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  1. The payment for my preorder (from MS) seems to have disappeared from my bank account weirdly. I got charged last week but now the funds are back in the account with nothing on the statement. Anyone else? I got the dispatch email and have a UPS tracking number so I'm not too worried but seems strange...
  2. I downloaded a chrome extension last week that automates the bing searches: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/abs/ipbgaooglppjombmbgebgmaehjkfabme Works fine. Think I'm gonna build up enough points for a good discount on an elite controller. Hoping they'll announce a Series X version in the meantime.
  3. Stop right there fun lovin' criminal scum
  4. I did the exact same last week. The keys were under review for about an hour before appearing in my account.
  5. Thanks, that's my thinking with the console out in a couple of months. When you say 'keep one month off' do you mean I need to do the free month first or that I'd just lose the free month by upgrading instantly?
  6. It definitely felt cheap with horrible, clicky buttons but I got a lot of use out of mine. The gyro was much better than the one in the pro controller and stuff like mode switching and overlays gave you loads of options. I'd still use mine if I hadn't switched to consoles a couple of years ago.
  7. Apologies if this has been discussed before but what's the longest period you can stack live gold? Figure I may as well take advantage of the upgrade offer soon as I plan on getting a Series X.
  8. Xbox Series X Gon' Give It to Ya
  9. Peanut Butter Wolfenstein Super Nintendol' Dirty Bastard
  10. flight

    NIOH 2

    Started NG+ a few days ago and now looking to refine my build. This is where I had the most fun in the original so looking forward to getting stuck in. Lots of jolly coop and farming for me this weekend. I've respecced into light armor/high damage using the spear. Dying a lot more without the ability to tank hits but it's much more satisfying when my skills don't let me down. Hoping to have at least one monster build to take into the DLC. Such a fun game - I've sunk god knows how many hours in already and I'm not even close to being done.
  11. flight

    NIOH 2

    Any ideas how yokai grappling works in this game? I'm sure in Nioh 1 just depleting their ki was enough (one of my favourite tactics was a stone throw > horn break > grapple on the humanoid yokai). In this, you seem to be able to wail on them for a moment before they return to normal. I've managed it a few times but not sure what instigates it.
  12. flight

    NIOH 2

    If you select random encounters from the Tori Gate, you can specify the mission so you could just choose mission three and help others with the boss. Don't quote me on this but I think a video I watched mentioned that the level of a soul core has a negligible impact on the damage of the yokai skill but the rank improves the stat boosts. Can't wait to get back into this over the weekend.
  13. Terrible presentation but I'm still pretty hyped. Based on current info I'll probably go for a Series X + gamepass first and a PS5 down the line but I'm interested to see what Sony announce games/services wise. Both machines seem like a big step up at least, especially compared to the lacklustre jump last gen. Exciting times ahead.
  14. flight

    NIOH 2

    Something I found out tonight: The bonuses to 'certain active skills' unlocked on the samurai tree need to be manually assigned in the skill customisation menu. Game changer! Finished the first main mission on chapter 2 and loving this - landing a successful burst counter in yokai shift before laying the smackdown feels goooood. My build is bit of a mess but I'm looking forward to geeking out once I hit the end game. Think I'm gonna be playing this for a while.
  15. Aren't you the guy who insists you can't differentiate between 30/60 fps? What makes you think you'll notice anything with streaming?
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