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  1. Good goal lads more of the same please! Build that confidence.
  2. Kazit


    I wonder should i import this now! But im starting to think what happens if the UK version has extra stuff in it to sweetin the delay.
  3. Dark Souls Looming!

  4. Just ordered the guide, although how much i will read of it will depend, will kinda spoil the surprise of see 'You Died' on the screen. Anybody re-visited Demon Souls lately? I rebooted my NG+ game save and went into 2-1 got killed several times then turned the game off! So out of practice a hugh fail on my part!
  5. Just think we could have had sergio aguero with nearly the same amount of money and look at him go!
  6. For Fuck sake Carroll get your head on it son!
  7. Think i will just grab my coat!
  8. Yes will def that to get that! Oh i cant wait for this game now.
  9. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Anybody bothered adjusting the sliders yet? Or know a good site to refer to?
  10. NFL glad it's back

  11. Anybody staying up and watching the games tonight? I am still not sure as I have an early start but would love to watch the raiders v broncos game.
  12. Ren I think your being a bit harsh on Romo even though I don't really like him, I suppose he did make a mistake at the last but it was his first real mistake all evening. I think the main game changer was the punt block returned for TD it went all down hill from there to be honest. Plus what a kick by folk I bet he enjoyed it. What about sexy rexy he really impressed me for the skins never seen that coming. Also have to give a mention to my Bears well played lads.
  13. I also play this on PS3, so if you can get enough interest a league sounds good!
  14. Kazit

    Madden 12

    So Ren did you bother to pick up NCAA 12 this year? i got a copy myself although have yet to stick it in my PS3 due to lack of time. The best thing i love about that return is the way GreenBay's FB John Kuhn stops him from hitting the floor once he's tackled. Top Play! + I'm a Bears Fan!
  15. Kazit

    Dead Island

    I am going to hold out as i feel this will price drop fairly quickly!
  16. Kazit

    Resistance 3

    Oh this sounds not bad actually, another title that is going to hit my bank balance. But i really should get round to finishing resistance 2 first.
  17. Kazit

    Madden 12

    15min quarters? God what high scoring games you must have!
  18. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Thanks Ren i have decided to go with what you said and trust my original calls. Quick question what settings is most people using, I'm using gameplay slow, 6mins quarters with all pro difficult and some sliders adjustments such as kicking power and increasing foul calls. Just wondering has anybody tried very slow gameplay setting?
  19. God i want to hit that spoiler button! I must resist! RESIST!
  20. Kazit

    Madden 12

    This is what i normally just do blitz or do zone coverage, although must starting payment attention to the plays and learning from them a bit more. Pockets and Ren very good advice must try and mind it next time im playing the game. Charliemouse i would have to agree sacking the QB is for two easy, my first game i recorded 11 sacks with the Raiders. Although played my first online game last night and actually won by 2points i was the saints playing the colts go tight affair, i used Ren's advice and did not do anything stupid and waiting for them to make the first desperate 4th down and go for it call! One thing i tend to struggle with is when i pick my D and my opponent does an audible, being able to counteract and change my D before the snap, sometimes i give up massive yardage as my D are not properly set.
  21. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Just played a game with me being the chargers playing against the panthers, it turned out to be a quite one sided affair although i could only beat them 17-0, restricted the panthers to 55yards of offence and sacked newton 11 times get in there with a couple of trophies! One thing i quite like about this years madden is how receivers will slip when running routes and the same can also be said for QB's slipping when dropping back in the pocket presenting the chance of a sack oh yeah!
  22. Kazit

    Madden 12

    So after waiting all week to get my hands on this game the posty delivered it yesterday, only for a few family members to call round and demand i help them with something! Anyway cut long story short only managed 1 half on the game yesterday and now im sitting in work dying to get home! The presentation is a disappointment in this game they really are lacking so far behind the 2ksports games, in my game last night i played the Raiders against the Lions and was shocked when the referred to one of my players as 'Number 34' i thought all players are licensed in this game? Having only played the demo of Madden 11 what do you call the feature where the QB can hear the play calls from the side line? And is it not in Madden 12? Also does the grass sometimes look at bit crap to anyone else?
  23. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Are you serious about that bug, having never bothered with last years im out of the loop. If true that would quite annoy me actually!
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