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  1. Streaming video is totally different to streaming games. You can buffer video ahead - you can't do this with games. There are millions of people who don't have anywhere near the internet connection to stream games that can still stream 4k Netflix perfectly fine. I think game streaming has a bright future but it's totally different than VOD, from a technical and performance standpoint.
  2. It's an outdoor food hut with outdoor picnic benches nearby if I remember right - so good but not a proper sit down thing. Perfectly fine on a day with decent weather.
  3. Bleecker are good for takeaway but not really eating in. Burger and Beyond is good - Shoreditch / Hackney Wick. Dip and Flip too if you're in the south west (Battersea / Wimbledon). Incredible gravy and dipping a burger in gravy is the height of indulgence. Otherwise as @Lovelyman says I think Honest is the best prolific burger place in zone 1, with meatliquor a strong alternative.
  4. Doom will be PC/Xbox/xCloud exclusive from now. Although I'm pretty sure the next game from iD will be a new Quake.
  5. As I mentioned up thread, this is already there in the insider build, and works really well.
  6. It's so much better than it was. If you join the insider build and enable advanced install features it doesn't even use UWP any more - you just download and install a game to any folder you would like, that folder isn't hidden, you can access all the game files etc. Which is the big annoying thing gone really.
  7. Have you seen the price of graphics cards? PC is a niche market - people willing to sink £1500-2000 on a device are not the mainstream, they aren't their target. And they aren't buying consoles at all, in many cases. Sony should be servicing that market as the PC isn't really direct competition in the same way another console is. God of War did absolute gangbusters on PC this month, it seems silly for them to not port more games in future.
  8. BBNO's quality is very high - I live round the corner from their new brewery on the thames and pop in for a pizza and a beer every now and then, and it's always good. I think it sounds like their logistics is a total mess though.
  9. It is here to stay because they can't afford it not to be £70. Sony's exclusives cost a silly amount of money (and growing) per game, and if they are only selling them to Playstation gamers then they need to be £70+ to recoup costs. It's why I think day one PC releases of Sony exclusive titles are getting more and more inevitable. They can't afford not to given their production costs and the rate at which they can produce PS5s.
  10. Putty hit Verdant's web shop at 10:30am today and it was sold out within 20 minutes. Didn't manage to get an order in.
  11. The business priorities are really quite different. A third-party publisher releasing titles across all platforms vs a platform owner attempting to create content for a subscription service to increase subscriber numbers. It's why I think Microsoft will immediately dive into a new Crash and a new Spyro - family games are quite a big hole in the game pass library at the moment, and they just acquired two of the most recognisable family game IPs.
  12. What would they get from acquiring EA though? Exclusives and a content library through EA play, but as mentioned upthread none of the sports licence holders will let you put FIFA or Madden on a single platform.
  13. GTA 6 is one game and is at least another two years away. Call of Duty is an annual franchise and Candy Crush immediately gives them a massive slice of the mobile gaming market. There is a chance they can sell game pass to candy crush owners, which is mad.
  14. I don't see the point in buying EA either - there's no world where the sports games can be made exclusive, it will be a condition of the licence that it's released on multiple platforms (see Sony having to release MLB on the Xbox).
  15. They want SaaS revenue. He will be happy to let MS games onto Playstation, via game pass, but I cannot see Sony allowing game pass onto their platform. So yeah, it'll be either console, PC, or BYOD (mobile, TV, whatever) via xCloud. I could see a future where game pass comes to Switch though, in the form of xCloud. I think Nintendo would be far more open to it than Sony.
  16. Four of the top ten selling PS4 games of all time were Call of Duty games. Hell, three of the top five were Call of Duty games. This will cause millions to switch allegiance, or at the bare minimum, to buy a Series S alongside their PS5s. There are so many people who just buy a console for CoD.
  17. Post acquisition Microsoft still remains the third-biggest player in the market, by quite some margin. So I don't have a clue how you argue it's a monopoly or block the transaction on monopolistic grounds.
  18. Call of Duty was the biggest selling ps4/5 game last year, so I would be very surprised if that wasnt making them a truckload of cash too.
  19. Candy Crush generated $1.2bn in 2021, for example. The mobile gaming market is huge.
  20. They are going to recoup most of the money through King I imagine. Candy Crush is still an absolute money printing machine.
  21. Microsoft are third in the market so this won't get blocked. The latest Vanguard update has issues but I certainly wouldnt call Warzone 'in decline'. It might not have much of a prescence on this forum but it is massive. Like top 3 games for the past two years in terms of concurrent players massive.
  22. I'd love that copium you are huffing. You don't spend $70bn to stay multiplatform. I don't think they will pull warzone. But they will launch warzone 2 / it's replacement and it won't be on PS5.
  23. Call of Duty exclusive on Xbox is the biggest get there, isn't it? Changes the game.
  24. Apologies, I probably should have quoted your previous post where you said the TERF conversation in the UK is left wing women vs left wing men which is quite frankly total bollocks, and was quoting at length a piece that actually describes it better. But you're right it is well off topic, let's leave it and move on.
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