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  1. i get this all the time. The only way I can pay for anything is with Steam Gift cards…. Anybody know why this is happening?
  2. I’ve been playing VR for quite a while and video games for more than 40 years. This is stunning, jaw-dropping stuff. The options for comfort should allow anybody to play this. The simplicity of the controls and how natural everything feels are a testament to the guys who made this version. Everything simply feels perfect - even seated. Seriously, don’t hesitate….
  3. Struggling to join the club - can somebody Chuck me an invite please: Hardbattle
  4. There’s no option on my game to process a refund on the Xbox website I’ve tried calling Xbox and it just refers me back to a virtual assistant who tells me I can’t speak to anybody about this. I suspect it’s because I pre-ordered back in October. Doesn’t anybody else have any ideas how to actually speak to somebody about this?
  5. How big is the Install for the Series X version? I’ve just installed it on mine and it’s only 37.1 gig. I’ve started the game and only have 2 graphics quality modes, not the 3 mentioned on Digital Foundry.... any ideas? It says no series x update available, and it’s installed on the internal drive.
  6. Never mind - found it on the app
  7. Were did you see the Vader pack? I can’t see that deal on the store....
  8. Some of the ps5 games are cheap in the store - WRC 9 is £24.99 for example. Watchdogs is £38.99. No idea why or how long these prices are good for....
  9. Finally got this downloaded. It’s taking an age to start - still just stuck at the splash screen. Surely this can’t be what launching all ps5 games is like. Has it just done tits up?
  10. No specific time for my Amazon delivery (unless I’m missing something) but it does say delivery today....
  11. My friend was let down by Game and Amazon. Is there an online stock checker, or does anybody know of anywhere in South Wales with stock of the series X?
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