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  1. Hopefully i will here from you sooner rather than later then.
  2. Kazit

    NBA 2K11

    After picking up a new xbox this week i really cant make my mind up to either pick this up or go for NHL 11, from what i have been reading both are top games. Although the last time i played a BB game was nba 96 or something. God the decisions to make, so need your advice lads or should i just buy both but then i dont think i can justify a £60 spend. Please advise.
  3. Im picking up a new xbox and fifa today am i out of luck to join?
  4. Kazit

    NHL 11

    Go Blackhawks!!
  5. That ferrari looks so easy to drive! I want one!
  6. Latest patch news from CM.
  7. Now this man is talking sense well said!
  8. So what happended to geoff crammond and why did he stop making F1 games or has there ever be rumours about a new GP game?
  9. Your probably in good company then
  10. if anybody is about for a few online sessions either later tonight or over the weekend let me know and we could get something sorted.
  11. Great to see da Bears of to a great start although not expected at all, they might still struggle to make the playoffs as tough schedule coming up but at least its made me have something to cheer for! Also have to mention though chiefs fair play!!
  12. Does anybody know whats coming out on plus in the next couple of months?
  13. psn+ members have had access to the demo for a week or so now, i have it downloaded on my ps3 and still have not got around to trying it out but i think i will tonight as it looks like this may be worth investment.
  14. So how many do we have that has the ps3 version of this game?
  15. I am, and i think there are a few other's not too much how many on here picked up the ps3 version?
  16. But if you think about it has there been many engine failures this year?? Well apart from the obivous Kovalainen at the weekend!
  17. You would think that but what exactly is a ranked grand prix??, see i have won a grand prix mode in the quick modes section and got no trophy and me and a few mates where doing custom grand prix last night and nobody got the trophy!!
  18. Anybody know how you get the Taking it online achievement/trophy?
  19. A patch has to be released, codies cant really leave a game out there in this state or can they?
  20. My copy has arrived today thats my weekend sorted! I was wondering has anybody done a full lenght race yet as i am curious are the time gaps between cars over a long distance race consistent to real life?
  21. Got my despatched e-mail from zavvi cant wait now!
  22. That's a bit overkill but im glad you will be getting the ps3 version as we need some numbers for online action.
  23. Just noticed that this has hit the pirate waves for anybody who cant wait, im tempted but will probably wait it out and feel the rest of the thread's pain!
  24. I would have liked an answer that offered more of a solution not one willing to leave this bug out there.
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