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  1. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Yeah from what i have been reading from various different sources, is that not much has changed in the game modes but the general gameplay has improved across all areas. Hopefully my copy will turnup today. In an impluse buy also i bought a copy or NCAA 12 from another forum so it will be nice to see how they compare.
  2. Kazit

    Madden 12

    my shopto order has now been despatched, getting reasonable reviews as well! Anybody else bought this?
  3. Any news when stevie is due to come back?
  4. This is exactly my thinking, thats why i pre-order the ltd version on PS3 with shopto, although i was thinking of getting the 360 version as i feel it might have more people online. Whats most people on here getting it on?
  5. This really is the first game i am considering picking up on both the 360/PS3. Tell me this is it the same as Demons souls where there is servers per region EU/US seperate servers?
  6. Kazit

    Madden 12

    Just played the demo of this last night, which was my first taste of madden since 10, and i have to say that it was a big improvement, the fact that matt forte could actually run the ball was great. Also the defence has also improved alot allowing greater pressure on QB and it also seemed the Ai was alot more intelligent on defence as well. Will more than likely pick this up down!
  7. Kazit


    Is there any news on a uk release of this?
  8. Kazit

    Madden 12

    What is the point of doing that though!
  9. Sorry saint meant to say i will not be competing this season, although as deadline already passed i probably am already out.
  10. Great goaty, I can play at 9pm if that suits. Plus i have not played a game in ages so the points are def up for grabs tonight!
  11. Yeah goaty you could have started tonight instead of cancelling at short notice. God my time is limited enough at the min. Firstly trying to get games arranged from people dropping out of the league to not responding and now cancelling when we do arrange. I'm slightly pissed with this!
  12. I am also waiting to play my game with gviper think he has vanished.
  13. I am week out of practice as i have not played a game in ages!
  14. GViper when do you want tp get our wooden spoon games played?
  15. OneDaveBamber cant make it tonight, sent you a pm to bring your attention to this thread, how you fixed for wednesday night?
  16. Sorry mate missed your reply, how about wednesday at 10pm?
  17. OneDaveBamber can we confirmed for tomorrow night at say 9:15pm?
  18. So i just picked this up last week after deciding to buy Dead Space 2 on the cheap so i needed to play this first before going onto the second one. So just reached chapter 7 and i have been really impressed with this so far the atmostphere is brillant and the action is not bad either. I have jumped quite lot to this game at different stages although putted my headphones on and turning up the volume does not help with this. I really liked chapter 5 and the Hunter i think its called although it took me a wee while to get past that bit kinda tricky if you dont approach it right. Anyway cant wait to get home tonight to play some more of it! lol Any too think i still have DS2 to look forward too!
  19. richmac81when are you free to play our games how about this weekend or next week?
  20. Any night apart from monday, how about next tuesday night at around 9pm?
  21. Good games Gus you deserved to win one of the games the other well the luck was with ya! All I can say now is no point looking back and as you said I might get my revenge in the league. Already looking forward to it! But then maybe it's the good comma I'm looking forward to anyway it was a pleasure and good luck with rest of the cup.
  22. Hi mate sorry forgot to reply to pm I won't be able to play till weekend. Also I think we are supposed to keep arranging fixtures to the site I will drop you a note on that sure.
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