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  1. So if i go back to Sen's Fortress with cage key in hand, wehere abouts are these cages that you hop into?
  2. Made it to anor Londo last night and what a view, tell me this if I want to go back to firelink do I have to go back through sens fortress again?
  3. Regarding the Ring of Fog, am I right in saying that this ring makes you invisible and you can’t lock on? If so surely this is the point of the ring in the first place! Although i can understand how pissed people get with it, if you constantly invaded and cant really defend yourself. Maybe they should have put a time limit on it, or let you try and throw paint of something on them.
  4. God i always forget you can just go and buy them! So tell me this is there any shortcut i can take from Blighttown to this blacksmith?
  5. So i have finally caught up with the thread, 30 + pages i had to read, just shows how popular the game is the rate this thread grows. Reached Blighttown last night and got a feeling its going to be pretty painful. Quick question i want to start upgrading weapons is there a good place to gind for shards?
  6. For the ones now finished the game how many hrs did you rack up?
  7. One thing i love about the game is how good it makes you at reading. You end up being able to read text in a flash of a second. Johnny 5 Style!
  8. God the amount of hours i have spent in this franchise of games, is crazy. Upon each release i always say i will bother picking this years up. Then coming the dark winter nights and i find myself spending the early hours trying to find the next wonderkid or Messi whilst also bring Liverpool back to their former glorries.
  9. What is this dragon glitch people speak off?
  10. BTW way is Sir curtis he has not posted in a while maybe he has been invaded, raped and slayed by Dark Souls?
  11. Ah actually i think i might have died then recovered my bloodstain then got the humanity back?
  12. This is such how i feel. Are we sure the numbers beside the HP bar relate to humanity, as i swear mine went to 2 last night and i was hollow.
  13. So playing the Undead Parish last night and then i dropped my soul sign got my first summon by some stranger and then he summoned another so we have some 3 way action! I have to say i really enjoyed it, well until the host died, anyway from what i seen from that area i thought God how the hell I am going to this is on my own! Two questions i have though is: What is the number mean beside your HP bar? Also with humanity do people use these or just keep them in their inventory, if you do use them and add to your humanity stat what advantage is it?
  14. Kazit

    NBA 2K12

    How much better is this over 2k11? At the minute would you say it is worth the upgrade.
  15. So just went down the stairs to Londo or whatever its called, went out onto a pier and some ghost type things came towards me. I turn around and run for my life, nobody prepared me for fucking spirit whores!
  16. Is that the only one there? I thought i read you have to jump over to some area, although i must be wrong.
  17. So after 3 attempts beat the Taurus demon god thank fuck for that and then only to die right after! Really enjoying the game so far although have not been able to put as much time into this as i would have liked. Question about undead burg though? BTW to Curtis and Ann Coulter and anybody else who have managed to reach lvl 50+ by now, i will hopefully get there by xmas.
  18. God this thread is popular, i have to read back about 10 pages, i suppose its a good thing though as it shows how popular the game is
  19. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Biggest madden thread ever! Glad to see someone else enjoying the game, using the sliders mentioned above have made all the difference to my game as I was either finding it too easy or too hard. Now I'm winning most of my games but still lose a few and the ones I'm winning are close affairs. Still taking Denver to the playoffs though!
  20. So had a quick rip on this, before the workmen come. Got through the tutorial bit no problem and I am finding it quite easy so far although not sure if this has something to do with the amount of hrs I put into Demon Souls, although I do know I will get reaped at any minute. So what is the point of kindling bonfires? Just to increase HP Flasks? Btw the way I started as a wanderer and picked the pendant as I starting gift no idea why, was thinking might lead to something better later? What did other people pick?
  21. Dark souls arrived day off work Not quite got phone call this morning to say plumbers coming early, so have to clear rooms out for FUCKS SAKE!
  22. I think I'm starting to like this game! Oh you will and just you wait then you will like it alot and next thing you know you will be hooked and playing through NG++ Yeah i think amazon are not despatching to the 11th Oct in Uk anyway
  23. Yip i got 2 emails/txts then i double checked the order number on both in the hope they had maybe sent me 2 copies, Shopto has a track record of this you know!
  24. If you not that great a games in general then Dark Souls might not be your thing, i would suggest picking a cheap copy of Demon Souls from somewhere and trying it first to see how you get on.
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