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  1. It is still terrible in Japanese games. Dragon Quest XI has atrocious English voice acting, particularly if you're from the UK. They've tried to do UK regional dialects with some characters, but using American voice actors, and it is excruciating. One of the characters has a Dorset accent that takes a tour around the whole country every other sentence. I'm not normally one of those people that insists on original VO, but I can't play Dragon Quest XI without the Japanese voices, unless I play it on mute or turn off the dialogue.
  2. This is probably its own thread. I've found that 2D or fixed-camera games are your best bet for absolute beginners, controlling a camera with a second stick is absolutely not intuitive for people who haven't grown up playing games.
  3. There are some very optimistic and bold claims in this thread from people saying you can get a decent gaming PC for £400, but your example is way too far in the other direction. You don't need to spend anywhere near £2k to get a PC faster than even the Series X. £1k will get you there. Beyond the £1.1-1.2k mark you are hitting diminishing returns, and spending hundreds of pounds more for marginal performance gains.
  4. You boot up a console knowing that it won't need an update to play a game. Are you booting up a PS2 or something?! The current gen consoles are worse with updates than PCs are! I say this as someone who games on PC and Switch, and who owns the switch version, but Breath of the Wild can be played on a PC if you really want to. In 4k without the framerate dips of the Switch version. Although it's not portable, which is a big downer.
  5. I would add that whilst not all games support a controller natively (hi RTS games!), Steam Big Picture mode has a filter for this, and you can have it turned on by default.
  6. Graphics cards prices have been rising. Even if you discount the stupid bitcoin bubble price hike. Other parts are cheaper though, yeah. This post is brought to you from 1998. Nobody manually installs OS updates, drivers, or game patches any more grandad. I literally can't remember the last time I edited a config file in wordpad, for anything outside of emulation (an enthusiasts hobby where half the fun is that it isn't user-friendly). It must have been at least five years ago. This is literally what Steam Big Picture is. Like, exactly how it works. With current SSDs PCs boot faster than consoles too. Unless a game is terribly optimised, nobody should really have issues getting it running right using Nvidia's recommended settings tool. Part of the problem with PCs is that the settings are there to fiddle with, so people fiddle with them and try and run things at higher settings than their kit allows, then fall down a rabbit hole. If you want to just install and go, it is easy. Yes, people play COD on PC
  7. https://www.paysa.com/salaries/giantbomb I have no idea how accurate this is, but $150k for a content producer at CBS living in New York or SF sounds about right to me. I imagine Abby, Ben and the back end staff will be on less. They certainly earn enough that nobody leaves for financial reasons, it seems.
  8. They released a new patch for Doom and Doom 2 basically fixing all of the issues with the ports (slow music, incorrect lighting, stretched aspect ratio) and adding free extra content - Doom 1 owners get SIGIL, and Doom 2 owners get Final Doom and a few other .wads. Well worth trying out if you own the ports but haven't played them in a while.
  9. "I have a soul, therefore I will lie to this customer and sell them an inferior product for less money", thought the angelic GAME employee.
  10. The man in the shop is shit at his job then, surely. Who steers customers towards items with less revenue?
  11. Sony are not the only company skipping E3, they are just the biggest company skipping E3. In the 21st century, the idea that everything has to be focused on a single annual trade-focused conference is laughably quaint. E3 won't be around by 2030. This is the reason. E3 is no longer fit for purpose.
  12. Nah, E3 has been dying for a while now. This just hastens the death of it.
  13. It's not out until February in the UK, which is a ridiculous delay. Luckily I saw it on a flight, but I can't wait to go back and see it on the big screen. It's an absolute masterpiece. This is a great deconstruction of the montage scene (spoilers if you haven't seen the film yet):
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