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  1. Looks good except for that music. Imagine taking something as light as the SMB 1-1 theme and slapping the hollywood DUN DUN DUN all over it
  2. The whole death animations thing is really weird. I'd never go out of my way to fail at a game, trying to trigger a deliberate fail is often boring and takes effort, especially when someone will likely cut and compile the whole lot into a nice youtube video a week after the game comes out.
  3. Yep. I know there's a later clamshell style release of Zwei but I've only seen 1 on ebay in the last 3 years and it was part of a job lot that went for silly money
  4. My 4K came today with a nice shiny slipcase. Will give it a spin on Satuday evening
  5. Despite putting up with the overwhelming negativity of the thread i'm glad that everyone who plays it seems to like it ! The critics got it wrong on this one (not that a 73 is a bad score, but that laughable 2/10 from digtial trends tanked it) Frontiers is absolutely crushing it in user reviews.
  6. @MW_Jimmy try this or if you prefer post hardcore try this
  7. Cyborg is a guilty pleasure, I love the look of that film and a young JCVD kicks major ass in it.
  8. It's taken me nearly 2 years to find a copy of this in very good condition but I finally got one. For whatever reason all the 1996 releases don't seem to have the laminate on the cases that the earlier games did so they got battered quickly. See also Guardian Heroes, Nights, Sonic 3D etc. Luckily I found the plastic versions of the latter two but trying to find a very good/mint Guardian Heroes is a nightmare.
  9. It is great and i'm no hardcore Sonic fanboi either. I think i described Forces as 'Aggressively Mediocre' hated '06, I couldn't even finish Unleashed and that's one of the better ones. I liked Colours, loved Generations (outside of the last boss) but a big part of that was the nostalgia of running through the classic zones. Mania was superb but owed a big debt to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which I would still give the edge to all things considered. This is just superb fun and the hours melted away while playing it. Probably my GOTY depending on how Callisto turns out. Definetely the best soundtrack though, Shredder's Revenge runs close but the sheer amount of good tracks in this is staggering. The official soundtrack release next month is 6 CDs and 6.5 hours of music and i'm tempted to pick it up.
  10. There's a desert themed island which is very bright as you would expect. £28 is a great price for this ! worth that for the soundtrack alone, when you beat the game you unlock arcade mode and can play the cyberspace levels at your leisure. I'll often just let Sonic idle so I can hear the music. Tomoya Ohtani absolutely crushed this soundtrack , even all the vocal collaborations are fantastic. Solo at 4:02 fuckin sweet as.
  11. My main love will always be 2D games, especially side scrolling beat em ups. I never get bored playing them and if its something with a rich fighting engine or good music (preferably both) I'll play them forever. Then you take stuff like Huntdown, Metal Slug, Sonic, Hotline Miami etc - all games with superb controls, music and great mechanics - and i'll keep coming back I also love 3rd person action adventure games, FPS's, horror games, fighting games and platformers. Character driven games like Max Payne, Silent Hill, Uncharted etc I have always enjoyed. I don't play racing games outside of arcade ones which i love, especially the blue blue skies Sega variety which i absolutely rinse. I can't play something like Gran Turismo or WRC for longer than an hour but I've played the same 4 tracks on Sega Rally for nearly 30 years. The only relatively recent racer I put more than a few hours into was Driveclub and that was helped by the insane visuals and arcadey handling. I don't play sports games with the exception of old school NHL and Boxing games, and Neo Turf Masters because NTM is probably the only game 10x more fun than the sport it is based on.
  12. Japanese software sales on traditional console have been pretty awful for years. In fact anything non-switch barely moves the needle
  13. 26 hours for the Platinum. Well deserved. I think the last time I played a sequel that was so much better than the game that came before must be Evil Within 2.
  14. I've skipped Ragnarok for this (£42 Vs £60 helps) but it's just so much more up my alley. New IP needs that day 1 support and from everything thats been shown I doubt it'll disappoint.
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