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  1. Once you give it a blast when it turns up you will be glad you did and it will probably turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made.
  2. Just got my despatch email and txt message so hopefully it will turn up tommorrow.
  3. Dont think there was any mention of a demo, although could be wrong?
  4. Ah no problem, as i have not actually clicked the spoiler buttons i have been unaware of their content, trying to go as naked as i can into the world of Dark Souls. I see shopto have now charged my account so the long wait looks like it is finally coming to an end!
  5. Oh get the noob punching his weight about the Demon Souls veterans of us might not find the game as bloody hard as yourself! Increase your skill level and try harder then that death toil might not increase that rapidly!
  6. Exactly what imgoing to do, two many spoilers in this thread now anyway from the lucky ones.
  7. Thats just how i felt, so we should get a despatch email either tonight or early tomorrow which should mean we can expect it on Thursday hopefully!
  8. Look again Sir! http://www.shopto.net/XBOX%20360/VIDEO%20GAMES/XB2DA12-Dark%20Souls%20Day%20One%20Limited%20Edition.html
  9. In stock at shopto.net and pre-orders being processed!
  10. PS3 for me but have been considering picking it up on 360 also.
  11. Well i have my order with Shopto and they generally deliver early, i have booked time of work on thursday/friday especially for this so it better turn up early/ontime. Royal Mail youve been warned
  12. So how does the Peer 2 Peer work then, will be able to summon friends? Just thinking if we are able to do this might be an idea to create a PSN or Live friend list so we can have some battles with fellow fourmites!
  13. Ltd edition of this can now be got for £18.99 at Game on both formats: http://www.game.co.uk/en/deus-ex-human-revolution-limited-edition-139761?pageSize=20&searchTerm=deus%20ex
  14. Must watch this myself, it looks pretty good from the ads and i think it has potential but i have the fear it will end up being pretty crap. Although time will tell, must check the high seas to see if its about.
  15. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Cheers will probably try these sliders, as like you have i All Pro above my limit and Pro to easy as i am now 9 & 3 with Denver in my first season. What quarter lenght are you playing?
  16. Which for the almighty Sir Curtis will take 2 weeks or less!
  17. Im so jealous, i cant wait to get this booked the day off work as well! Never done that for a game before!
  18. any review scores out yet, im in work and cant really check? Plus whats the details of the patch?
  19. That will do, back to winning ways! Match of 2 half's it really was.
  20. Good man Lucas, but that ball was out!
  21. how many times are we going to hit the post/bar in this half! What a hit by Bellamy btw holy crap what are we doing
  22. that has to be the worst corner i ever seen!
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