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  1. Yes. Auto save just means you don’t have to select save sram to card manually when OSD is opened.
  2. Please let it be called f-zero gx dx
  3. That and Pal gamers are far too used to things being at wrong aspect ratios.
  4. PCs have a terrible tendency to cache writes to removeable media so it could very well have still been writing when you ejected.
  5. Nopons are excellent little fellows. If you play xc1 first, the nopon home area is a delight.
  6. I did the midnight launch too. @dumpster sold me a black cube with monkeyball, Luigi’s mansion and rogue leader. Best launch lineup ever. Once Monkey target was unlocked the other games didn’t get a look in.
  7. Absolutely and the controller ports are in the wrong order and wrong place on a wii.
  8. I still maintain an original wii is the best GameCube. Add in Nintendont and you can force 60Hz and widescreen (works particularly well on Skies of Arcadia).
  9. Retro arch is unnecessarily complicated. It’s obviously been coded by people who love Linux too much.
  10. Must be mod chip related. Does the chip have hooks for changing things with button presses or in game reset?
  11. I access my sd card via a smb share. It stays plugged in. having a keyboard nearby is definitely handy. Getting one with a dongle makes it very easy to just pick it up to change something.
  12. If it was a wired controller I would suggest a fuckton of ipa in the ports to give them a good cleaning.
  13. https://github.com/theypsilon/Update_All_MiSTer put the script in your scripts folder and run it.
  14. The default update script doesn’t include any copyrighted files for obvious reasons. If you find update_all by ypsilion then things might fall out of the internet when you update. It might take quite a while though.
  15. Did the hub board not come with the required spacers? (in my defence I don’t run a stack at all, just the bare de10 with a usb otg cable)
  16. Update on the Japanese psu removal: a pack of molex kk 3.96mm gubbins came today and they fit a treat. The power switch connector is the same but a 3 pin so I’ve modified a connector. Once my dc jack and mount arrive I’ll knock up a wiring loom and it’ll be a fully reversible dc power mod.
  17. That’s no so bad. Swap in some black buttons from retrosix and you’ve got a lovely stealth game boy. easy enough too if you want to swap the glass lens.
  18. Got a link? Will be interesting to see how disgusting it is.
  19. 1. What system are you using? Assume windows 10/11! 2. What systems do you want to emulate? 3. Do you want enhancements?
  20. This is why the wii classic controller pro is the best controller. No stupid stick clicks.
  21. The shine spark puzzles was the one bit I binned off. It’s a shame really as I 100%ed Samus Returns on a 2DS. They just seemed a bit ridiculous fan servicey to me.
  22. I’m level 43 and still in chapter 4 (will read that spoiler later). Been rinsing as many side quests and trying to open all the maps. Looking at some of the areas I’m gonna need one of the big robot things from xcx to reach them as I can’t see a regular way up.
  23. I run a ntsc super tennis cart in my super nt. cost me about a fiver. I believe though that the pal version is utterly unoptimised and will run fine at 60Hz.
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