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  1. Forza 3 gets my vote!
  2. Kazit

    NHL 10

    Yeah i was thinking this actually would love to have a go with the belfast giants.
  3. donnie i would be free to play our game most nights this week, sure give me a shout and we will arrange it
  4. Pete could you not set the deadline to say 10pm to let all us latecomers most of the day to complete games?
  5. Had visitors there but free now if you can make it? Pete1990 is there any chance getting a time extension if razzle does not reply in time?
  6. Deportivo la Coruna 0 vs Toulouse 1 In a tightly contested match toulouse scrapped a win with a fine effort from just outside the deportivo area. With both sides failing to create many chances in first half it was deportivo that came closest on 45mins hitting the top of the crossbar from a corner. The second half proved much the same but it was toulouse who got the break through and nearly added a second only for a cyncial challenge from a deportivo defender to deny a clear scoring opportunity that resulted in a red card. The last 20mins resulted in deportivo pressing but no creating any clear goalscoring chances as toulouses defence stood firm and got the win.
  7. Razzle, have not heard back from you are you free to play our game tomorrow?
  8. i have to agree with Brad here those players out their should be good enough to get the job done, they were good enough for large parts last year! Whats changed??
  9. Yeah this is the match i was thinking about, cheers for clearing that up PrimeAran
  10. Also Big Gus's and Inthemix83 match also needs to be reported on the website, our table is looking a bit empty compared to the others!
  11. Yeah could not understand how we did not manage to score in the first game, and dont worry about scoring that goal at the end i probably would have done the same! Cheers for the game and also good luck for the rest of the season, i have a feeling we might need it!!
  12. Miss a plenty Depor!! Racing de Santander (PrimeAran) 0 – 0 Deportivo La Coruna (Kazit) First game of the ryman season saw both managers taking an unusual offensive approach to the game, although it was deportivo that created the first real scoring opportunity only for the racing keeper to make what could be save of the season already. Now it seemed that depor would really rue that opportunity with racing making chance after chance only for some terrible finishing to deny them. Going into injury time depor was finishing strongest and nearly stole all 3 points when the last chance of the game clipped the top of the racing crossbar and in turn leaving manager PrimeAran grateful to come away with a point. So with terrible finshing from both sides a 0 - 0 draw was played although both managers agreed that finishing is something they will both need to work on if they are to progress this season! A kick in the right direction for Racing! Deportivo La Coruna (Kazit) 2 – 4 Racing de Santander (PrimeAran) Second game of the season and both managers were out to prove a point, this time deportivo lined up differently using only one striker, manager kazit trying to confuse Racing after their first game, and it totally backfired within 20 mins deportivo went 2-0 down to a rampant Racing only for captain Valeron to latch onto a scrapy corner and get his side back in the game. However this was shortlived as Racing added a third and should have added 2 more as deportivo struggled to get a grip on the game, even when manager kazit reverted to his old formation with two up top, with 30mins left on the clock instructions were given to deportivo to attack, attack, attack. Which truley seemed to work as Rikki topped off a fine move to make it 3-2. With Racing now on the edge deportivo sent wave after wave although could not find that equalizing goal. Entering the last few mins Rikki missed a fantastic opportunity to pull his side level although still seems a bit rusty from pre-season. Then the deportivo keeper Aranzubía decided to take matters in his own hands and went up for a deportivo corner disobeying manager kazits instructions, only for it to backfire and hand Racing the glorious opportunity to wrap up the game and take all 3 points.
  13. Boys i think you need to post that result up on the website.
  14. Quality match report there FuntimeDave, gave me an idea for mine.
  15. I see you did get celtic think they were i 3rd choice although im really happy i got my team deportivo!! Also i see there will be an old firm derby in our league extra incentive there!
  16. Just sent my list in and if i get any of the top 5 on my list i will be happy enough, if i dont then its
  17. Kazit

    FIFA 10

    Well i purchased the live season and have played as much i am allowed with liverpool and i also started another with sevilla and i dont notice the problems that most people talk about they are having whe playing manager mode. Although i have not played manager mode yet and maybe i just have not played enough of the live season to truley notice them. However the one thing i cant understand is that sometimes it seems that the players live points randomly change like say i have lucas on the bench and has 78 points the next game i go into still on the bench and his stats have jumped to say 85 points.
  18. Kazit

    FIFA 10

    Does nobody here play the live season?
  19. So that should make you odds on favourite then! Plus cant wait to see the quality of teams that we get to pick from should be intresting.
  20. Yeah man Ryman!! It will be like the old crazy gang for me when i make the prem!!
  21. Talking about cups, would it be possible to create a new cup like the johnstone paint trophy and be specfic to say the blue square and the conference since there is a cup for the prem & championship, league 1 + league 2 etc?
  22. I can do every night apart from monday and wednesday, althought i see monday seems to be the trend so what time on monday was the old start time? As i could not mate it till 10pm which is a bit late i suppose.
  23. cool what why does it work i.e regarding format?
  24. I will be free in about 15-20 mins for a my game if anyone is free?
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