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  1. Cheers I had asmused there was a list available after seeing a notification on screen about them. Admittedly I didn't pay much attention to it at the time.
  2. Sorry if this is a silly question where are the recipes stored in your inventory?
  3. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    So finally managed to recover my Nintendo id after forgetting my creds. So help show my switch some love and add me as a friend. SW-1689-9665-8866
  4. so glad I decided to reserve a switch at my Argos this morning, with all these repost of out of stock now.
  5. Fighting the urge to go to my local Argos to pick one up. They have neon in stock.
  6. Blown away with the generosity of my Secret Santa thank you so much, my goodies consist of: Transistor XCOM Enemy Unknown Civ 5 Scrambled Continents DLC Civ 5 Scrambled Nations DLC Endless Legend Reigns Karma Incarnation 1 Undertale Merry Xmas everyone & cheers JPR
  7. bought & sent hope my victim approves, played safe and stuck to their wishlist
  8. apologies in advance if this is a stupid query, anyway here goes: over the weekend i imported the option files provided my pesworld. Last night got home from work and stuck it on, noticed that my ps+ had expired so opted to start a champs league campaign as liverpool then I noticed the squads were outdated. So seen there was a live update to be applied so i performed that and it fixed the squads however i noticed that the changes applied via the option file for spain & italy had reverted to default. English leagues were still fine, so not sure what i have done to be honest. Anyone put me right?
  9. regarding the option files supplied by PES universe is there anything stopping say a me buying the file and sharing with my mates. apart from being unethical etc.
  10. my shopto order is now despatched and only placed last night.
  11. I was pleasently surprised with Besiege, Memoria & This war of mine. Many thanks to my Santa much appreciated. Also cheers JPR for taking the time and effort to do this. Merry Christmas too all.
  12. My victims gift has been sent across mainly used their wishlist but added a wee surprise as well! Again thanks JPR for organising this.
  13. Excellent I'm in, last years was my first and i was blown away by the generosity! Another reason why users of this forum are in a league of their own.
  14. Tried this today and no joy I'm afraid. Now this is starting to bug me. In addition it seems I have activate/de-activate my ps4 under my uk account. If i switch to my us account and try to activate here it so its already activated even though I'm only after de-activated it. Restoring licences doesn't work either. No idea what to try now to be honest. Can someone help? :{
  15. Yeah I'm online no issues there. I can play the games with no issues on my US id, its justs under my main UK account is where the problem lies. Not to mention this is where my save games are as well. Might give re-building the DB a go. I think so need to check that, can this be set per account type uk/us etc?
  16. Yeah tried that earlier and had no joy
  17. Sorry if this has been asked before but..... I have several digital games bought under my US psn account, though i usually play them under my UK psn account. This weekend though i have noticed if i try to lunch one of this games from my UK account, its complaining that is locked and can only be played under the account where it has been purchased. Anyone know of a workaround for this?
  18. Kazit

    PES 2016

    i have another couple of queries on the editing front. Is there a way to ensure wherever a team is playing at home for example liverpool and the stadium is san siro that the banners in the crowd match the home team in this case red? Also on pes-world i see there is kits for MLS teams, do these teams need to be created manually?
  19. Kazit

    PES 2016

    When updating the kits, does everyone have to change the colours of the player names & numbers on the jerseys as well? I have encountered this so just wondering if same for everyone.
  20. Tesco are doing day one editions for £40
  21. please don't fuck it up Capcom!
  22. Kazit

    PES 2016

    Good gameplay vid here: Looks very impressive and considering the zavvi deal really tempted to pre-order this. Though the licensing issue really bugs me merseyside reds and all that
  23. going to ask a question which I'm sure has been answered many times but here goes. I intend to purchase madden 15 Superbowl edition from the US psn store while its on offer, but plan to play this under my primary UK account. Does anyone know will doing this have any impact to the online features?
  24. just finally booted my new PS4 been waiting on the silly verification mail all day.
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