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  1. For anyone interested Game have the special edition in stock for £159.99. That might seem obscene but the statue from the last one goes for £600+ alone. You could buy this, flog the statue on ebay and get the game for free or at a profit, if you're willing to put in the effort.
  2. Merge games which are a UK publisher are doing a really nice edition for £44.99 Limited Run got some stick for this as apparently Merge weren't allowed to show this version till after the LRG pre order window closed. Since then they got a lot of grief and you can cancel now iirc. If you don't want all the above tat, base.com have the regular version for £24.85 with a keyring and artbook as well
  3. Conviction has Michael Ironside though and it's co-op mode was really good. I just couldn't get into Blacklist....the guy who plays Sam has the charisma of a mop
  4. Could be the TV. I had to junk a lovely Panasonic CRT a couple years back because the screen developed a permanent pink tinge. The scart socket was knackered
  5. Shameless plug - I have a mint copy of astro bot in trading for £14 delivered
  6. Here's mine there's something a bit goofy about these rankings for arcade mode though as my difficult select shows a B, but the leaderboard shows an S?
  7. Yeah me three.Personally, I think it's the worst thing ID have ever put out. I couldn't wait for it to be over. There's certainly a lot to praise (great engine and character modelling) and I get what they were going for (a character action game in a fps setting) but I wanted a Doom game.
  8. Feature length documentary on the way - they've got everyone but peter weller it seems ! RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop (OFFICIAL TRAILER) (2017) The new feature length retrospective into the making of RoboCop (1987), its sequels and cultural impact over the last 30 years. Supported with over 90 of the original cast and crew ‘RoboDoc’ is made by fans for the fans of the franchise. 9:50 "Those blanks...the most powerful blanks that have ever been used in a movie"
  9. is Robocop the most beloved film of our era? I mean seriously I've never met anyone who doesn't like it and those who do fucking love it. Anyway I watched Bloodsport last night. 5/5 for the one liners alone "I AIN'T YOUR PAL DICK FACE" "HE'S THE AMERICAN SHITHEAD WHO MAKES TRICKS WITH BRICKS" "YOU BREAK MY RECORD, NOW I BREAK YOU, LIKE I BREAK YOUR FRIEND"
  10. I've got used to the armour on enemies but Diva is a terrible boss - especially for the first boss. She summons the most annoying mooks to protect her and you spend ages just waiting for her AOE attacks to finish - I've had her spam them 3-4 times over! Diva is tougher than most other bosses as you've got turbo knife Galsia and pipe Donovan being a pain in the arse on top of all her armour shit. Honestly the hardest part of boss run is fighting the two of them.... Half screen flamethrower, massive and constant aoe attacks....definetely the most satisfying enemy to finish with a slow mo headbutt. Get in the sea! Anyone up for a friendly boss run competition? Post your results screens up here! I'll chuck mine up in a bit
  11. Got the 100 yen trophy with Axel just now. Got a bit fuckin hairy on that ch10 rooftop with the bikers, vials then the rolling fatties and stabby galsias but after that it was OK. Lost a life to the mace Robot in the gauntlet which got the palms a bit sweaty but once I got through that it was OK. Finished with 2 lives left. Exhilarating stuff, possibly the best 1.5 - 2hr session in gaming right now? The time just flies by. The game just grows on me every time I play it. Genuinely think this is a 10/10 game. I'll be coming back to this for years just like Streets of Rage 2 before it.
  12. Get the Sonic 3 Complete Rom. It's really comprehensive - all the options you would ever need.. Got some very nice box art too
  13. Yeah it's easy enough. This video is pretty comprehensive, starts by showing you how to fully remove Lunar to return to stock, then just download Hakchi 3.8 rather than 3.7 when prompted in the video and follow the instructions. It's nice to not have the boxes for Retroarch and Boot Menu that Lunar has anymore. Spine art generator is still a bit crap but at least now you can upload your own if it bothers you. Having the Mega CD in it's own folder with all those pal boxes and spines I grew up with is really nice.
  14. I think Hakchi is 3.8 on Mega Drive now and you can change the players and genre in the Hakchi menu. Hakchi 3.8 is a great update - all the stock game info now comes over, it's really fast loading and smooth and seems more stable than Lunar. Really easy to set up folders for 32X and Mega CD and is now my preferred option. Adding custom roms like the Bare Knuckle 3 english translation is a piece of cake too.
  15. Do you have to be 12, no 11, 12 to watch it?
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