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  1. Libertalia keeps showing up on the facebook groups. You should look there.
  2. @womblingfreeTell them to get a copy or a message to Thinker Themer. They're a new YouTube channel but growing really fast and seem really nice. They do a kickstarter video regularly and seem to back a lot of kickstarters. One focuses on theme and the other on mechanisms and Theurgy seems to have lots of good ideas on both sides. It would be ideal for them to cover.
  3. @womblingfreeI pledged for Theurgy again. I also hope it makes more of a splash this time. Did they manage to get any of the larger YouTube channels to cover it?
  4. You can. I'll send them out. Pm your address.
  5. It's yours. I'll send it out and let you know the postage when it's on the way.
  6. You certainly can. Pm me your address and I'll send it out. Anything else?
  7. That makes sense. You can have it for the cost of postage. I think that one is over 2kg so cheapest would be Hermes. Pm me your address and I'll send it out to you and then let you know the postage costs.
  8. It's time for the final clearout, for the moment, and I've decided to give away this next batch of games and only ask for postage & packing. For most of these games that would come out at £3 for postage. The promo cards I will post for free. I have no problem with people asking for multiple items, as I do want these games to go to someone who will play them, but I'd like to give everyone who would like something a chance. If you do get multiple items I'd only ask for the total that the postage costs me and I can let you know that after it's posted. Items are:
  9. I would suggest you get yourself an account on Boardgamearena. The free account allows you to do a lot and a premium account which gives access to all the games including beta titles is about £24 annually. Only one of you needs to be a premium member for you to both play premium games. There is a brilliant implementation of Clans of Caledonia which works well with 2. Targi is a fantastic 2 player only game which is much more thinky than it initially appears. There are versions of Teotihuacan which is a great game, La Granja, Terra Mystica, Marco Polo and many others. We've been pla
  10. I had that, it was from the same publisher as Faery Tale Adventure on the Amiga and I think I bought them both together from one of the independent games shops in the Bullring. It was a much slower tactical affair compared with Geometry Wars etc and using the gravity of the hole to bend shots around and get an opponent was great fun. I played this quite a lot with friends when we weren't shouting at each other playing Speedball 2 or Kick Off.
  11. I only had a few carts and used to have a lot of love for Xybots and in my head it was a great conversion. I remember enjoying Toki, Todd in Slime World but can't remember much as it's been many years since I owned one, there's a Lynx thread here that is pretty active so might be worth looking in there.
  12. Glory to Rome is a chaotic, card based game that has a certain degree of notoriety for it's clever multi-use cards and the convoluted KS shenanigans that drove a company out of business and it's owner into financial woes. The ex-company owner appears to still have co-ownership of the rights and has vowed to never allow a reprint. I own a copy of the Black Box version of the game from that kickstarter and have played it several times with my stepson who loves the game and covets a copy for himself. Sadly the Black Box version goes for ever increasing silly amounts of money.
  13. Me too. I've dabbled a few times with a sloop but never crewed with anybody else. Do I have to look on SoT to request an invite?
  14. I ordered my DE10 from mouser and then all the other bits from misterfpga.co.uk.
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