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  1. Second game last night. On my screen-Ricky 9.50 motm followed my me 9.50. So we both get same rating of 9.50. rllmuk rating Ricky 10.00. Pilot 6.81. Raped
  2. Scary games indeed! very pleased my connection sorted itself out for them 8) Decent start to the season from what seems like a good City team.
  3. Neck a runny egg! best thing for ye.
  4. Hope my internet connection doesn't get lost in Borneo tonight. Where is everyone today? echo echo echo echo
  5. You know the way before a game starts you play with a guy in the arena? Well last night Carys name was over the keepers head in my arena. Was that keeper really you Cary or is that a Fifa 12 bug?
  6. Playing CDM was a joy last night. Thats us unbeaten in our praccy and cup games I think? Great stuff from hannay taking the 3 defenders Everyone played great! Hopefully get the whole squad out for next week. Is Poppa on holiday or what?
  7. CDM sounds good pal Usually I would jump at the chance of any but I've barely touched Fifa 12. If it's only 2 players and keeper then fine I suppose. Is everyone still using tele cam zoomed out? cause I quite like the new default cam but not sure what everyones using now?
  8. Tell Ricky we'll hold'em down and break his other fucking arm! then we'll see whos quiet
  9. Cheers for signing me again mac Whats everyones positions? I'm not 100% sure I can make tonight but will do my best.
  10. MarioKart 64 multiplayer was pretty shit and has aged badly. Hideous tracks and 4 player had no backround music/cheap as! Soulless game. Even Diddy kong racing was far better. If your gona talk about Timeless multi-player racers then Excite bike 64 is the daddy and still plays great.
  11. I thought you would rather play LB Tommy? it's amaze!
  12. Put me down for the last Fifa 12>> season. cheers
  13. Posted here on October. Nope haven't changed my mind.
  14. jab C nesbitt

  15. Got the game today. Never played the demo so it's all new to me. Default camera seems decent like..hmm might change button layout to classic this year.
  16. Anyone Know the cheapest for a 12month xbl sub? cheers
  17. Hope so that times doable. WAR FROCH!
  18. Humans are bred for cheating sadly. Even if the prize is a 1p jelly a cheater may be lurking. Trust no one!
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