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  1. An interesting insight into actors getting into shape for parts before literally everyone was using steroids or HGH (or both).
  2. Thatcher's Techbase sees the return of one of humanity's greatest threats - Margaret Thatcher. You can download it for free when it releases here: https://thatchers-techbase.github.io/games-not-out.html "I can't ask you for any money for this game - Thatcher's Techbase is based on licensed code and assets provided by id Software, and uses copyrighted images, sounds and other reference material," Purvis said, before suggesting fans show their support by donating to a list of organisations that includes Living Rent, the the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation. "This game is dedicated to everyone Margaret Thatcher hated and everyone who hated Margaret Thatcher," Purvis said.
  3. Take Care was the last good album Drake ever made, after that he became like the Foo Fighters - that is to say, a singles act with one or two good songs and a bunch of filler on every album. He seems totally content with this, mind. The new release is utterly boring and lazy as an album. Fountains is the only half-interesting song and that's mainly because he's working with someone genuinely interesting (Tems) and cribbing their style. All his most interesting / best songs are cribbing from other styles and scenes though. His best song, the one that undoubtedly destroys any dancefloor is still One Dance, which was an (admittedly inspired) rework of one of the biggest UK Funky songs:
  4. Middle would be most entertaining I think. But who knows. I'm so excited for this.
  5. There's a massive difference between technological improvements in an interactive vs. a passive medium, but lets agree to disagree.
  6. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ocarina of Time came at a time when 3D was new and anything above 10fps was acceptable. We've aged out of that now. If Ocarina of Time came out now it would not do well, it's a masterpiece but absolutely a product of its time. A game released at 15fps (or whatever Ocarina was) wouldn't be considered a masterpiece today, regardless of the quality. It would be a great game with game-ruining performance issues.
  7. That's the second place FFVII Remake for PC has shown up (it got data mined on the Epic Game Store too). At this point Squeenix should just give it a date.
  8. It's not the same the other way, a mouse is objectively more accurate than a joystick, hence why console/PC players have to be segregated in online FPS games otherwise the console players just get wasted over and over again. For a direct experience of this, give the new Quake remaster a go.
  9. You can get graphics cards now for semi reasonable prices without waiting, you just have to buy a prebuilt system.
  10. I can't get the song from the last brain out of my head. It's a proper earworm.
  11. Nah Jeff chatting about wrestling is what I'm there for.
  12. Just finished this. Loved it, absolutely loved it. And the story stuck the landing too. If anybody is worried about the various "Are you sure you want to continue?" messages you get before certain levels, after the credits you can explore the hub worlds and go to any previous levels to mop up anything you missed.
  13. Yep, and there are some collectables in every level that you can't get to the first time you do them, so you need to come back when you have more abilities.
  14. Whilst I'm absolutely in love with this game, and feel that it's everything I hoped it would be, there is some frustratingly old-school checkpointing on the boss battles. The kind of 'die on the last hit of a 5 minute boss battle and go back to the start' checkpointing. I just enabled invincibility mode to get through the boss on Compton's Cookoff because that boss battle is frustratingly long and I kept dying to the Judge right at the end, and I couldn't face doing another 5 minute attempt again. Apart from the crap boss battles the game is fantastic though.
  15. Thought I'd use this to play some Slay the Spire on my phone (Samsung S21 Ultra) one evening this week whilst away from home having a staycation. The internet here is ok - 20MB down and 3MB up. The game was utterly unplayable in the Xbox Game Pass android app. Blocky picture, tons of lag, pausing. About to give up, I then tried it in Chrome using the web streaming and it was perfect. No idea if this is a traffic shaping issue with the app but thought I'd let everyone know that the android app is essentially way behind the web streaming in terms of how it handles data, it seems.
  16. The multiplayer test was great, best multiplayer since 3.
  17. Smaller games can still be played early with a region change, but any big games (or any games with embargoes) are now moving towards a universal unlock at a specific time per time zone that basically means they all unlock at the same time.
  18. Quake is more playable than Mario 64 in 2021 because you aren't wrestling with a terrible camera like you are in Mario.
  19. Only on PC Game Pass. Consoles it's just the original Quake for now.
  20. Every single girl on this show has had surgery (and I imagine quite a few of the boys too). At the bare minimum they have had (terrible looking) lip work and fillers done because Snapchat filters and Instagram have given so many people complexes about having 'thin lips'. It's so tragic:
  21. Cleared two runs now, this is still opening up and is still fantastic. Can see me playing it for a while longer yet.
  22. Really? I've unlocked those Boons and found them pretty pants, truth being told. Slow just doesn't seem that compelling to me, given the amount of enemies that attack at range - slowing enemy movement speed doesn't help that much. Perhaps I'm using it wrong.
  23. Thanks @Rayn@HarryBizzle. My follow up question would be whether mirror upgrades on Boon rarity (like increased % for rare Boons) also affect the hammer.
  24. I'm at the stage now , but haven't yet beaten him. I haven't once gotten a boon that restores life on special / attack / kill - which god drops those?
  25. If they don't get the same soundtrack licenced for Vice City then they shouldn't even bother.
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