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  1. I'm leaning towards switch but don't know if it is scaled back much
  2. Redream is on windows and android too.
  3. you need a relatively decent cpu. My 2011 macbook pro, i5-2something can struggle a little, my surface laptop, i5-8something runs it much more comfortably.
  4. Mario land 1 and 2 dx, nice. The sml2dx rom hack is a work of genius.
  5. For Saturn I would say mednafen either standalone or using the core via openemu/retroarch.
  6. Digikey got mine to me in 48 hours from Nebraska and included all charges. Worked out cheaper than mouser I think.
  7. I can’t wait for the bit when John finds Cortana has been downloaded into a synthetic body and you do some bits as her. It’s gonna be awesome.
  8. Inspired by the Saturn thread here’s a list of emulators I like: mac: openEmu it does pretty much everything that retroarch does with a lovely front end. windows: Mednafen technically it’s multi format and underpins a lot of Openemu but I use it under windows10. No front end though, use Mednaffe
  9. Recently I’ve sold off my GameCube, Dreamcast, two of my ngpc s and my gameboy color. Don’t miss any of it and used the funds to buy a mister. Next on the chopping block is likely all my mini consoles I’ve picked up over the past few years.
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