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  1. From what i have seen in the upand coming titles, they will def come up against it in september when res 5 and devil may cry on released on the same day just hope they get their act together!!!!! In regards to Mario Strikers just reserved my copy, cant wait to get some online action!!!!!!! Does anybody know is there any option to set up your own league on the online option?????????
  2. Def agree there you have just hit the button!!!!! Very unsure about playing kewell or zenden i think gonzalez so be given a go his pace would cause an ageing milan team problems, and if not we could always push riise to left back and play arbeloa in left back done a fab job for us in that position against barca!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Rough touch lad!!! I feel for ya on that one!!!!!!!!! Worst game i have bought would be jelly boy for the gb for £45, oh so young and stupid!!!!!!
  4. All i can say is what an excellent cover for such an excellent game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on the 29th June YEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
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