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  1. Quick Question to those who have endured it: Better or worse than later resident evil movies?
  2. I paid about £50 for the LRG version.
  3. @gunrock where abouts you located. I’m sure one of us would be happy to post copies to you.
  4. We’re three gens past the ps2. Of course it’s retro. Silly chaps.
  5. @Lorfarius just checked mine, they are very rubbery and you do have to press them almost flush with the fascia.
  6. Subscriber copies out now. Only managed a quick scan before my 7yo daughter wrestled it off me. She’s currently devouring the article on metroidvanias.
  7. It seems so long ago that this issue was out. how long until the next one?
  8. You utter monster!!! unwrap that SNES controller cable immediately.
  9. Yes and the amazon basics charger works fine with eneloops.
  10. I don’t think anyone answered but the reason for your 60hz SNES issue is that it is putting out some horrid hybrid tv signal. 60 Hz refresh, Pal colour encoding, NTSC color signal frequency. If you want colour you will have to change the colour signal carrier freq from 3.58 MHz to 4.43 MHz (I think off the top of my head). The ntsc consoles are putting out fully compliant ntsc signals which pretty much all modern TVs understand fully.
  11. I’m a fan of easy modes. I’ve not got the time to develop mastery of hard games. Most of the time I just want to potter through the story mode and have a little fun.
  12. IKEA Ladda batteries are good. I have a set of the 2450 mAh AAs in my game gear and get several hours out of them.
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