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  1. Thanks for the post @hmm, I think I'll subscribe. The Apollo Citra IPA from Alpha Delta is a cracker, I picked it up on a whim in the shop a few weeks ago and have bought it twice again since as it's so tasty.
  2. Utterly minor in the grand scheme of things, and a small price to pay for most people for better performance / more games options / massively bigger playerbase. Sort of like how Nintendo stuck with cartridges for the N64 because they didn't think people would tolerate load times and lost the market to people who flocked to the PS1 for the cheaper CD-based games with real FMV and CD-quality audio, and tolerated the load times for those benefits. I'm not convinced anybody who takes CoD seriously will ever play it on a streaming platform, yes the performance of Stadia is p
  3. @hmm what did you think of your first All Killer No Filler delivery in the end?
  4. Microsoft are also boosting third party games, whereas Sony are purely sticking to first parties. Fine if a third party does the work themselves, but many just aren't going to have the time to go back and boost their old games.
  5. They could just announce a timeline of when all the Bethesda published and developed games are coming to Game Pass and it would be better than the other two presentations.
  6. That new Smash Bros character is the most thirsty shit ever. Whoever designed that needs to go to horny jail.
  7. The forum's left-wing hive mind strikes again.
  8. If they gave this a free to play Splattle Royale mode it would be absolutely huge. Which means they won't do it of course.
  9. I think it's a bit unfair to blame them for a global semiconductor shortage that's affecting most tech industries. Although yeah, they could perhaps implement some form of lottery/queue system to make things easier for people.
  10. It won't have hit development as hard as Nintendo, because Sony have a large number of development teams in the west - it's not all Japan. Nintendo was totally fucked by the pandemic because, like many Japanese companies, they had rejected (or just not even noticed) the 21st century shift to flexible/remote working, and still have a culture where if you're working, you're at work, or in the office. Most developers at Nintendo had never taken their devices home, for example. Contrast that with a friend I have who works managing a team of programmers at a very well known
  11. That would be juicy indeed. It's actually more likely than it ever has been, given that semiconductor supply is fucked for basically the entire year, and so we are looking at PS5 consoles being supply constrained until at least 2022. They have to recoup game development costs somehow. That being said, I don't think Sony are ready to make that kind of announcement, they are still very much wedded to the console + exclusive content business model. They aren't turning into a content and services business any time soon.
  12. The kindest thing you can possibly say about the design of the new Smash character is that it's problematic.
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