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  1. It's supposedly the launch of COD Black Ops: Cold War and they are merging the two games, seems like a good concept for someone who's not played Fortnite etc where it's the norm. Certainly interested, I've absolutely rinsed this since it came out too, the missus plays it too which helps. Lockdown life has probably helped them hugely with the franchise.
  2. Managed to do the Sewer Boss last night after 5 or 6 attempts, real stinker of a level from start to finish and the boss topped it off. Didn't like that one at all, apart from that it's been ok, there are some good parts and some which feel like a chore (Kitty being one, what a dragged out idea). Onto Floor 10 now so nearly there, I was trying to think back to finishing both the first and second and the second seems to have completely left my mind, so this is defo an improvement.
  3. Thanks, couldn't check out, got one in the basket but can't pay and now says out of stock on another window, urgh
  4. Is the controller meant to drop at 10pm?
  5. Dived into this one as this is my first proper attempt at playing since MW2 - I'm getting my arse handed to me a bit but getting better now I'm learning the maps, really hope they put some new ones in soon though mind you.
  6. Benji

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought a new second dock off ebay for £38 and it works fine, it was a pikachu and eevee one too which made it a little bit more different.
  7. Benji

    Nintendo Switch

    I really want the modded joy cons with the modded d pad, has anyone bought some? Tempted to buy the shells and get a mate to attempt it
  8. It's ok, not a patch on Mario Kart in my eyes, it's a little bit repetitive and lacks the charm of MK Went for the PS4 version, got the retro skins included but I'll sync a bit more into adventure time. Personally I hate the boost / drifting on this, anyone else prefer it?
  9. Benji

    Pokemon Go

    I've walked around 30 miles this week including my Gym activities which are tracked on my watch .... 16km for the week on the game, urgh
  10. Benji

    Pokemon Go

    Went lucky friends today with someone, who's from Sweden in here haha, not that we'll ever be able to trade!
  11. Struggling with Fatalities so far but it's good fun, wish the story was a bit longer!
  12. Benji

    Nintendo Switch

    Snowboard Kids would be better than 1080... *awaits negs*
  13. Those that got early from Simply Games did you get a dispatch email on Saturday afternoon by any chance? Mine was dispatched Saturday afternoon but they've delivered it to my old house despite me putting the new one on, awks
  14. Took a little punt on Simplygames but they didn't dispatch today Either way pretty excited for Tuesday!
  15. Benji

    Nintendo 3DS

    Selling my 3DS Majora's Mask edition if anyone is after one, tried taking it to Game, they don't even buy them apparently!
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