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  1. I had this with my Dreamcast and played it through to the end whilst in my final year at uni. I was well excited for the sequel until Sony bought off Eidos. I vowed to always boycott Eidos software after that day.
  2. Bunch of mutants. Need kicking out of the tourney for that coach smashing and banning for a bit.
  3. Does this mean a meagre sale on the extant games I wonder?
  4. This one is rock solid, had no problems with it but it has been through three ssd upgrades.
  5. In Mike’s corner, I had issues with a dsi and he swapped it out no bother.
  6. I’ve also got a OS X compatible port of lunar patching app. It works fine on my old 2011 MBP. Edit: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/746
  7. An authentic experience for the pc engine.
  8. Did you buy it direct from amazon?
  9. I think the consensus is that it’s due to a chip frying but as far as I know, no one has ever managed a fix.
  10. I have the Xbox arcade version but sadly they never made it back compatible. Most likely due to the appearance of space Michael.
  11. I’ve got a feeling that may have a blue underside to the disc. It looks a good spine art copy though. I see you also have the two Dreamcast DDRs. I loved them.
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