at him?
  12. Its esitmated to be around 2 weeks from what i have read hope its sooner though!
  13. How long does it take to get on with your wheel, i have a driving force gt wheel and after two sessions im feelin it a chor to put in quick lads compared to using a pad.
  14. I also would like to be added to the waiting list.
  15. Latest patch news from CM: Looks like not long to wait now!
  16. Yeah i know but had to do something to cheer up my day!
  17. Is Pacheco injured or something or was he on the bench last night i dont recall. Oh just seen im rep dip -5 in about 10 mins in the utd thread god they are touchy over the rooney saga!
  18. Could not agree more with this, shelvey did impress me hope he gets another chance.
  19. Two Words!!! FIVE TIMES!!!!!
  20. As prolific as utd and they are in a team that doesnt create chances compared to yours that does!
  21. Great keep a striker that scores more off the pitch than on it!! YNWA
  22. It does get easier to find time as the kids get older but i have found that i can do my gaming most evenings but then that is normally the time i have stuff i want to watch on t.v so often it can be a flip of a coin in what to do. I have to agree with a point that has been made you will most certainly have a shelf full of unplayed games!
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