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  1. Thanks very much secret Santa for MGS revengeance & shadow run returns really happy. JPR you're awesome for sorting this! Merry Christmas every one.
  2. Yeah big thanks JPR for organising this.
  3. Is there any way to sky plus the MNF on BBC, its also getting broadcast via the web right? IF so maybe it will show up on iplayer?
  4. Ended up getting the expansion as well because greenman currently had it going cheap, should keep me going for a while.
  5. Having never got into any Civ game, I took the plunge last night and bought the GOTY edition as a mate was raving about how he got sucked into it. One question i have is should i go ahead and get the expansion (as i hear its pretty good) or should i wait and get to grips with vanilla Civ V?
  6. Yeah think i might hope for a price drop before picking up VC2. Okay got £10 sitting in my psn account, cab someone recommend my a RPG to but with that to play on my vita i already bought tatics ogre and disgaea 1 & 2. I thinking maybe lunar sliver star harmony. any suggestions
  7. really so VC2 does work on a vita? Have you noticed any issues?
  8. After reading a couple of reviews im just un-decided if i should pick up this years copy of just go with last years for less than half the price. From what i have been reading this years release is a mixed bag some people like and some dont. Really interested to see what a few on here thinks?
  9. So this is out this week and i cant decide to get this or not, having no played a tiger woods game in years I am totally undecided on if i should splash out and buy TW13 or just pick up last years copy for £12, can anybody help me make my mind up?
  10. Having never had a psp and now got my hand on a lovely vita, can ya all recommend me some go psp games that would be worth picking up and playing?
  11. Yeah i should be able to make 8pm this evening.
  12. I Know FF 1 + 2 remakes are on the store and can be downloaded and transferred to the vita as i done this last night, not sure if 4 is on the store though. Also im afraid no internal memory you will have to get a memory card at extra cost.
  13. I might just have to get a copy of this so i can join the fun, i wonder where is the quickest/cheapest place to pick it up? Must start googling!
  14. I'm wondering about how co-op compares on both consoles?
  15. Just done New Londo Ruins and beat the 4 Kings, now where do i go Dukes Archives or Catacombs? Also i have upgraded my Pyro to +9, but how do i upgrade it any more? The dude in firelink has went, the one that can upgrade in blightown will only appear at +10 and the i have murdered the egg dude. Am i screwed?
  16. One thing I love about the patch is how less souls you have to spend to wash away your sins! Pre patch 140,000 roughly post patch 38, 000 oh yeah.
  17. Okay need a bit of advice, so i have made laurentius to become hostile to me and i have kill eingyi i current pryo lvl is 9, so is the only way i can upgrade this further by wiping clean my sins? Also im part of the forest covenant, can you still do co-op in this covenant as i dont seem to see any summon signs although i do keep invading players games as a dark spirit?
  18. any reports on good old jolly co-operation on 360?
  19. So joined the Forest Hunter covenant last night invaded as a dark spirit along with some other dude, after a battle against a really beefed up player that lasted over 40mins he finally fell to his death and our reward was gaining 428654 souls Bloody loving this game at the min.
  20. Really i have often tried to grind that area with the rats with that ring on and the best i can get is around 2 or 3 after 30mins, how on earth do you get 10?
  21. Finally beat Smough and Ornstein although with a bit of Jolly Co-operation. Now on to the painted world.
  22. Lvl 44 i think although need to double check when i get home. Yes thats what it was have not really been paying much attention to covenants yet, he bloody invaded cast some magic and that was me 2 More queries: Sometimes in anor londo there is a message that pops up on the screen something like 'feel black eye' or something another can never mind what it says. Also as im struggling with the boss in Anor Londo i have been considering going into the Painted World, would this be good/bad decision? As i hear once you in your sorta stuck. Regards
  23. I fee your pain, I keep getting my ass handed ,to me by these 2, and to make matters worse I use my last humanity thinking right I will summon someone to help then, then I touch this strange looking sign on the ground and some prick comes and invades me while also kicking my ass. No amused at this point. Although he was not your typical black phantom, so e other type?
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