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  1. Yeah, this could be a bug in the alpha. Westie talks about it in this video (timestamped)
  2. Heres a 10 min stretch of mp
  3. Anybody watching season 2? I enjoyed the first season and i'm upto the 4th ep so far and finding it good fun watch.
  4. Just came to post that, this must have been the stunt that he had been training for over a year, crazy stuff.
  5. It was posted on the last page, looks good.
  6. The whole thing, it sounds flat.
  7. I don't know if it's just me but does the bass sound out of tune?
  8. I own it on one of the streaming sites but saw it on netflix the other day and thought i'd watch it again, i really like it even though it does feel like a bit of a safe retread of the original. Also came across this pic of snoke, the cg is pretty damn impressive.
  9. Don't know if anyone knows this but steering assist is on by default to turn it off you have to turn on the kart stats, took me ages to find as i thought there would be an options page on the start screen.
  10. Ahhhh, rage induceing Mario Kart. How i missed thee doing me over on the last lap, THE LAST BLOODY LAP. You might have well have left it till the last corn.......YOU MF'ER THAT WASN'T A REQUEST.......
  11. SpaceJump


    This is the vibe i got
  12. Evil dead 2 was pretty much a remake of the first one anyway, i've watched it so many times as my brother was obsessed by it when he was younger.
  13. This was initially going to be a short film but was expanded to turn it into a feature length, i imagine the script for that was very tight.
  14. I think some people are going to be dissapointed by this movie simply because the marketing has put it out there as a Sci-Fi action film (Sonys choice to market it as such i've read) which it absolutely is not, a lot of groans and talk of 'is that it' while i was walking out of the cinema. I feel the same as most of you, enjoyed the first half not so much the second but overall quite a good film.
  15. Yeah the retail does have extras, i'll be watching it fully later, but my copy seems alright.
  16. I'm gonna test my copy now, i hope it's fine.
  17. SpaceJump


    New album Koi No Yokan out on Nov 12, listen/download a free song from the album
  18. You guys who like John Maus might like Jesse Ruins. I did make a post about him in the music thread but didn't seem like anyone was interested. Jesse Ruins
  19. Loved it, thought it was great. Really hope they get to do more.
  20. Prequel comic Secret history of ma ma
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