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  1. Thank you, left a tip by the shop. Your island looks really interesting. Can we come back for a proper look around another day?
  2. Thank you. We've sent a request and she's going to head over.
  3. My partner would like to visit. We've not seen Redd in a while.
  4. This is great, I recently got a MiSTer and set up an Amiga platform on it. This morning I dropped the SWOS 2020 HDF file onto it and loaded it up straight away and with my USB Competition Pro type joystick I was still as rubbish at Sensi as I always was. I'll persevere though I was always a Kick Off player back in the day. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't realise how many projects like this were still going on.
  5. @Arn Ironjaw Lost Expedition is single player and I imagine you could play Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle single player as you can with most co-op games but I've not tried it. I'm not sure I'd recommend any of the others for solo play. Edit: Uploaded new image of games for sale as some have gone and another one added. Prices below image. All prices include shipping: Lost Expedition + Expansion - £20 Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle £23 Fae - £15 Sapiens - £15 Oceanos (includes Essen promo of extra character sub) - £23 Orient Express - £18 Raccoon Tycoon (Deluxe) Kickstarter Edition with upgraded pieces NIS - £35 Now Boarding - £23 Hardback - £23 - I've been banned from selling this one. Cutthroat Caverns Collection (games as shown + Adventures Book B1/B2) - £70 Tiny Epic Galaxies - £15 Tiny Epic Defenders - £15 Bang the Dice Game + Old Saloon Expansion £13 Colt Express - £13 Sold
  6. Thank you. Game is boxed up ready for labelling and I'll get it on it's way after the Bank Holiday. Edit: Sold - Burgle Bros - Sold Sold - Favour of the Pharoah - Sold Sold -Panamax, Los Mampfos, 8 Minute Empire, Istanbul Dice, Tragedy Looper, Cairn, Colt Express Expansion + Delorean promo -Sold
  7. Oh my. Off to try and get that running now.
  8. @frumious Sent you a pm regarding the games. Also adding in some Tim Fowers games to my for sale pile. Burgle Bros, Hardback and Now Boarding. I'll be putting them up on the facebook groups at £25 inc shipping each. Would sell here for £23 each or £60 for all 3.
  9. @Alexlotl Always looking, it's a condition. What do you have to swap?
  10. Before I take this lot to the Facebook groups I thought I'd post a picture up here to see if any of these piqued anyone's interest. Give me a shout if you see anything and we can work out a price /swap. The Colt Express expansion also contains the Delorean promo and Oceanos has an extra player submarine from Essen Spiel.
  11. Turnip prophet is predicting we'll have a spike of over 600 tomorrow morning. I'll check and update then in case anyone still has turnips to offload. It could be a false alarm, I have no idea how accurate that website is.
  12. This is our sour dough loaf taken out of the oven tonight. We fed our starter last night to beef it up and then made a sponge this morning (100g starter + 100g water + 100g bread flour). The sponge sat aside for about six hours before forming the basis of the dough. A few long rests with a bit of slap and fold in between and then 30 minutes in a Dutch oven + extra 3 minutes with the lid off. We've been following the instructions from a North East chef youtuber and we're getting better. I'll find the link and post it here. Part 1 he makes the sourdough and part 2 he bakes the bread. We've found it really useful to see someone go through the whole process. Edit:
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