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  1. You definitely have to add a wifi dongle and I think you probably have to add a bluetooth dongle as well.
  2. @ScouserInExileYou shouldn't cry when you lose it sets a bad example for the kids.
  3. Haba have released some good family games to complement their range of games for very small children. Karuba is excellent, Honga is fun with some nice bright artwork and both are quite quick to play. Other quick family games that have worked well for us over the years are Cartagena and Pickomino. Cartagena Honga Karuba Pickomino @Stejay's idea of Forbidden Island is a great idea.
  4. Oh. I've watched Quackerlope on occasion. What is it that's put you off them?
  5. £5 for any game in the first picture. £10 for any game in the second. Then for the next picture £15, then £20 and £25 for the complete Small World collection which includes other expansions in the box. Postage would be extra starting from £3 under 2kg using Royal Mail. For over 2Kg I'll use Hermes.
  6. My copy of The Split also turned up today. Had a look through the cards and rules and looking forward to playing the game soon. One rules query, am I right in thinking that apart from the initial setup players only get cheat cards if they get a 5 card hand with 21 or under?
  7. I tend to think that those of us who use emulators are also the same people who buy the remastered collections, anniversary collections etc as we are the most enthusiastic players of old games. There are some games that I've bought multiple times over the years on different systems, including recent compilation releases, and will still also download and play them on other hardware using an emulator. I believe that those who download "illegally" are often paying back into their hobby more than most through other channels. I've seen this applied to music and film and I'm sure it applies in this instance as well.
  8. I have that box set as well. It's got a decent amount of the DJ chat between tracks but I don't remember it having any adverts which is a shame.
  9. I was a bit late getting round to buying the N64 controllers and now they've been out of stock for the last few weeks. I remember this happening with the SNES controllers on release. I'm hoping these come back in stock quickly.
  10. I meant the Everdrives but didn't realise you'd bought them in the UK.
  11. Did you get stung for charges when the parcels came into the country?
  12. Change the title of this thread and it is an official Battletech thread.
  13. Only you can decide if its worth it for you. I was pleased to get my 64 recapped and refurbed and the fact that I can now use it again, rather than it sitting in its bag under the bed, made it worth it for me. Paired with an everdrive it's the perfect N64 for my needs.
  14. If the PS and Saturn cores materialise then that's it, the Mister is doing everything that I could want. Amazing times.
  15. I got it done by Console Refresh, (search console refresh ebay) the guy running it seems to be a real enthusiast and very genuine. He's emailed me images of the work done and the turn around has been about 4 days from me sending the console in. I've bought a pre-modded JP console for myself (which they sourced) and then had my own console modded which will end up being a present for my daughter as it's her childhood console. This was expensive. A real extravagance. The costs for the modification to my own console were: N64Digital kit - £205 N64Digital install - £85 Re-cap and new voltage regulator - £38 Laser Bear PixelFX logo AV port -£26 Total £354 Obviously it was a bit more when an extra console was added in as well. The PixelFx mod was in short supply and I've had to wait for the second run of the mods. I don't know if they have any left at the moment. I'll post back when I've got the console plugged in and had a blast through some classics.
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