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  1. This isn't what happened though. It wasn't a handful of people, and it wasn't being compared to Schindlers List. One reviewer/podcaster (Jeff Cannata) said some pieces of entertainment use violence in a fun way (John Wick) while others use it in an uncomfortable to watch way (Schindlers List). This then created a Twitter pile on initiated by Jason Schreier by people who wilfully misinterpreted it so they could be seen to be sensitive to issues. Perhaps a different movie could have been used to avoid any controversy, but he was in no way using the holocaust to describe how good tlou2 is, despite what some people were wanting to see.
  2. Honestly, I think you should - even if it's only 1 screenshot. I like your reviews, but more than once I've not got to the end because it's difficult for me to picture what you're referencing if it's a game I've not come across before.
  3. She kinda did! (She used some of saved up birthday money with her older brother while I paid for the rest). Looks like I'm the pauper!
  4. I'm new to AC and I have a quick question, apologies if its already been answered, but this thread is nearly 400 pages long! I haven't started a game yet as I've only just (finally!) got hold of a Switch and AC and the plan is to start this afternoon with my 6 year old daughter. Having listened to various podcasts there appears to be some frustration that parents have let their kids start as mayor but because you can't change this later on they find their own progression blocked. It feels a little mean not to let my kid be mayor but don't want to have my (very first) experience of AC ruined. So what does rllmuk recommend? Let my kid be mayor and suck it up (fair enough - it is for her), or find a reason to persuade her that I should be mayor? Also, as I'm completely new, any starting tips I should be aware of? Thanks in advance for nay help
  5. Its been confirmed that Eivor can be either a male or female protagonist
  6. Fair enough, but that thread shows it can be a mixed experience. I received a part refund a few months ago after a game I purchased went on sale a couple of days later. Anyway, apologies, I don’t want to derail the thread with PS stuff, just a bit grumpy at the moment.
  7. Sony do that too, but don't let it ruin your narrative.
  8. I’m loving the new tracks etc. but I wish they’d create a whole load more championship and challenges which use them. I’ve rinsed all the single player stuff and would love some more to get my teeth into, the custom races don’t really cut it.
  9. Oops! I'm usually fairly good at reading before posting. Not this time I guess
  10. Perhaps this recent surge in people playing (and presumably buying) The Witcher 3 has given them enough money to extend its development? If thats the case then I see it as a positive - either giving them the chance to polish it properly or making it even better. Pure speculation, obviously.
  11. Stavi

    Xbox Series X

    Good, because no one is saying that Just that it's a bit stupid. It's not anti MS to say it either.
  12. Stavi

    Xbox Series X

    But no one is saying that the world is going to stop turning, just that its a stupid naming convention. Look, I'm sure that the vast majority will buy what they intend to and that it won't cause mass confusion, but that doesn't stop people pointing out its a bit stupid. Simply put, it shouldn't have to make you think, not even for a nano second. The second you have to decipher the names, or think, its another barrier to entry. Not the end of the world, but these thing matter in the world of retail. No biggie, just a bit stupid.
  13. The kitchen demo is a pretty good scare and free: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0102-CUSA06799_00-BH70000KITCHEN01 Edit: oops, just seen you're aware of it
  14. Watched Colossal last night. It's pretty light weight but also very enjoyable, and an interesting premise. I'd recommend it to those looking for a quirky movie
  15. OPINIONS! I HAVE SOME! (seems like a pretty decent list)
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