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  1. I got the platinum theme email as well, perhaps they are sending them out in batches? To be fair it is just a static image and not as good as the one that came with the guide.
  2. The DLC bosses tend to have delayed attacks which tend to make them harder to learn and dodge attacks. They definitely not cute kittens
  3. it was free (I don't have prime) perhaps it was for the first day only ?
  4. If you are in the UK you need to download it from UK Amazon as the US store won't let you even though it is free on both of them. IIRC he did a similar guide when IV came out for players transitioning from 3rd Strike. I haven't read it yet but his last guide was a good one.
  5. Side OPs #112 spoiler I also saw this poster in the prologue
  6. I think my D Dog needs to work on his interrogation technique
  7. So I finished all the main missions so here are some random thoughts
  8. Aw I missed this yesterday as I always enjoy a good Danning
  9. IIRC that is the base from the cardborad Death Star, isn't it? Did you get any of the other peices?
  10. More Ono and Blanka nonsense at the Dubai games a new challenger arriving
  11. Surely there is only one character that needs to return from third strike and that is the one and only Sean Matsuda and his basket ball. Oh and maybe Q at a push but definitely Sean.
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