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  1. Just remaster the genuine MW2 and not this sheep in wolf's clothing then this franchise can fuck off forever as far as I'm concerned
  2. This UI is fuck awful. Talk about an overdesigned, unituituve punishment
  3. Now play it in 50hz PAL mode so it's even slower for the true 1994 experience Anyway my answer to the thread is Super Street Fighter II. It's an amazing game obviously but basically unplayable in single player. The AI is spectacularly awful, ruined my fond memories of the game on the anniversary collection.
  4. Just watched the long trailer for Ishin, man it's like a proper Yakuza baddy reunion ! All three of the Zero antagonists is really cool to see again !
  5. I think this looks great (surprise surprise) Those bite sized arcade style , gotta go fast stages combined with the downtime of a huge overworked with stuff to do (and always fun, giant ramps to grind) seems like the perfect mix to me. Also Big the cat fishing game I mean come on now better than Forces already
  6. The biggest news here is the ditching of the Dragon engine, surely?
  7. Thing everyone knows is best: Thing that's actually the best:
  8. Have you tried shouting "update you BASTARD" at it?
  9. Oh i know. Those that only use Amazon (i.e more money than sense) will buy one of those though I guarantee it
  10. With only 1/10th the supply of the below I dread to think of the resale market for the Mini 2 !
  11. They are making 1/10th of the units of the original Mega Drive Mini which is why only Amazon are selling it. This is more akin to the PC Engine mini, a niche device for big time nerds like us mukkers rather than the mainsteam appeal of the original unit which had the Disney and Sonic titles on. As for the later Sonic games outside of Sonic 3D (which is on this) they want you to buy Sonic Origins for those.
  12. Is anyone genuinelly hard up for USB controllers these days though? I have at least 5 that would work on this, and if not you can always buy a USB retrobit Mega Drive or Saturn pad for about a tenner on amazon. If you have an Astro Mini controller , MD1 mini controller, 2.4ghz 8bitdo etc etc they will all work no problems. I've had a mini NES, SNES and MD Mini and the second controller have always ended up being spares in the boxes. Got no friends interested in retro though so that helps
  13. I didn't get my Saturn until mid 97 (as a 12 year old i had to post a lot of papers to save up) but it was still fairly healthy then. I had a great time with it even though it broke 6 months later, which is odd as most Saturns today still work, though it was a bit of a blessing for me back then as it was under guarantee I got all my money back which went toward a Playstation (Resident Evil 2 was an absolute must have which made me pick it over a N64 for Goldeneye). It was obvious the Saturn wasn't going to last when half of the pages of the official magazine were pushing you to get a 60hz switch and an all region mod and those things just werent feasible for a teenager in a pre internet age. As was the norm back then when it became obvious you were on the losing team you got rid of all your software before it became 'worthless' and I traded in my stack of Saturn games for PS1 titles. I did the same with my Neo Geo Pocket Color in the early 2000's and it still pains me to this day that i traded in a mint system with Sonic, Metal Slug 2 and Dynamite Slugger for £45 of store credit. Still it was the done thing back then and how could we realise the value these items would increase tenfold over the coming years. Anyway it was a great time while it lasted though. Exhumed remains one of my all time favourite games and that summer of '97 was mainly spent hunting for team dolls. Getting Christmas Nights as a coverdisc was incredible and it was such a great game, definetely made a few PSX schoolfriends jealous with that one. When it died there were still games coming out I wanted for the system like Burning Rangers and Steep Slope Sliders, so I bought another one back in late '99 from Gamestation for something daft like £25 and picked up some of the stuff I'd missed like Marvel Super Heroes, NHL All Star Hockey '98 and Sonic R for peanuts. You could tell that Sega's heart wasn't in it anymore though with stuff like the aforementioned Touring Car being rushed to release when it needed more time to cook. But the Dreamcast was on the horizon by this point and after seeing an imported machine running an arcade perfect version of House of the Dead 2 in my local Gamestation I knew Sega had learned from their mistakes and there was no way the Dreamcast would go the way of the Saturn. . . . How cruel the industry can be.
  14. Finally got the physical version of this and it's really fantasic. It shines on the hard difficulty though, the easy one was an absolute cakewalk. Some of the most expressive (and impressive) spritework I have ever seen, it really feels like the 87 show come to life. Combat is fun with just enough moves / depth to keep things from getting stale. The music by Tee Lopes is excellent too. Mall Meltdown might be the best track this year.
  15. Yes but you needed to install retroarch cores on it because it required bios files, and the stock M2 emulator wasn't designed for cd games so you had to use Gens or Genesis Plus etc. You could use the original frontend, even add boxart and synopsis, like I did for Snatcher below, but once you were in the game you had to use the retroarch frontend which was a bit of a bastard with a mega drive controller. Also, you needed a USB stick to host the CD titles as the on board storage is 512mb IIRC. This new MDMini2 is 8gb apparently which would explain some of the price increase. That's one of the reasons I'm excited for this, should be able to add further cd games but using the original frontend/save states to keep it as legit as possible. Just hope they've taken another pass at the CRT filter as the first was too dark and soft. These won't stay in stock long so get an order in that you can always cancel closer to release
  16. These 3, mainly for the music ! Forget about the Zero Wing engrish , that music at 0:57 used to get me proper pumped up as a kiddo What a scene setter ! VF3TB using the in engine characters still looks good to this day !
  17. It is annoying that like the Genesis Mini 2 as well, they've cheaped out and just recoloured the plastic power button from the Japanese release. Which also means no red power LED either.
  18. It's a fiver more than the PC engine mini was. Expected it to be higher tbh for a limited run item.
  19. Every ps+ subscriber with a PS5 has access to Remastered free - and it's no bare bones effort, it runs at 4K and over the years it has been given full HDR support, support for modern displays, and the multiplayer still is popular and easy to get a game. It's not like say Max Payne 3 which is still locked in the PS360 era that would have benefitted enormously from a PS4 era version, nevermind a PS5 one. I would have rather they waited another 5 years or so and have done a proper from the ground up remake, taking full advantage of the massively enhanced movement of the sequel with redesigned enemy encounters to take advantage of the larger toolset the player has. This is just a pretty paint job with some admittedly good AI improvements but in the larger scheme of things is that really deserving enough for one of the greatest games of all time?
  20. Hearing that hyperactive version of Ode to Joy instead of another "take a 90's pop hit and make it sad" made that trailer way more interesting
  21. Lots of new info from Gamescom. Ares island, a desert themed second biome. Very positive write up from game informer Sonic Frontiers is the first Sonic game i want to play since Dreamcast That City level looks great. Also. the player actually controls Sonic, at speed, in a 3D space, and it looks like it's actually possible to collect rings deliberately, rather than sliding all over the damn place. The above is B roll footage, hence no music.
  22. Sonic Frontiers at launch, God of War for xmas, might give Modern Warfare II a shot depending on how it's received.
  23. Never played the Mega CD versions of Ecco so thought I'd give the soundtracks a quick listen. Wasn't expecting this epic Vangelis style undersea oddysey! This is what I miss from games back then, when we first got CD scored games they really went all out with the music.
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