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  1. Here’s the process: downlod the windwaker save hack: https://github.com/FIX94/ww-hack-gc/ and latest version of Swiss https://github.com/emukidid/swiss-gc/releases copy the correct save file to your mcbackup folder along with boot.dol from the Swiss distribution. Use gcmm to copy both to your memory card fire up the cube with windwaker and the memory card in slot one (maybe fine with slot 2) load windwaker, press start and Swiss should boot.
  2. Yes it is. I did this myself to add the windwaker hack to my cube. This then boots Swiss. you want gcmm. Put a folder on your Wii sd card call sdbackup (I think) With your saves in. Then use gcmm to copy The saves to a memory card. You may need to rename them particularly. Also if you want to put a save exploit plus Swiss on, there isn’t enough space in a 59 block card. which save exploit are you wanting to use?
  3. It should do. I used a 32gb flash drive on my regular Wii for dumps.
  4. Cleanrip will dump a 1:1 iso onto the sd card. then copy it off and use nkit On a pc to trim it down from 1.35GB (converttonkit.exe). copy back as game.iso and use nintendont to run it. will work flawlessly and save the dvd drive/disc from wear and tear.
  5. i feel you. I had to ditch 13 on the very last fucking boss because it has some stupid insta kill attack on the main party lead that you can't block, you can only reduce the chance of. Three times it killed me off before Said fuck it. Anyways, on to 12. Are you doing zodiac age or original?
  6. Or nintendont on hacked Wii and use isos of the discs you own.
  7. One hand free studios?? okay....
  8. There was a post a while back. Old Blaze is defunct, this is essentially pqube with blaze branding.
  9. Thread in discussion for this here: Other thread.
  10. Stick redream on there and maybe we’ll talk more. (ifgo anyway)
  11. I bet they’ll Sega it up and use the Megadrive version of virtua fighter.
  12. I’ve just gone in on the next batch of preorders for the Nintendo rad2x, principally for use with GameCube. I was looking at a gcvideo hdmi solution but this can also be used with a n64 if I get one.
  13. Thanks. Might be a better solution than shoe boxes which I use.
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