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  1. Bit of an unfair comparison really, considering you can do so much more with a PC than you can with a console. Also it's a bit of a waste of time surely - we know that PCs are massively more powerful and capable, so what's the point?
  2. Yeah the patch at launch for PS5 just allows it to do what the Xbox does by default - that is, take advantage of the power of the new console to run the old game at unlocked better frame rates, higher internal resolution etc.
  3. The console version of Watchdogs uses ray tracing that's so downgraded it's below the "Low" preset on PC - you have to go into a config file and turn everything down below Low to get a reasonable approximation of what's available on consoles.
  4. Halo Infinite is the perfect example of why I think many console games will still target 30fps. Which is a real shame. 30fps is borderline unplayable for me now.
  5. In 20 years you might be dead though. What's the point in worrying about that?
  6. Ok, I know literally nothing about Belgian / trappist beers, but I'm keen to give a few a go from that website. What would you guys suggest I order, as a total newbie to the style? I don't even know if you drink them room temperature or chilled.
  7. Yeah, given the frankly poor performance of the new AMD cards when ray tracing is turned on and the fact that we are going to see pretty much every big AA or AAA title support ray tracing in some fashion from next year (thanks to the new consoles) I couldn't honestly recommend one to anybody. Even with a £100 discount you're sacrificing a ton of silicon that is dedicated to rendering ray tracing in videogames. It's a huge sacrifice. As others have said, with ray tracing on that 6800 might as well be a 2080.
  8. I think a good sign that this project is getting back on track is if they cancel the Xbox One version - no idea if they'll actually take that step though.
  9. Sounds like an internet connection issue. Try downloading the area you want to fly over and see if that helps - if you have it on High and the floor looks shit it means it hasn't streamed the actual satellite data yet.
  10. I've kind of lost the appetite I had for a new CPU. The 6600K I have combined with the 3080 is doing perfectly fine in pretty much everything currently out that I throw at it, so the need just isn't there. Not to mention that in order to upgrade the CPU I also need a new case, mobo, RAM - it all just seems like a lot of faff for a fairly minimal performance gain.
  11. It's mad that they were probably the first (and main) UK games mag to go online in a relatively big way, and were massively successful in terms of audience, but then some exec in an office somewhere decided the profit wasn't there yet so shut it down. There is an alternate universe somewhere where they doubled down on the online section, sorted the advertising out, added content locked behind paid subs, set up a popular podcast, and became one of the main gaming journalism institutions in the UK. Such a shame really.
  12. There are so many fantastic video journalists on YouTube now that are so much more than "hey guys!". That's the main issue for me - I'm subscribed but I'm cancelling in the next month or two because they are just stacking up, barely being read. I would rather watch a video for a deep dive than read an article in Edge. Not to mention the Destiny coverage gets on my tits. Yeah, this hits the nail on the head too. Removing the online presence of a magazine targeted at people who will be spending the majority of their time online was
  13. This looks great, and I love Abzu, but it's £31.99 on PC. That's about £11.99 too much for me. I'll wait for it to fall in price. It looks like a perfect Game Pass game too except that I imagine Apple secured some kind of exclusivity for Apple Arcade.
  14. I am so happy Neon Raptor have started brewing again - I've been working my way through their output now and they've all been astounding quality. I can see why their stuff sells out so quickly on their website now! Ghost Twins and Run Simcoe Run being standouts as two of the best DIPAs I've had in quite some time. I have a big order from Northern Monk coming this week, looking forward to trying some of their limited-run beers (I left out their main ones considering you can now get them in Tescos for cheaper than their own website!)
  15. Just finished East Anglia and still loving this. One pretty major criticism though is that they have pivoted too far away from the problem with Origins/Odyssey. In those games if you mainlined the story you would sometimes end up under levelled and have to grind side stuff to level up enough to continue. In this I don't know if it's because I'm doing quite a bit of side stuff or what but I'm now already around 35-40 levels above the next story area. It's making the difficulty rather trivial - I might up the combat difficulty because I'm just outlevelling eve
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