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  1. To follow up on this : The MS was totally fine. They don't like Plasma TVs. I took it to my moms and tried it out on an old portable lcd and once tuned, perfect sound and picture (well as good as you can get for RF anyway) Just gonna leave this here in case anyone else stumbles on to a similar problem.
  2. Yeah compared to the original Xbox versions those PS2 editions are not very good, and those PS4 classics are expensive and emulated with little care.
  3. More a case of Rockstar not re-releasing anything. Shame the PS2/XB era they had such a brilliant diverse catalogue of games, the best versions, OG Xbox, still locked there. Would love to play the Warriors, Max Payne 2, Red Dead, Manhunt etc on modern machines
  4. 21 years ago I bought a pallet of 10 new Hori Fighting Stick SS from Dixons eBay outlet for £50. They didn't have the Sega Saturn logo above the turbo switches like the Japanese version did but other than that they were the same. I sold them for about £20 each and thought I'd done good out if it
  5. Such a great series. I can't believe 3 is a decade old next year
  6. They need to do something cus I'm sick of fighting the same 3 people in the entirety of Europe
  7. Made #33 on the weekly sim. It's just crazy man. Shiva's unlocked blitz move (flying kick) just decimates crowds, it's really fast and when buffed with toxic and lightning you can stun lock entire mobs with it. There were combos bigger than this but I dropped them but it will give you an idea of how insane it gets
  8. " Duh, lets give all the bosses unlimited star moves " This mode is brain dead stupid Can't stop playing it though
  9. 21 when those transparent red enemies show up is when it all goes to shit. You can barely make out your character for the amount of shit going on. It's just silly lmao
  10. The collision detection on the wrecking balls is so hard to judge and has ended many a good run. I got to 24 last night on the weekly sim but got battered by the 3 bosses it spawned. Getting to 30 seems like its gonna be tough. The escalation of difficulty from around 16 onwards is dramatic , whereas the first 10 stages or so are so easy it feels like an extended warm up.
  11. Good grief man one wrong read against POWERHOUSE Eileen and I lose 50% of my bar? There should be some damage scaling surely
  12. Max is great fun. This survival modes a bit dubious though, once you hit 20 there so much shit on the screen at once it's pure luck rather than skill whether you make it out or not. Shiva, two clones, Nora, 10 Galsias, random lightning strikes, push winds, it's fucking mental. Swinging an electric swordfish with fire acid and thunder buffs at a gang of heavies wasn't exactly the cerebral combo fest I was expecting but enjoyable all the same. Great music again too, Tee Lopes is such a good composer. The Rocky -esque horns in the ring stage is such a wonderful touch . Definitely a good purchase at the £6 or so launch discount!
  13. I don't think so - the connection started getting shaky on the last round and he was in action when it dropped..I don't blame the other player at all. Bet they loved it though
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