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  1. It's also quite obvious that this Arnold character will actually turn out to be the good guy in this whole thing.
  2. This show is very...odd, but with so much of Thandie Newton on show, I'm willing to suffer and stick with it.
  3. The snake run was like something out of a Riddick movie.
  4. Helm, nostalgia factor 9, heading 1996, engage.
  5. Quite excited for this..pre loading a go go.. Can't be bothered with the user made mods TBH, they're a total pain to configure and the number of times they've borked my whole install of Skyrim was very annoying, so I'll stick with this even though it's not up to the same quality as the best user mods.
  6. Good god, you know a 'comedy' film is a complete and total failure when the out-takes are just as dire as the stuff they left in.
  7. And this is why Nintendo will have to exit the hardware business after the Switch. Like 21st century post truth politics, console loyalty has it's own insidious echo chambers, where the faithful convene to convince themselves in rapturous rhetoric that everybody will see the light and cannot comprehend why the ignorant, non believers,can't. Well they won't and never will. The Switch will sell the usual 3m-5m to the hardcore Nintendo'ites and maybe a million more to the curious in the first year, but that will be it. 3rd party support will follow the usual pattern, dead in 12mths because they won't have the inclination to spend thousands of man hours trying to port & squash their latest games into the technological equivalent of a 2017 pocket calculator. Mario, Mario Kart & Zelda, the usual suspects, will get the rapturous reviews and perfect 10 scores of course, but those titles and a few select others, will only come along every 12-18mths or so. It's an unsustainable business model.
  8. Did I forget to say please? Jesus, please get the fuck over yourself. Anyway who am I to argue with such a righteous dude, donor and a man with 10,000 likes to his name. ..I know my place.
  9. It's a symptom of a company that has given up, coasting along on past glories and has no real ambition to be anything other than a sloppy seconds choice for the consumer. The hardware itself is irrelevant, the message behind it is sad.
  10. Total garbage TBH. If I wanted a Nintendo branded Nvidia Shield, I would have bought an Nvidia Shield and stuck a Nintendo badge on it. However, I never wanted an Nvidia Shield and after this unveiling I know I'll never want one of these. I know the Nintendo army will defend it and the company to their dying breath, but in the overall scheme of things you lot won't keep Nintendo in the hardware business so long as they keep releasing underpowered non entities like this that will quickly be forgotten by everyone outside the loyal Nintendo clique. Pretty certain this will be as big a failure as the WiiU and will be Nintendo's last home console launch, the sooner they go software only the better. Yeah,yeah I know...negs incoming.
  11. Jesus, get the fuck over yourself.
  12. Lol..iPlayer in 4K! Dream on, it still hasn't passed the stage of shitty compressed 720p.
  13. Bizarre that a Syfy produced show can't be shown on the UK Syfy channel...
  14. Cool, wonder if Sugar and Job will meet again..
  15. Talking of which, some of the Retroarch CRT shaders have now been ported to MAME and looks really nice:
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