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  1. Multiplayer is overrated anyway! Would also like to know that above
  2. I agree with above especially playing poker, blackjack but i really like that dice game cant mind the proper name. The one game i cant get a hang of is the horseshoe game i keep getting hammered in that! Anybody else had any better luck?
  3. I have a 93% win rate a poker just wish that was like real life! Plus that's not using the suit that you can cheat with either. Been playing this all evening well apart from watching champions league final and cant really put it down there is just so much to in and i really need to got to bed, also just recently played the mine mission really enjoyed it!
  4. yeah i will def be into this, not out till october i think!
  5. Yeah i love this also i also rescued a woman and after about half an hour travelling in the wilderness i when back towards the location where i saved the woman i spotted her walking trying to make her way back to town it really is this type of thing that makes me appreciate this game even more!
  6. Right boys/girls i need some new psn friends most of the ones on my list have now been active in months to feel free to add me if you want to give me a bit of gamming love!
  7. That's right i meant to ask i found a bar of gold last night, what can i do with it take it to a bank and cash in or something?
  8. Is there many people here buying the uk relase when its out or has most people already imported?
  9. Ohh i started reading the above side mission then though oh shit i have not done that yet and quickly stopped reading!
  10. suppose that's the cause of not giving headsets out free with the console at the start!
  11. You better believe it cost me a whole $10 i think!
  12. Ohh okay i though you would be able to do them in one of the room's unpstaires in the tavern, i even bought a room to do it in!!!
  13. Someone in work who has not played the game but is a fan of GTA keeps asking me, i only tried last night but could not do it, he keeps saying he married! Good to see he's faithful anyway!
  14. Cheers will check out when at home, plus does anybody know how to get off with the hooker's upstairs in the tavern's?
  15. I think the map might be bigger but only in the sense of travelling all over it on horse back.
  16. So had a few good hours play last night again and i am about 14% through now cant wait to get home again, from last nights play really enjoyed using lasso for different people and animals although i thought it took a while to get used to. Also really enjoyed get chased by the law all over town then hiding in a room upstaires in a building waiting on them to burst threw the door one by one and then shooting them close up through the bottom of their head then riding into the sunset until next time!
  17. Pre -ordered the game this week through game really looking forward to, plus i will be getting the shinny strategy guide that comes with it!
  18. I must try this! Could go on a rampage killing spree leaving no shops open!
  19. Funny enough when i played a bit last night i grabbed my ipod and put johnny cash on thought it was very funny. I want to say moree about the game but the spoiler tags do not seem to be working.
  20. Got my chance to play a bit of this last night and i am really liking it, rockstar have really captured the lonely feel of the wild west and it looks super. I played a mission last night where the weather changed and god i think it looked fantastic I have also had the same thing happen with the man coming over and trying to nick my horse!
  21. Okay getting in early with this one but cant wait to see how the improvements work in the game, an average game now under 30mins from the new gameplan system, improved running which was very much needed and improved cataching now recievers do the senisible thing and try to gain a few extra yards and stay in bounds. From what i have seen it is looking very well also cant wait till more details come out on gameplay. Anyway i have provided a link below to a few vids showing gameplay. http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/objects/036/036268.html P.S Check out the cover art looks like drew brees got the madden curse this year!!
  22. God i forgot i had one of those, i wonder what happened to mine?
  23. Just checked that out looks like the jets vs dolphins is a possibility, does anybody know off hand what are the closest teams to NY without to much travelling invloved just want to weigh up options.
  24. So its maybe possible that i will be in New York come the beginning of december and was wondering what would be the chances of getting a ticket for a NFL game not really bothered about what team, i am sort of thinking that being in the new york region there would be a few teams in reasonable travelling distance so i am thinking i should be able to get a ticket to one game?? Any thoughts or experience?
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