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  1. Do you have to go to the official Minecraft site to buy the pc version? I was looking for it on the windows store and could only see a lot of Dungeons stuff.
  2. @SeanRwhat time did the Argos drop happen?
  3. She had the same issue, PS5 in basket and spent an hour trying to get it checked out until she gave up.
  4. @teddymeowYes please. My daughter has been trying to get a PS5 for a while without success.
  5. Total so far this year: £1,253.39 Praga Caput Regni Folded Space insert £15 Cantaloop 1 £21 Amul £ 16 La Stanza £30 Terra Mystica App £8.39 + expansion £3.49 Subtotal: £93.88 Grand total:£1347.27 Backed My Father's Work and the expansion for Dominations on KS as well.
  6. @Cosmic_GuruLa Stanza for me please.
  7. Tickets booked, hotel booked. The 30th is my birthday and it's going to be brilliant.
  8. We're going for the 3 days this time. I cannot wait.
  9. I'm getting ready to jump on this. My new gaming laptop arrives in the next week and I realise I'm most looking forward to emulation like this and Noita with all the effects turned on.
  10. I just saw this post. I still haven't got round to playing it but if I do I will let you know. I am a complete Souls noob so I will likely need the help.
  11. So I finally got round to counting up all my purchases. I think I was putting it off. This gets us up to date: Red Cathedral £25 Funfair £32 Mafiozoo £12 Darwins Journey All in upgrades £54 Fjords Kickstarter £33 The Magnificent £32 Sno Expansion £25 Yellow & Yangtze app £8.99 Coloma £34 American Kingdoms expansion for Santa Maria £30 Teotihuacan Expansion Period £28 Teotihuacan Shadow of Xtile £17.50 Great Western Trail Expansion £18.99 Quacks Expansion: The Alchemists £17.95 Holders for Quacks pieces and spellbooks + general table organiser £32
  12. Where did the headphone amp come from? It looks lovely.
  13. Now looking for the expansion to Santa Maria, American Kingdoms. Has anyone got a copy they are selling or seen it anywhere on your travels?
  14. I was looking for Sno, the expansion to The Magnificent and I found copies in the EU but they won't ship to the UK. Has anyone seen this anywhere in the UK? edit: found it on Matagot and they will ship to the UK.
  15. They also offer modded machines. I know it's expensive but I've ordered a NTSC-J machine. "All premodded consoles will have undergone capacitor and voltage regulator change and a deep clean as standard. (For those that will buy the kit directly from BDT take off £185-195* from the price below) Pal N64D modded console £379 NTSC-J N64D modded console £409 NTSC-U/C N64D modded console £429 These prices reflect the price/difficulty in obtaining consoles from different regions here in the UK."
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