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  1. I still have this sitting on my shelf in its shinny wrapper crying out to get played. Really must find more hrs in a day!
  2. Would that peroid not have generated alot of 49ers and broncos fans in the uk though? Not really up with chiefs history up where they not good at one time, plus you got a couple of good wins this season things looking up!
  3. Ren mention about supporting a team in their down years all i say is Come On Da Bears!! Further to that about teams in down years is there any lions or browns fans here??
  4. Yeah im at work but not feeling too bad, have also to go to uni this evening so wont get home till around 9:30pm, i say i will feel like shite by then! Super Bowl is always worth it though.
  5. Brees for mvp! Congrats to the saints really deserved to win their first title!
  6. Im thinking of pulling a sicky on monday, could you not do the same?
  7. Just wondering has anybody bought any tops from this site: http://www.jerseyscloset.com/ Sizes look a bit big though. U.S Med = 48 whats that in UK XXXL?
  8. Nah exclusive to sky this year. Do many of you lot bother watching the pro bowl?
  9. Will this be Fifa 10 fixed then? Cant say i will be rushing out to buy this!
  10. Credit has to go to the saints for hannging in there and making the superbowl which i hope they win! But god it the viks blow it or what far too many turnovers, a stupid penalty at the last before favre threw their superbowl chance away instead of taking off and grabbing a few yeards. Though have to say i have added respect for favre after that game god he got pretty beat up!!
  11. I have only started playing this online, and i wish there was an option to limit the rank of players you play against as i am often getting killed all over the place by kids that have no lives and play this 24/7. Must put more effort in!!!
  12. Yeah i thought the comments in the journel was a nice touch.
  13. yep i feel your love scott UC1 was brillant, U2 is even more brillant, what will UC3 bring???
  14. January COD MW2 - £34.99 Running Total - £34.99
  15. I have started playing online and would be up for a game this weekend if you or anyone else fancy's it?
  16. Just completed this last night and have to say that i loved it good improvement on the first i really loved the way the video clips where blending with the game, also i did not thing the ending was that bad although it did go on a bit! Having said that i will be playing through again soon, plus he did pick the wrong girl!! I will miss that ass!! OOOoaaa LOL
  17. Heading ability only though
  18. Thing is though can the club afford to sack rafa and appoint a new quality coach you could be looking at a sum like 20 - 25 mil!
  19. Did anybody else really enjoy the Eagles Vs Giants match last night, has to be one of the best games so far this season in my opinion!! I was going for the Eagles as i dont really like the Giants and since my team da Bears season is over i needed to cheer for someone. De Sean Jackson has really impressed me this season and i believe he has equaled devin hester's record last night of big yardage TD's in a season. Rex really intresting read above since i am also a Bears far but have only really got into the sport since about 2005 - 2006 sort of intrigued how did you get to interview the players are you in that line of work or something? Another question for you rex if you dont mind i would quite like a personal copy of those pics you have? Now a general question for you NFL fans, im in the market for a jersey or two and sort of like to know is there any good reliable site's to buy from in the uk?
  20. Dont think that will prevent it, my mate got banned and he had not turned his on for weeks. Some reports suggest that abgx is not patching some games correctly others say the firmware is visible to MS. Also reported new FW in development called ixtreme LT (Lite Touch).
  21. reading from another source i believe that these get corrupt also.
  22. Well said! It also sort of runins the way that the newcomers to the league play a match against greater quality to determine what level they are at surley now the door is open for someone of top quality to come in and kick our arse!!
  23. Deco if you are reading this thread contact me so we can get this game played, you were online last night and never replied to my messages??
  24. Ipswich 3 - 0 Deportivo Tractor Boys Move Up a Gear! This first match saw manager kazit and deportivo taught a valuable lession as ipswich earned a comfortable victory. From the first whistle ipswich were able to create chance after chance only to take advantage from a scrappy corner and it stayed 1-0 till the second half with both sides in particular ipswich missing chance after chance. In the second half saw deportivo take the game more to ipswich only for them to miss a couple of fantastic chances and leave manger kazit furious. In no time ipswich doubled their lead and before deportivo could react they found themselves 3 down and could count themselves lucky it was not more. After the game Manager kazit was furious at his teams no show but could not take anything away from ipswichs performance. Deportivo 5 - 0 Ipswich Just what the doctor ordered!! This second match was totally different from the first and saw deportivo could racing out of the blocks and getting an early break through and some much needed confidence boost, as ipswich caught their breath they found themseveles 2 down then 3 down with deportivo contesting each ball and pressing all the time along with clinical finishing, deportivo quickly saw their lead go to 5-0 and nearly 6 before the break with ipswich producing very little. The second half saw ipswich come into the game a bit more until around 65mins their was a pitch invasion from ea severs and lead to the match being called off with the result standing at 5-0. Manaher kazit had finally seemed to find a way to turn his team fortunes around! Also cheers for the games somethingWitty really enjoyed it cheers!
  25. Donnie when you free for our match?
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