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  1. They really should have put this on the classic instead of 7
  2. Did anyone else get the clubnintendo soundtrack to this?
  3. Either the actual switch has gone or the plastic on it. If it’s the plastic it’s an easyish fix. The switch is a little more involved. I would give @Das a shout. He’s a fixing ninja.
  4. Happy to help. It’s annoying that none of the built in OS tools can seem to fix this once you’ve written a raspi image to a card.
  5. @grounded_dreams its not a fake. The raspberry pi image uses most of the space as a Linux partition. OS X and windows will not see this, only the small fat32 partition for boot config. Download the sd card formatter tool from the sd association website.
  6. I think, sacrilege that this is, that I’m going to sell my project Dreamcast. I will however be splitting off a clone gdemu and pico psu adapter board.
  7. my PlayStation classic doubles up as my megadrive, 32x, pc engine and master system. Nintendo stuff lives on its own set of classic minis.
  8. Wrong!!! Open it and play it immediately. Best JRPG I’ve ever played.
  9. They feel the same to me. The pal versions are very optimised but you will get skipped/duplicated frames on the classic due to the 50/60Hz issue.
  10. Maybe they won’t smear the hdmi output with Vaseline this time.
  11. MD.emu? There’s a free version in the store
  12. Have you seen the no justice fan edit?
  13. Pico psu is definitely more efficient and doesn’t generate much heat. the Sega one is mid 1990s technology, quite inefficient and also twenty year old components. But it will be cheaper. Your choice.
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