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  1. I was with you until this. You monster.
  2. So it's ok to deny the experience to whole sections of society because some people are worried about their own self control?
  3. Yeah, there’s known issues with the Xbox version but a fix is in the works
  4. To be fair I haven’t seen any anger here, but you really don’t have to look very far to find it. As someone else mentioned earlier in the thread most of the responses have been civil (even if I think some have been missing the points raised). That’s why I choose to spend my time on this forum. However, I have no wish to derail this thread anymore than I already have (sorry!), so will leave it at that.
  5. I think this is where I have a problem. Some more hidden disabilities make it harden to focus or concentrate. I accept that the need to concentrate makes the game more compelling, but it’s not that linear, it’s more of a spectrum. I wouldn’t want From to change their approach to game design, but what irks me is the argument they shouldn’t even offer options to allow people of varying ability to play the game, even if it has no impact on everyone else. Of course, in reality it may not be practical, but I get annoyed at the anger displayed by the very suggestion of such options. Why should people get so angry at options that literally have no impact on their experience of the game, especially when those very options allow a wider variety of people to experience it. That’s why it comes across as gatekeeping.
  6. Several people have already made suggestions about how though. Let’s take 2 suggestions for example, say a wider parry window and lower damage requirements. Do you honestly think adding those as options would massively increase the budget of the game or impact From Software who have multimillion selling games under their belt? Wanting games to be more accessible is not behaving ‘like an entitled’, but perhaps presenting several strawman arguments defending the lack of that accessibility is.
  7. but why do you care so much about the budget? Unless of course you don’t
  8. It’s blatant gatekeeping, but watching some of the mental gymnastics being performed to suggest it isn’t is entertaining. Why not add a few simple options to allow less able people to play the game (either through disability or otherwise) which would have literally no effect on the default option? Other than take away a false sense of achievement for those more able, of course. From aren’t going to change their approach, and that’s their decision to make. Some of the arguments defending this approach are deliciously bonkers though.
  9. Massive installed user base, they'd be crazy not too. Not to mention all the marketing, xmas sales etc. etc. They're not great, but they're not that bad either.
  10. Ordered through John Lewis who confirmed my order and took my money on the same day. Not heard a thing since. Should be fine, but can't help getting a little anxious. Anyone else go through John Lewis?
  11. Yes, it's basically The Bugle (which can be very, very good at times). https://thebuglepodcast.com/
  12. As I've got a pre-order elsewhere, if anyone is interested in having my preorder (for the £5 deposit I've already paid), just PM me. Edit: gone now
  13. Mines just turned up. Looks like they're doing that £2000 thing with a discount voucher
  14. John Lewis are live now - just got a full fat one there
  15. They were pretty clear beforehand that this State of Play was for the PS4 with a few PS5 "updates". I believe there's going to be another one specifically for the PS5 soon
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