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  1. Oh yeah agreed, just saying steam wasn't mentioned during the initial fundraising process.
  2. They didnt mention steam until the fangamer surveys iirc in 2017
  3. No, the trial was always PC only and advertised as such. It's a shame but Shenmue Dojo will be doing a livestream of the demo so I'll be watching that. We are less than two months from release now! In other news the Data Discs vinyl of Shenmue will be back in stock today at 5pm if anyone is after one.
  4. If your home theatre has an option to adjust sound delay surely that would work if it bothers you that much? Alternatively the hacking scene is getting to work. This runs on M2s virtual console emulator so getting other systems to run should be straightforward. Turns out Mortal Kombat 2 was originally on the system too but cut (probably to keep the rating down)
  5. Game have the CE back in stock at the moment but it's £69.99. However....there's rumour that will include a game exclusive steelbook too, so it's not too bad.
  6. Ace. It really is spot on, isn't it? I absolutely love the chunky 16-BIT writing on the Japanese models, wish it was the same in the UK. Oh well. Two weeks to go for us lot !
  7. I take it you aren't in the UK? Didja get a Sega Genesis or nice Japanese one?
  8. The other region versions of the included games are on there but that's it. Changing the language to Japanese isn't going to make Revenge of Shinobi appear for example
  9. Imagine trying to flog this with a straight face # https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sega-Saturn-Sonic-R-Game/113887062469?hash=item1a8432a9c5:g:CRIAAOSwSwFde9-j bargain at £15
  10. Straight outta TGS: Stunning ! an older build too - the Tiger patch on Ryo's jacket is too high and his walk animation is unfinished unlike the gamescom footage.The nighttime footage at 1:40 is really atmospheric! Bodes well for final release. Roll on November
  11. If you've not played it already, give Terminator a go. Great run and gun (once you've got the first weapon upgrade) with an awesome soundtrack. It's the opposite to your Spider-Man situation in that the CD version is far superior to the cart version
  12. Sega Sports one has black power and eject buttons
  13. I got one from shopto for £62 with silver discount, its £65 usually but sold out atm. I'm sure there will be one more go around before release, I'll update the thread when it happens
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