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  1. Ace to see Alonso on the podium tho.
  2. Great recovery drive from Max, great championship battle. If I can mute Horner from my consciousness then I’ll enjoy the whole thing a lot more.
  3. Bottas seems to have slightly woken up
  4. Even Toto’s like ffs Bottas
  5. Bottas is as much use as a chocolate teapot.
  6. I for one am shocked at Gasley going wide there
  7. Red bull team orders to Alphatari?
  8. I just tuned in & saw the max penalty
  9. Max's onboard finally released...
  10. Any word on this onboard then??
  11. FIA calling lewis to the stewards over safety belts. Probably be DSQ from the championship or something they way they‘re going RN.
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