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  1. Jake is the go to Danish remake actor it seems It does look good though. Lots of well shot whizzbangs and explosions
  2. Bit late now but next time try using a Q-Tip with a bit of lighter fluid or cleaning alcohol on it, it usually shifts anything with a bit of back and forth without leaving a glossy mark Congrats on the R7, it looks lovely.
  3. Rafe from Uncharted 4 and Jake Gyllenhall from Prisoners are pretty damn close as well.
  4. How's that John Carpenter score though? Best part of 2018 Halloween for sure
  5. I think my problem with Yagami is it's hard to relate to a guy who looks 45 years old, dresses like a 20 year old, preaches about righteousness like a 70 year old, whose transport method of choice is a Skateboard. The character, tonally, is just fucking weird. The main story was better than the original though for the simple fact that outside of the opening I never had to do any of those wretched tailing missions again. Kaito and the rest of the squad are great though. Would be a shame not to see them again.
  6. Credits rolling with 19 hours on the clock - total completion - 13% I did pretty much mainline the story though. Plenty of game there as it is! Pretty good overall but I don't think I'd play a third one. I don't think Yagami is a great lead if I'm honest, he's certainly no Ichiban. The supporting cast carry it.
  7. https://www.resetera.com/threads/resetera-ownership-update.499677/ @Harsin
  8. We know that they were pitching IV to publishers and if anything the anime can only help that. It's one thing to say 'look we have a niche series here but we still raised 7 million dollars through kickstarter' to 'we have a high quality anime adaptation that can bring in legions of new fans that could all be potential customers for Shenmue IV' He couldn't end it with Shenmue III. Shenmue II only covered up to chapter 5 of 11 so the idea that he could cram in 6 chapters worth of story in a very low budget game that doesn't have many expensive cut scenes to begin with would have been a grave mistake IMO. Not to mention that the scope of the game changed so much with the different funding streams and Deep Silver coming on board so it wasn't like the game was pre-planned and scripted with a singular vision, you don't get that luxury with kickstarters. I still maintain it was and is an amazing achievement of how far they stretched that budget. This wasn't the AM2 Sega glory years with 100's of established developers on board it was an indie studios first major game. Having an Anime might be disappointing to some but Shenmue has never been more alive. It's not like the wilderness years of 2002-2015. IV could be in production right now for all we know but Cedric Biscay (Shibuya productions and producer on III) said the one thing they regretted was having to release very early footage to show backers (the 2017 trailer) - that is also the only trailer without the Shibuya productions logo because he wasn't happy with it (this is the one with very stilted characters whose eyes didn't move). The game faced an uphill battle after that and was the source of much ridicule online for it's graphics, despite it obviously being early pre-alpha footage (parts of that video don't even exist in the finished game). I still reckon we'll get another game but it makes no sense to promote the anime and muddy the waters with a game announcement at the same time. Let the animation do it's thing and show the next game only when it's ready and there is good stuff to show.
  9. I'm up to chapter 9 and really enjoying it but I did drop it down to easy. I'm really tired of the formula of having a tough enemy where you trade blows, counter, throw, block and it all feels very slick and intuitive, very enjoyable, but then the enemy goes into shouty red aura mode where basically you have to spam your longest string attacks against each each other with little to no feedback. It just becomes far less about skill and timing and more about mashing options so you can eat another bento so you don't get a game over. Tedious. Everything else? Very good indeed. Only complaint is the excellent looking rain in cutscenes vanishing when you're back in control.
  10. mate, you're out of touch if you think 2k are gonna pay for those music rights, you're out of time if you think anyone cares about those songs these days and you're out of my head if you're not around WHOA-OH-OHH WHOA-OH-OHHHHHHHHHHHH (I totally agree with you )
  11. If the game was a total mess it wouldn't have got the good reviews it did. It's got 67 on metacritic which is not mindblowing but not exactly big rigs either and well above average. Just because the story didn't play out like it did in his head, or he doesn't have a grasp of simple things 'why does he take his shoes off in the house?' 'why does he walk past this obvious shrine' 'why didn't the story end the way I wanted it to' and it's full of frankly bullshit statements presented as fact 'the only way to accrue enough money in this game is to spam the gambling' which is nonsense. I was absolutely minted by selling herbs and fish alone nevermind doing jobs and fighting in the rose garden. It's pretty insulting to Yu Suzuki on several occasions and any true fan would like to see a series they like do better, which with the systems in place Shenmue IV absolutely could have been. But instead he traded his fandom for clicks and when they were trying to pitch Shenmue IV to publishers they likely saw this 2 million view video and thought...nah we're not getting involved in that. The Shenmue series has always been low hanging fruit for people to rag on (J Sterling did one 'the waterworld of videogames') it's like people can't handle this lavish expensive production has a languid pace and funny voice acting so it's easier to take the piss out of something you don't understand than just move on. Bastards the lot of them Anyway i'll gladly take a Anime over nothing and I don't watch Anime so
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